5 Best Yorkshire Terrier Breeders in Ohio in 2023

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Yorkshire Terrier Breeders Ohio

Yorkshire Terriers are wonderful companions and make great pets for children or adults. These tiny dogs may be small and cute, but they’re still tough enough to put up with the roughhousing of kids and enjoy their company.

They require a moderate amount of exercise and a little grooming as they shed very little. They may be small, but they do a good job of alerting you when strangers approach your home. And if you already have another pet, you don’t need to worry, Yorkies usually get along great with other pets.

As you can see, there are lots of great reasons to choose this breed; however, with so many Yorkie breeders in Ohio, you may find yourself overwhelmed by the choices. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of 7 of the best Yorkies breeders in Ohio to help you narrow down your choices.

The following breeders have been chosen because they provide healthy and happy puppies, back up their claims with a written guarantee, and offer top-quality Yorkies at reasonable prices.

1. Puppy Spot

Puppy Spot is not officially a breeder but a community of dog lovers that connects people looking for a specific breed of dog with reputable breeders. They have a stringent screening process for their breeders and only work with those who meet their high standards.

According to their website, they have placed over 200,000 puppies with families since they opened in 2005. Although not all customers were satisfied, most were happy with their experience. You can see it on their testimonials page. They have over 10,000 genuine 5-star reviews from verified customers and an overall rating of 4.6/5.

Before you start worrying if this is just another online puppy mill, rest assured that Puppy Spot handpicks each breeder in their directory, performs thorough background checks on them, and conducts in-person interviews. They only deal with licensed breeders and have a good reputation in their community.

In addition to that, they have an independent advisory board of professionals who works closely with the USDA to ensure Puppy Spot has met or exceeded all national standards.

Before the puppies are delivered to their new families, each of their puppies receives a very comprehensive health exam that is finalized with the issuing of a 10-year health guarantee.

Once everything is set, the puppy will be delivered by a reputable transporter to ensure your puppy’s safe arrival.

Breeder Contact Details:

  • Email: help@puppyspot.com
  • Phone: (888) 671-0518
  • Website: https://www.puppyspot.com

2. Kimbray’s Yorkies

Kimbray’s Yorkies is one of those breeders where you get the feeling of warmth and friendliness when you reach out to them. They are extremely easy to work with, very responsive, and were quite transparent about the process of taking one of their puppies home.

Their prices are reasonable, they provide a health guarantee for their puppies, and most importantly, all their puppies come from generations of strong, healthy bloodlines.

For the color purists, they offer the traditional blue and gold Yorkies. You can see their latest litter of puppies on their Instagram and Facebook.

If you’re buying a Yorkshire Terrier puppy for the first time, you may feel overwhelmed with all the information you need to research before making a decision. But do not be discouraged, their website covers a lot of topics for first-time Yorkie owners, and they’re always happy to answer any questions you may have.

Breeder Contact Details:

  • Location: 6691 GoldenrodCurtice, OH
  • Instagram: @kimbrays_yorkies
  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kim.mullins.toledo.ohio/
  • Phone: (419) 297-7593
  • Website: https://kimbraysyorkies.com

3. Springlake Yorkies

Located in Northeastern, Ohio, Springlake Yorkies is a family-run business that has been around for quite some time, 40 years to be exact.

You will notice that they care about their customers and the puppies they produce. Just take a look at how happy all their previous customers are on their previous puppies page.

As stated on their website, they put a strong emphasis on breeding for health, temperament, and structure. Every one of their puppies is 100% guaranteed against any genetic health defects. In the event that your puppy does develop a health problem due to a genetic defect, they will or replace the puppy.

Before leaving their facility, rest assured that your new puppy has received the appropriate vaccinations and goes through a thorough health exam to ensure your puppy is healthy.

Another thing worth mentioning is that all of their puppies are raised in their home and are well socialized with children and other animals.

Being a responsible breeder, they will only allow you to take one of their puppies home if they are absolutely sure that the puppy is the right fit for your family.

The prices charged by Springlake Yorkers are reasonable, considering the care they put into raising these dogs. If you’re interested in getting more information on their available Yorkies, check out their website.

Breeder Contact Details:

  • Location: Northeastern Ohio
  • Email: yorkies@springlakekennel.com
  • Phone: 440-354-0588
  • Website: http://www.springlakekennel.com

4. Amanda’s Adorable Yorkies

Amanda’s Adorable Yorkies is a quality Yorkies breeder based in Ohio.

One thing that separates them from other breeders is that they require you to come and meet the puppies in person before you make your decision and will not ship no matter what.

They want to ensure that their puppies are going to a good home and will only allow you to take one of their puppies if they are absolutely sure that the puppy is the right one for you.

This shows that they genuinely care about the well-being of their puppies and are not in it only for the money. Moreover, all of their puppies are both AKC and CKC registered, which speaks volumes about the quality of their puppies.

In addition to all this, all of their puppies have been DNA tested to prove their pedigrees. You can even meet the parents of the puppies anytime if you’re still concerned about their quality.

To add on, you can ask for references from previous clients if you need some additional peace of mind.

If this is the first time you are getting a Yorkie, and you don’t know where to start, don’t worry, Amanda’s Adorable Yorkies offers a lot of advice and tips for first-time Yorkie owners on their website.

Breeder Contact Details:

  • Location: Central Ohio, just off Interstate 70 at exit 132
  • Phone: (740) 644-5656
  • Website: http://amandasadorableyorkies.com

5. Country Yorkies

The last breeder on this list is Country Yorkies. Owned and operated by a Christian stay-at-home mom on a 100-acre family farm, they focus on breeding healthy Yorkies with good personalities.

Straight from the start, you will notice how much they care about their puppies. They state clearly on their website that they are “the home of Pampered Yorkies” so you can imagine how well socialized their puppies are.

All of their puppies have been properly vaccinated and dewormed before they are sent to their new homes. You will also receive a health certificate from the vet and a genetic health guarantee. In addition, all of their puppies are registered with both the AKC.

If you want to reserve a puppy from this breeder, you will need to submit a non-refundable deposit. To know how much this deposit will cost you, you can contact them directly here.

Breeder Contact Details:

  • Location: Pleasant City, Ohio
  • Phone: (740) 732-1068
  • Email: cindy19313@yahoo.com
  • Website: https://www.countryyorkies.com

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