About Us

My name is Andrew Garf, and I’m not a professional dog trainer with hundreds of certifications but I do a lot of freelance jobs training different breeds of dogs for almost 10 years. I’m not a big company with hundreds of paid writers that work non-stop writing articles for the company’s blog so forgive me if you find the content in this blog might lack sufficient amount of information. This blog is just about a passionate dog lover who wants to share some of his experiences nothing more.

My career in dog training started at K-9 dog school, this is the reason why a lot of my posts are written around K-9 dogs topics. I was falling in love at first sight with this smart, intelligent dog named German Shepherd back when I was in high school. And from that fleeting moment of love, 10 years have passed by.

I don’t write a lot of publications outside this blog but occasionally, you may come across one of my infographics or guest posts when you browse through the web like this one: https://infographicjournal.com/how-to-stop-and-minimize-dog-shedding/. 

In this blog, you may find some affiliate links sprinkled throughout the articles. I’ll really appreciate if you buy the recommended products through my affiliate links to keep this blog alive. Tough it is not much, it will really help to pay for the web hosting and domain name.

If you have any question or if there is a topic that you want to read in this blog, you can reach me at trainyourgsd[at]gmail[dot]com.

Thank you for coming to this blog and I hope you will find something useful in this blog for you and your four-legged companion. Cheers!