About Us

Andrew Garf profile picMy name is Andrew Garf, and I’m not a professional dog trainer with hundreds of certifications but I do a lot of freelance jobs training different breeds of dogs for almost 10 years. This blog is just about a passionate dog lover who wants to share some of his experiences nothing more.

My career in dog training started at K-9 dog school, this is the reason why a lot of my posts are written around K-9 dogs topics. I was falling in love at first sight with this smart, intelligent dog named German shepherds back when I was in high school. And from that fleeting moment of love, 10 years have passed by.

I don’t write a lot outside of this blog, but sometimes you may come across one of my infographics or guest posts at other websites, like this one https://infographicjournal.com/how-to-stop-and-minimize-dog-shedding/. 

If you have any question, you can reach me at andrewgarf[at]trainyourgsd[dot]com.

Thank you for reading to this blog and I hope you will find something useful here. Cheers!