About Us

Hi, I’m Andrew Garf and I love burgers. In fact, I could probably eat them every day and be perfectly content. That’s why it’s a good thing that I also love training dogs as a hobby! It all started when I was just 10 years old and met my first German Shepherd

I loved how powerful and regal they seemed, and I knew that I wanted one someday. A few years ago, my dream came true and I got a GSD of my own. From then on, my world revolved around my dogs.

One day, I realized that there were so many people who needed their dogs. That’s why I created TrainYourGSD.com – to help people learn everything they need to know about training, caring for and enjoying their dogs.

Hopefully, I can help as many people as possible enjoy the same joy that I get from being a dog owner. So come join me on TrainYourGSD.com and let’s work together to help you become a better dog owner. Thanks for stopping by!