Why Does My Dog Sleep On The Floor Instead Of Her Bed? (7 Common Reasons)

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why does my dog sleep on the floor instead of her bed

It was a cold night in December, the curtains were closed, and the heat turned up. I placed my warm cup of tea on the nightstand next to my bed. Then, with raised eyebrows, I found myself staring at my dog, who slept on the bathroom floor. She looked so comfy with her head resting against her paws and tail tucked neatly under her stomach.

I sighed as I picked up a blanket from one of the guest beds near us and gently draped it over her body. As she curled into herself for warmth, I, too, crawled into bed and fell asleep quickly after that. As I walked back to my bedroom, I was asking myself: “why does my dog sleep on the floor instead of her bed?”

Here’s The Short Answer to Why Your Dog Sleeps On The Floor Instead of Her Bed:

Many dogs prefer to sleep on the floor because they find their dog beds uncomfortable or not to their liking. Some dogs may also find it too hot in a bed, so they get off and lay on the cool tile outside. It could also be a personal preference. Another reason could be it’s less cramped and stifling.

So, why is your dog sleeping on the floor instead of lying in her new, cozy bed? Unfortunately, the answer isn’t always easy to find. The good news is in most cases, dog owners have nothing to worry about their dogs’ preferred sleeping arrangements.

Below are a few reasons why dogs sleep on the floor instead of their beds:

1. Your Dog Bed is Uncomfortable

One of the most logical reasons why your dog prefers the floor to the dog bed is because her bed is uncomfortable. Many things can make your dog’s bed uncomfortable, from not being able to turn around in it to having plastic or metal frames underneath, so they get too hot or cold.

You can try replacing your dog’s bed with something more comfortable doggy bed. You could also give them another option by putting matting down and letting them choose where they want to lay down for the night.

2. It’s Too Hot, or It’s Too Cold

The next reason why your dog likes to sleep on the floor instead of her dog bed is that it’s too hot or cold. Dogs are very sensitive to their surrounding temperature and will often choose to lie down on a cooler surface like a tiled floor so that they can keep themselves cool during the summer months and cozy up to when it’s wintertime.

You could try out different types of beds for dogs with covers that help regulate temperatures, like a cooling dog bed to keep your dog stay cool and comfortable even on the hottest day.

Likewise, if it’s winter, you might want to wind some blankets together and then arrange them in a donut shape. This shape will keep your dog warm at night, as they can get into the donut shape and stay warm and snuggly in their comfy bed.

3. The Bed is The Wrong Size

Just like humans, choosing the right size of the bed is important and not an easy task.

If you have larger breeds, they may be too big for the doggy bed that’s available, or it can just feel awkward and uncomfortable for them to sleep on. Moreover, a bed that is too big can leave your dog feeling insecure or fearful.

On the other hand, smaller-sized dogs won’t enjoy sleeping in an overly large bed because their little legs will hang off of the edge of it!

To help prevent these issues from happening with your furry friend, make sure you choose a bed size that fits their breed as well as gives them enough room to snuggle down and curl up.

4. It’s Become Their Habit

Sometimes, your dog’s act of abandoning their soft bed in favor of sleeping on the floor is simply because your dog chooses to do so. This personal preference can be a part of their hard-wired nature or stem from their past experience.

Perhaps you have adopted a dog that always slept on hard surfaces in their previous home.

Whatever the reason behind your dog’s choice, it is important to respect their decision and not force them into adapting to sleeping patterns that they don’t want for themselves.

5. They have an Illness or Feel Ill

If your dog just recently started sleeping on the floor and is accompanied by whimpering, yelping, or other signs of distress, this may be the sign that something is wrong.

My vet friend suggested that sick dogs lay on the floor because it’s easiest; they are naturally low to the ground.

6. The Bed is In the Wrong Place

Some dogs may feel the need to protect you, especially at night. This can be challenging for your dog if their bed is in the wrong spot, as they may have difficulty watching over you while you sleep.

And so they may decide to move their sleeping spot to the location where they can clearly see you. If they are comfortable with this role, it may help to move their bed near you.

7. They are Getting Older

Old age brings with it a number of changes in dogs’ behaviors.

The most common reason that older dogs sleep on the floor is that they suffer from age-related ailments such as joint aches, hip dysplasia, arthritis, dementia, blindness, and so on.

All of these issues will make it more difficult for them to get onto or off of high surfaces such as beds which may lead to sleeping on the ground instead.

What To Do If Your Dog Sleeping On The Floor?

1. Make The Bed As Comfortable As Possible

Place a thick blanket or mat on the floor to make it more comfortable for your dog. A thin bed cover won’t be able to provide enough cushioning and will quickly become uncomfortable.

Again, if you’re unsure of what type of dog beds would best suit them, then do some research! For example, for older dogs, an orthopedic dog bed can be the best choice.

Also, don’t forget to pick the right bed size. The best way to be sure that you are buying the right-sized bed for your dog is to measure your dog just like you would measure clothes. Add 6 inches to 12 inches so that your dog has enough room to stretch out comfortably.

2. Place The Bed Into Your Dog’s Preferred Spot

Place the bed somewhere that your dog prefers. If you have a small room, then place it in an out-of-the-way corner, so there’s still space for other things and to give even more of a sense of privacy. If you have ample floor space, put the bed right in front of where they like to hang out or sleep during the day.

If placing inside a crate, be sure that it has plenty of ventilation as well as enough space for their favorite blanket or mat. You also want to make sure they’re able to see outside (or vice versa) through any openings such as windows or crates with wire doors.

3. Just Let It Be

If your dog doesn’t show any signs of health or emotional problems, just let them be.

Maybe it’s a hot day or windy day, or perhaps they just don’t like the way their bed feels. Whatever the reason is, as long as they don’t show any signs of health or emotional problems, just let them be.

Related Questions

1. Why Does My Dog Sleep On The Floor Next to My Bed?

There are a few reasons why your dog might choose to sleep on the floor next to your bed, and they all have something in common: your dog trusts you. When your dog feels safe around you, they’ll feel more at ease about curling up next to where you’re sleeping.

The environment that’s considered “safe” can vary depending on what is going through their head before laying down for some shuteye. If it seems like there is someone or something outside of the window that can pose a threat (think coyotes), then cuddling up by mommy and daddy provides extra safety from any potential danger lurking outside.

2. Is Sleeping on The Floor Bad for Older Dogs

Sleeping on a floor or other hard surfaces can be damaging to an older dog’s health. When a dog sleeps on the floor, their hips and joints can become stiffer. Since they’re not getting support from any kind of cushioning material like down or memory foam, this could make your dog’s arthritis flare up more than usual.

3. Why Does My Dog Sleep On the Bathroom Floor?

The bathroom floor is usually cooler than a bedroom, so your dog’s body temperature may be cooler too. And in the summer, their bed may be too hot to handle.

So if you want them sleeping in their bed, then start by cooling things down by opening windows and turning on fans instead

4. Why Does My Dog Sleep On My Clothes?

It is no secret that dogs are loyal companions. They provide us with unconditional love and never ask for anything in return. So, it should come as no surprise that your dog may miss you when you’re away from home.

One way they may show this is by sleeping on your clothes. The familiar scent of their owner can be comforting and help to ease their anxiety. Additionally, your dog may see your clothes as a way to mark their territory.

By placing their scent on your belongings, they are claiming you as their own. So, the next time you find your dog snuggled up in your dirty laundry, know that it’s a sign of their love and devotion.