Why Does My Dog Scratch The Carpet? (10 Common Reasons)

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why do dogs scratch the carpet

I’m so frustrated! I just don’t understand why my dog is suddenly scratching the carpet. It’s been driving me nuts, and I’ve tried everything to figure out what’s wrong with him. But, no matter what I do, he just keeps doing it. What else can I try? Is there something that might be causing this behavior? Do you have a similar question?

Here’s The Short Answer to Why Your Dog Scratches The Carpet and Floor:

Generally, dogs scratch the carpet when they are anxious or bored. It could also be that your dog has developed an obsessive-compulsive disorder. Otherwise, it’s probably just a learned behavior or an attempt to claim territory.

In the following paragraphs, we’ll take a closer look at what’s behind this problem and some possible solutions to it.

1. Boredom

The reason some dogs start scratching the carpet could be that they’re bored. If you can’t find anything else that may trigger your dog’s behavior, boredom is a strong possibility.

The best way to know for sure if your dog is bored is by observing their behavior. Do they look lethargic and lack energy? Even their ears should perk up, and their eyes should sparkle. If they seem to be going downhill, you may have a case of the ‘blahs.’ The solution is simple – play!

You need to be the ultimate source of your dog’s entertainment. So ensure that you’ve invested a few hours in playing with your dog on a daily basis. They should really enjoy interacting with you, so make sure they do.

2. Anxiety

If your dog starts scratching the carpet when you’re not around, it’s possible that they’re experiencing separation anxiety. However, just because your dog starts scratching the floor when you leave doesn’t mean they’re anxious all of the time.

It could be triggered by excitement or a reaction to something alone in their environment, like an unusual sound. However, if this happens consistently when you leave, it’s a good sign that your dog is anxious and might actually be suffering from separation anxiety.

3. Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

If your dog engages in this scratching behavior frequently and they seem to be doing it compulsively, you might have a case of obsessive-compulsive disorder.

The best way to explain it is if you’ve ever seen a dog obsessively spinning around in circles or chasing their tail. They’ll do this over and over again until they can’t contain themselves anymore. It’s the same with scratching – your pet might be compelled to do it even though they know that it’s wrong!

What causes OCD in dogs? Many dogs that suffer from obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) have had a traumatic episode in the past, like a fight with another dog or being chased by an animal. These events can haunt dogs in their dreams and cause them to exhibit repetitive behaviors such as obsessive licking and tail chasing.

How to deal with your dog’s obsessive-compulsive behavior? Dog parents usually take two different approaches when dealing with their pets’ obsessive-compulsive disorder. One is to ignore the signs and hope the behavior will go away on its own, but this can cause additional stress for the dog as well as make them more prone to injury.

The other approach is to try behavioral therapy (1) such as habituation, extinction, desensitization, counterconditioning, response substitution, or explore modification drugs such as Prozac, Clomicalm, Xanax, and trazodone if appropriate.

The best way to deal with your dog’s obsessive-compulsive behavior is to find a combination of different therapies so you can get the best results. Of course, this will depend on your dog and their specific behavior.

Be sure to consult with your veterinarian first for proper advice and recommendations.

4. Claiming Territory

Another reason behind your dog’s scratching or digging behavior is that they’re trying to make their dog bed. Dogs are territorial animals, so they’ll want to claim every last inch of their environment as their own.

That’s one reason why Fido sleeps on the couch and the floor in your bedroom! It’s also common for them to have a favorite spot on the couch they like to lay on. The same goes for your carpet or in their bed if you have one.

5. Getting Comfortable to Sleep

Many people aren’t aware of this point, but some dogs scratch the carpet as a way to get comfortable for sleep. Fido might scratch at your carpet before lying down, just like you stretch out on your bed in preparation for sleeping!

They do this to make their ‘sleeping spot’ more comfortable, just like you snuggle into your favorite blanket, sometimes a dog digs at the carpet before lying down for a cozy nap.

6. Encouraging The Behavior

Pet owners should be careful when training your dog! If you’re trying to ‘break’ them of this carpet scratching behavior, it’s possible that you’ll just reinforce it. For example, if you punish a dog for scratching the carpet (and they know it), they’ll likely start doing it more because it gets your attention. If this is the case, it’s better to reward them for not scratching to get them to stop.

It’s also possible that you always bring your dog to the carpet when they do something good. For example, you might always reward them with a treat or a treat-dispensing toy on your dining room floor, but never anywhere else in the house. In this case, Fido may learn to associate carpet scratching with a good time!

7. Attention-Seeking Behavior

Does your dog scratch or dig at carpets every time you come home? This could actually be their way of showing that they want your attention! Some dogs might not bark when they’re happy to see you, so they’ll resort to carpet scratching instead.

8. Active Dog

If you have a dog who likes to run and play outside, there’s a good chance that they’ve come into the house and there’s still excess energy available, and so they can’t contain themselves! As a result, don’t be surprised if they’ll run around the house and end up scratching the carpet.

9. Pests

If you have a dog that likes to dig and scratch at the carpet, it could be the case that they’re actually hunting for something! Many types of insects and pests live on the carpet – just like there are fleas in your dog’s bed. This is why you should always vacuum your carpets regularly and have your bed checked for bugs!

10. To Relieve The Pain

According to some vets, it’s completely normal for dogs to try and relieve the nagging pain they might have felt by scratching. For example, if your dog steps on something that hurts their paw, they might try and scratch it away!

What To Do About Your Dog Scratching The Carpet?

1. Stop Encouraging The Behavior

You might be unintentionally encouraging your dog to scratch carpets. For example, if they only get attention when they scratch the carpet, then this destructive behavior might continue!

Instead, try and ignore your dog when they scratch the carpet, and then try to redirect them to more positive action! For example, you could ask Fido to ‘ sit ‘ or ‘ come here. ‘ This way, you’re rewarding their behavior that’s good for the house.

2. Make The Carpet Less Desirable

Your dog may scratch at the carpet because it’s more comfortable for them. The easiest way to change this habit is by trying out a few different materials!

For example, you could use tile or hardwood flooring instead of carpet in the rooms where your dog likes to scratch the most. Also, if you have any ‘place mats’ on your carpet, then your dog might scratch at these instead of the carpet! 

3. Redirect Your Dog’s Attention

If your dog is still scratching the carpet, or if you’re not able to stop the behavior altogether, then it’s best to try and redirect them. For example, whenever they’re about to try and scratch the carpet, you can toss a toy around the room for them to chase after. This way, they have something to do other than scratch the carpet!


In most cases, you should not be concerned with your dog scratching the carpet. This behavior is usually just your pet being curious, playful, or bored, and it won’t mean that something is wrong with them!

However, if you start to notice that your dog is scratching too frequently or if they’re exhibiting any other strange behavior, you should consult a vet. Your doctor can tell you whether there’s something wrong with your pet and how to treat it!