Why Does My Dog Show Me Their Bum? (7 Common Reasons)

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why do dogs show their bum

Dogs show you their bum for a number of reasons, and while it’s natural to think that the dog is trying to be rude, there are plenty of other things going on.

Here’s The Short Answer To Why Your Dog Shows You Their Bum:

The first reason why dogs show you their bum is that they are trying to communicate with you. It could also be a sign of submission. In some cases, it’s simply because they feel itchy and need your help to scratch that hard-to-reach spot. Other reasons include claiming you, wanting attention, or something related to their health.

Here are those reasons in a bit more detail on why your dog shows you their bum

1. Dogs Show Their Bum To Communicate

In a canine world, dogs often sniff each other’s bum to communicate. They do this not only to say “hello” but also to gather information.

Thanks to the scent glands in their bums, they can communicate a lot of information with just a sniff! Information such as gender, age, health, reproductive status, food that has been eaten, etc., is all communicated in this way.

Since this is the usual form of communication they use with each other, don’t be surprised if they try to do this with you too.

Now, I know you would much prefer to shake hands or do some other non-bum-oriented gesture to introduce themselves, but your dog might not have the same opinion.

2. It’s a Sign of Passivity and Friendliness

It’s common among pack animals to show the most vulnerable part of themselves to the leader of the pack as a sign of submission and friendliness.

By presenting their rear to you and avoiding eye contact, your dog is showing you that they are not a threat. It’s the same way that dogs will roll over and expose their belly for you.

Some dogs might go even further by trying to touch you gently with their hip or bum after showing you their bum.

A dog that is uncomfortable with you won’t expose themselves in this way; they’ll be more likely to show their teeth or growl. So, take it as a good sign if your dog shows you their bum.

3. They Want To Be Petted In The Rear Area

Many dogs love being petted in their rear area, so if they show you their bum, it might be a sign that they want you to give them a good scratch in that spot. Just make sure that they are not affected by fleas and ticks before you scratch them there since these parasites usually go towards the bum area.

Even if your dog doesn’t have fleas, that spot is one of those hard-to-reach places that they cannot scratch themselves. So they need your help to relieve the itch.

4. They Are Trying To Claim You

Dogs leave their scents on people and objects to mark them as their own. This is how they tell other dogs that you belong to them and that other dogs should not attempt to poach you from their pack.

One of the dogs’ strongest scents is a pheromone scent coming from their gland scents. Although this scent is unnoticeable to humans, dogs are very sensitive to it. So by showing their bum and rubbing it against you, they are trying to claim you as theirs. And they want all other dogs out there to know that too!

5. They’re Showing That They Trust And Love You

Because the bum is the most vulnerable part of the dog’s body, showing it to you is a way of saying, “I trust you. I want people who are important to me to touch this spot.”

You can usually tell how much your dog trusts and loves you by looking at their body language while they show their bum to you. If they are relaxed, happy, and playful when doing it, they love and trust you a lot!

6. It Could Be A Signal of Pain Or Discomfort

Since the bum is such a sensitive area, showing their bum could be a way for your dog to tell you that they have a stomach ache or that they feel ill or uncomfortable.

If this is the case, they will usually act very nervous and show other signs of pain or discomfort, such as whimpering. In this case, it’s best to take them to the doctor as soon as possible.

7. They Just Want Attention

Sometimes, dogs with playful, zealous personalities will show their bums to you simply because they want your attention. They might jump around and bark at you because they are excited that you came back home.

So, next time your dog shows you their bum, they may be trying to say it’s playtime!

Should You Be Worried About This Behavior?

In most cases, you have nothing to worry about. However, to know for sure whether your dog’s bum-showing is a sign of excitement or a signal of discomfort, you’ll have to pay close attention to their overall body language. If they are calm when doing it and show no signs of nervousness or pain, then it’s likely just an excited greeting.

On the other hand, if there is a high level of stress and anxiety in their body language, then it could be a sign that they are not feeling well.

In this case, take your dog to the veterinarian immediately for a check-up. There might be something wrong with them. It’s always better to be safe than sorry and consult a professional veterinarian as soon as possible.

How To Stop Your Dog From Doing This

Normally, there’s no reason not to allow your dog to show you their bum. However, depending on the circumstances, some owners may not want their dog to do it. Here are some ways to discourage your dog from showing you their bum:

1. Don’t Reward The Behavior

If your dog is showing you their bum to gain attention, then ignoring them is the best way to stop this behavior. Avoid rewarding any type of bad behavior because it’s likely to encourage them to continue doing whatever they are doing.

It’s important not to be angry. Because dogs don’t understand humans’ language, they will not know that you’re punishing them when you yell at them or hit them.

All they’ll understand is that they get a reaction from what they’re doing. So if they get a reaction (even if it’s negative) when they show you their bum, then they’ll likely keep on doing it to get that response!

Another thing to keep in mind is you need to stay consistent. If you ignore their bum-showing one day but give them love and attention when they do it the next, then they won’t know what to expect. This will simply confuse them. As a result, they will likely continue doing it. Your dog needs to know that showing their bum is wrong every time.

2. Distract Them When They Show Their Bum

When your dog starts showing their bum to you, you can also try to distract them with a treat or tell them to do something else such as “sit.” By commanding them to do something else, they will gradually learn to replace the behavior with the activity you want them to do instead.

You can also tire them out by taking them on a walk, playing with them, or giving them their favorite toy. If the cause of their bum-showing behavior is a lack of attention or exercise, then taking them outside or playing with them more will likely help.

3. Consult With A Vet

As mentioned above, there are some situations where your dog may be showing their bum to tell you that they are feeling uncomfortable. If this is the case, then it’s best to consult with a veterinarian so they can diagnose the problem and prescribe an effective treatment for them.

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