5 Best Schnauzer Breeders in South Carolina in 2023

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If you live in South Carolina and are looking for the perfect Schnauzer puppy, you have come to the right place. Whether you’re a seasoned pet owner or just starting out on your search for your dream pup, finding reliable breeders that have high-quality puppies is essential.

To help make this process easier, we have rounded up 5 of the best Schnauzer breeders located in South Carolina. They all offer top-notch services and produce beautiful and healthy puppies with good temperaments that will bring joy into any household. So let’s get started on our journey to meet these amazing breeders.

1. Cindy’s Schnauzers

Cindy’s Schnauzers is a premier breeding facility in South Carolina, offering excellent quality pups at a very reasonable price.

The breeders pay special attention to the temperaments and health of the dogs they raise. The female schnauzers give birth to their puppies in the comfort of their own homes and are well cared for until the puppies can go outdoors when weather permits.

The puppies receive all the necessary shots, worming, heartworm prevention, and flea/tick control at regular intervals. Additional shots are then given every 3-4 weeks until they reach 16 weeks old, after which it becomes yearly vaccinations.

The puppies are also wormed every two weeks until they are ready to join their new families. All the dogs registered with American Kennel Club come with “limited” registration papers. 

Cindy’s Schnauzers offers amazing value for money when it comes to finding your forever friend! Prices start at $800 and you can secure your puppy with just a deposit of $150 – what could be better?

With such strict regulations in place for taking care of their puppies and honesty about registrations, it’s no wonder Cindy’s Schnauzers has become one of South Carolina’s favorite breeding facilities.

Breeder Contact Details:

  • Location: Chester, SC
  • Phone: 803-581-8785
  • Email: cynthianowlan@gmail.com
  • Website: https://www.cindysschnauzers.com

2. Carolina Charm Mini Schnauzers

Carolina Charm Miniature Schnauzers are the perfect addition to any family looking for a playful and friendly four-legged companion.

With over 20 years in breeding top-quality Mini Schnauzers, Carolina Charm understands how to bring out the best in their puppies. They strive to produce puppies that meet the AKC breed standard, with temperament, conformation and personality as their primary goals. 

The entire family takes part in raising their beloved dogs and puppies – socialization begins at birth so they can adapt to any new home environment. Everything from potty training to teaching manners is taken into consideration, ensuring the puppy will be well adjusted when it comes time for them to go home with their new families. 

All of Carolina Charm’s puppies come with microchips, puppy packs, scented blankets & bags of food. Color options include black/black&silver/salt&pepper (limited or unlimited registration). The breeders also offer genetic testing and guarantees against hereditary defects, providing peace of mind for potential owners. 

Breeder Contact Details:

  • Location: Simpsonville, SC
  • Phone: 864-630-7464
  • Email: carolinacharmminis@gmail.Com
  • Website: https://carolinacharm-minis.com

3. Debra’s Miniature Schnauzers

With years of experience and dedication to continually improving the breed, Debra provides puppies with all the necessary information for them to thrive in their new homes.

Upon receiving their new puppy, owners can rest assured that all vaccinations, worming, tail docking and dew claw removal have been taken care of by Debra before their pup’s arrival. Furthermore, all puppies come with LIMITED AKC registration but no breeding rights. 

For those interested in owning one of these amazing dogs, Debra requires a nonrefundable deposit of $300 to be placed on her waiting list for a puppy. This deposit is refundable should something happen to the original pup or if you decide against getting a pup. In other words, it’s an insurance policy against any changes or events that may occur while you wait your turn on the list.

At Lake Murray, South Carolina – where Debra is located – there are plenty of fun activities that owners can do with their Miniature Schnauzer.

From taking long walks around the lake to playing fetch at nearby parks or going out for ice cream, there’s always something exciting and entertaining to do with your pup. Not only will your furry friend thank you for it but you’re sure to have plenty of picturesque memories as well! 

Breeder Contact Details:

  • Location: Leesville, SC
  • Phone: 803-696-0609
  • Website: https://www.debrasminischnauzers.com

4. ZRules Miniature Schnauzers

ZRules Miniature Schnauzers is an American Kennel Club Breeder of Merit located in Columbia, South Carolina.

This family-owned business specializes in the preservation and care of miniature schnauzers. With a focus on health, temperament, and physical characteristics that make them identifiable, ZRules strives to produce the best possible example of the breed. 

The owners of ZRules take their mission seriously; each dog is constantly monitored for health, examined for flaws or abnormalities and given individual attention from their birth until they are old enough to be placed in their forever homes.

All puppies come with AKC registration papers and a health guarantee. Every one of these tiny furballs is pre-spoiled, receiving lots of love and affection during their time with ZRules. 

Breeder Contact Details:

  • Location: Columbia, SC
  • Phone: 803-917-0804
  • Email: zrulesms@gmail.com
  • Website: https://zrules2010.weebly.com

5. Schnauzers of Stonebroke

Located in Abbeville, SC and inspected by the AKC with 100% compliance, this family is sure to provide exceptional health standards for all their puppies.

Their puppies can be adopted between 8-9 weeks old, already having had their tails docked, dewclaws removed, as well as the first set of shots and proper amount of dewormings. A health guarantee comes with each puppy adoption, so you can rest assured that your new family member is healthy and happy. 

The Beiler family doesn’t just adopt out any puppy though; they only do so if they feel comfortable with the arrangement. They make it a priority that each puppy is going to a loving, caring home – because these puppies deserve nothing less! Not only do they pay attention to the kind of home their pups will go to, but also take great care in seeing that each pup gets enough socialization before being taken home. 

At Schnauzers of Stonebroke, there’s something for everyone – from the silver salt-and-pepper hair coat of the Standard Schnauzer to those cute little Miniature Schnauzers with their big personalities. Whether you’re looking for a pup to become your best buddy or are simply wanting to add some more fun into your life, these pups make excellent companions every time. 

The Beiler family goes above and beyond when it comes to quality control as well as customer satisfaction – it’s no wonder why people keep coming back! With love and care put into each pup before leaving them in good hands, you can trust that your puppy has been raised with nothing but the utmost love and respect – which makes them an even better addition to any family.

Breeder Contact Details:

  • Location: Abbeville, SC
  • Phone: 864-378-5772
  • Email: schnauzersofstonebrooke@gmail.com
  • Website: https://www.schnauzersofstonebrooke.com

The Ultimate Schnauzer Buying Guide 

Are you considering adding a Schnauzer to your family? If so, you’re in luck. Whether they’re miniature, toy, or standard size, these dogs are loyal and smart companions. Before making your purchase, however, there are some things that you should know. Let’s dive into what makes the Schnauzer such a great canine friend and how to select the right pup for your lifestyle. 

Types of Schnauzers 

The first thing to understand is that there are two types of Schnauzers: miniature and standard. Miniature Schnauzers are the most popular of the two types – they typically weigh between 11-20 pounds and stand 12-14 inches tall, while Standard Schnauzers range from 35-45 pounds and stand 18-20 inches tall. 

Aside from these two main categories, there is also the Toy Schnauzer variety. Toy Schnauzers are bred to be smaller than their miniature counterparts – they usually weigh under 11 pounds and stand 8-11 inches tall.

Personality Traits 

No matter which variety of Schnauzer you get, it will likely have some common personality traits. These dogs are known for being lively and alert as well as intelligent and loyal – perfect qualities for both families with children or those looking for an independent companion.

They also tend to be good watchdogs who will bark at strangers but are not overly aggressive when it comes to protecting their home turf. Plus, they love playing games like fetch!  

Where To Buy 

Once you decide on the type of Schnauzer that is best for your family, it’s time to find a reputable seller who can provide you with a high-quality pup at an affordable price.

When searching online or visiting breeders in person, look out for signs that could indicate a puppy mill such as overcrowded cages or sickly puppies who haven’t been properly cared for by their breeder. You should also ask about health clearances and potential genetic disorders before finalizing any purchase agreement.  


Finding the right breeder is an important step when looking to get a new puppy, and these 5 Schnauzer breeders in South Carolina are all great choices. With their commitment to health and quality, you can be sure to find a puppy that will become a beloved member of your family for many years to come. Happy puppy hunting!