Fromm vs Orijen: Which One is Best In 2021

Looking for a comparison of Fromm vs. Orijen?

Fromm vs Orijen: which one is the best

Dog owners often wonder which one between these two well-known dog food brands is the best for their dogs. To answer that, we will go over many details, such as nutritional values, ingredients, company history, recall history, and cost.

By the end of this article, we hope you will better understand what makes each brand tick and which one you want to consider the most.

A Quick Comparison

This past July 2019, the FDA identified 16 dog food brands that had been frequently linked to canine heart disease, most of which were “grain-free” (1). We were concerned when reviewing both dog food brands since they were among the brands mentioned. 

But digging in a bit deeper, we found that not all of the Fromm’s recipes were grain-free, they still offered a few non-grain-free options. In contrast to Orijen, who had all of their recipes available in grain-free formulas at the time of writing.

There is still not enough evidence at the moment to prove the grain-free argument, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Therefore, although we tried to compare and contrast both dog food brands’ general strengths and weaknesses, we would only recommend the non-grain-free formulas from Fromm here.



  • Has non grain-free options
  • Has more experience (since 1904)
  • Has more variants (84 recipes)


  • A few recipes use controversial ingredients



  • Has more protein content
  • Delivers closer protein to fat ratio of 2:1
  • Uses top quality local sources ingredients


  • More expensive

Our Top Picks for Fromm Dog Food in 2021

Best for Active Adult Dogs

Fromm Gold Holistic Adult Dry Dog Food

Fromm Gold is the company’s holistic line of dog foods formulated for all life stages, from puppies to adults. 

This Gold Holistic recipe displays a dry matter protein reading of 28%, a fat level of 18%, and estimated carbohydrates of about 46%. 

This grain-inclusive recipe includes duck and chicken meal as the first two ingredients for a meat-based protein source, with oat groats, pearled barley, and brown rice as the primary grain source.

Key Details

  • Designed with a holistic approach
  • Use real meat as the first ingredient
  • Infused with salmon oil to promote healthy skin and coat
  • Contains taurine to support heart and eye health
  • No fillers, soy, wheat or corn

Best For Calmer Dogs

Fromm Classics Adult Dry Dog Food

Fromm classic is still made based on their original recipe from 1949.

This classic recipe has a dry matter protein reading of 26%, a fat level of 17%, and estimated carbohydrates of about 50%. 

The ingredients are natural and healthy; they include chicken and chicken meal as main protein sources with brown rice, barley, oat groats, and white rice for grain sources.

Key Details

  • Grain inclusive
  • Prepared with fresh wholesome ingredients
  • No corn, soy or wheat
  • Has probiotic to aid in digestion and nutrients absorption
  • Great food for dogs with sensitive stomach

Best for Puppies

Fromm Gold Puppy Food

Fromm Puppy Gold formula is a highly rated puppy food from the brand’s grain-free line of products.

This formula is designed to provide complete and balanced nutrition that growing puppies need.

This formula features multi-protein sources, which include chicken, chicken meal, menhaden fish meal, duck, and lamb. As for the carbs and fiber sources, it uses oat groats, pearled barley, and brown rice.

Key Details

  • Multi-protein recipe
  • Made with digestible carbohydrates and dietary fiber
  • Enriched with salmon oil and antioxidants
  • Supplemented with probiotics to support good gut health
  • No controversial ingredients

Acana vs. Orijen Comparison

Brand Histories


Fromm Dog Food company was created in 1904 in Wisconsin. What makes this company so compelling is the fact that the same family still owns and runs it to this day, that’s more than 100 years of experience!

In 1949, they developed their first premium dog food by cooking meat and grains together to produce kibble, which is unique at that time. Today, the company has distributed its dog foods to no more than 8 countries around the world.


Founded in 1985 by Reinhard Muhlenfield and operates today under Champion Pet Foods LP, today, the company has sold its dog foods to over 70 countries worldwide. 

Since its first inception, the company has made an attempt to create a line of dog foods that mimic what dogs’ ancestors eat in the wild or what they call “biologically appropriate” pet foods. Their manufacturing facilities are located in Canada (the main HQ), Alberta, and Kentucky.

Looking at the brands’ history, it’s clear that Fromm has more experience than Orijen.

What’s The Difference In The Variety Of Foods Available?

Fromm does both dry and wet types of dog food. Both food types are available with and without cereal grains. As of this review, Fromm has 3 main product lines: Fromm Family Classics, Fromm Gold, and Fromm Four-Star Nutritionals.

There are 34 varieties of grain-inclusive dog food within these three product lines, and 32 of grain-free dog food.

In comparison, Orijen has less variety of foods available. Currently, they produce 9 dry dog food formulas and 3 different types of freeze-dried dog food.

The winner of this round is Fromm.

Nutrition Comparison

The guaranteed analysis provides a quick way to compare the nutrition quality of dog foods from different brands. Now you might be wondering what guaranteed analysis is?

Simply put, guaranteed analysis is the minimum or maximum quantity of certain nutrients that the manufacturers are guaranteeing in their recipes or put it another way, it is the pet food industry’s version of the Nutrition panel on human foods.

By AFFCO regulations, manufacturers are required to list four types of nutrients: crude protein, crude fat, crude fiber, and moisture.

Let’s take a look at the guaranteed analysis of each dog food as a group. All of the percentages used in this comparison are averages of dry matter basis (the number of nutrients left over after removing all moisture).

Crude Protein28.7%42.7%
Crude Fat16.6%23.9%
Crude Fat6.6%6.3%


Proteins are used by your dog to help build and repair everything that makes your his body from fur down to bones. But more than that, what your dog actually needs are amino acids, which are the building blocks of proteins.

In total, there are 22 amino acids dogs need to stay healthy and active. Of these 22, your dog’s body can produce 12 naturally, the remaining 10 are obtained from their foods.

How much protein does your dog need?

Having too much protein won’t cause any negative side effects. If he consumes more protein than what his body needs, the excess won’t be processed and flushed out through the urine or bowels.

Generally speaking, lowering protein diets on a dog’s diet is not recommended, as it may result in muscle loss and nutritional deficits. This also holds true for older dogs. They shouldn’t be fed a reduced protein diet unless they have pre-existing health conditions.

The comparison table above shows that Orijen dry dog food provides 14% more protein than Fromm.


There is often a misconception about fat that it is always bad for your dog’s health. The truth is fat provides a myriad of benefits, including:

  • Fat provides an energy reserve for your dog’s body, which is used when your dog is sleeping or is physically active.
  • Fat helps with the absorption of the fat-soluble vitamins, A, D, E, and K.
  • Fat improves metabolism and provides nutrients such as Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, which are essential for dogs’ skin and coat.
  • Fat improves digestion and promotes satiety, reducing overeating.
  • Fat promotes gut flora to boost overall immune function.

It’s by and large accepted that the ideal ratio of protein and fat in dog food should be closer to 2:1 in favor of protein. If the food is too high in fat, your dog will absorb more calories and fewer nutrients resulting in weight gain.

In the case of protein to fat ratio, we can see the winner is Orijen.


Just like humans, fiber is a key player in the digestive health of our canine friends. A lack of fiber in their diet can lead to digestive complications like bloat and constipation.

On the fiber front, the result is a tie. We can see there is little to no difference between the fiber content of both brands (6.6% versus 6.3%).


All of Fromm’s recipes use high-quality protein for their meals such as fresh chicken, chicken meal, fish meal, lamb, beef, duck, and pork. Some critics might argue that meat meals are a terrible source of protein, but surprisingly, a quality grade meat meal can be an economical source of high-quality protein.

For fats, they mostly use chicken fat and beef liver. In some of their formulas, they use whole grain such as oat groats, pearled barley, and brown. All these grains are not only rich in protein, but they are also loaded with fiber and nutrients.

They also offer grain-free options with lentils, chickpeas, or other legumes as a source of carbs.

Fromm’s biggest downside is that they use a few controversial ingredients in their recipes, such as dried tomato pomace. 

Orijen recipes are higher in protein. Their primary protein sources are whole animal protein like chicken, beef, turkey, and mackerel. Liver, heart, cartilage, and bone are also added to supplement, enhance, or modify the formulas’ taste. 

All of their fat content comes from natural sources like salmon oil and not from processed oils like canola oil.

On the downside, they only have grain-free formulas. Furthermore, their high protein profiles may not be suitable for all dogs.


Per Pound$2.35$15.69
Per Calorie$0.0014$0.0074

At a glance, Orijen is more expensive than Fromm, but is it more cost-effective? To better compare both products’ prices, we use the price-per-calorie (kcal) metric, which shows the average cost of both dog foods without the moisture content.

Quite clearly, we can see that Fromm is more cost-effective than Orijen.

Have Fromm and Orijen Ever Had a Recall?

Fromm has recalled once on March 14, 2016 due to an incorrect amount of vitamins and minerals. The recall was initiated because the affected formulas contained an elevated level of vitamin D.

Orijen has recalled once too on Nov. 22, 2008, and withdrawn from sale in Australia for irradiation treatment consequences that caused several cats to get sick and die after eating Orijen cat food.

Final Verdict

Nowadays, many veterinarians recommend avoiding dog foods that contain grains as your dog actually doesn’t need them. A recent study also found a high correlation between grain-free dog food and DCM. That’s why for this Fromm vs. Orijen comparison unless your dog suffers from grain allergies, it’s better to go with Fromm grain-inclusive foods.

For growing puppies we recommend the Fromm Gold Puppy Food. While for adult dogs, we recommend either the Fromm Classics Adult formula or the Fromm Gold Holistic Adult formula. If your furry buddy is more an active type of dog, you may want to pick the Fromm Gold formula.

And that’s it! Hopefully, if you have read all this way, you’ve found which one is the best dog food for your buddy.

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