Top 10 Proven Ways to Clean Up Dog Hair On Wood Floors

clean up dog hair on wood floors

There are very few things in life that lend so much joy and happiness. Being with your dogs is one such amazing thing. Their endearing and loving nature makes them an inseparable part of your household. Their cute ways, the way they cuddle and let you hug them, and the way they wag their tails when you finally get home is an unmatchable feeling.

But while they might be your bundle of joy, there might be some side-effects of keeping a dog in the house. One such side-effect or, in fact at many times, the main effect of having dogs is their hair. You would see hair all over the place and everywhere.

And trying to keep your house clean and free of all their hair might get overwhelmingly challenging. Especially if the floors are wooden, it gets even more difficult. But fortunately, we are here to help you with some tips that will make it easier for you.

When it comes to cleaning up your dog hair from wooden floors, you do not always need fancy high-end cleaning equipment. Many times simply sticking to the basics would do. Dryer sheets and tape roll work the best for me most of the time. Let’s list some of these tips one after the other.

1. Use the Dryer Sheets

If your dog’s hair is sticking almost everywhere, considering using dryer sheets to pick up and get rid of the pet hair. They will come very handy when you want to pick up hair from the wooden floors. In fact, dryer sheets can be used to pick up dog hair from almost anything.

You can use them to pick up fur and hair from floor corners, furniture, and from everywhere else.

2. Use a Tape Roll

Now for all those pieces of hair that refuse to relent and come into your hands, a roll of duct tape can do wonders. Where they fail to come in your hands, simply use them over the area on your wooden flooring and when the hair sticks to them, remove the tape to remove the hair away.

So, that stubborn fur does not come in your hand? No problem. Tape it. Remove it. And throw it in the bin.

3. Use Wet Mops for Wooden Floorings

Damp mops work like magnets when it comes to pet hair. Use lightly dampened mops to get rid of pet hair from your hardwood floorings. Just a single swipe with the mop shall wipe most of the hair.

4. Use Vacuum Cleaners

This is another way of cleaning dog hair off your hardwood floor. You can use one of those traditional vacuum cleaners or the high-end robovacs. When you vacuum your floors, make sure you are turning the heads in alternating directions so that all strands and bits of hair are sucked and picked up, leaving behind nothing to clean.

Make sure you open your vacuum filters and clean them regularly to prevent any clogging due to accumulated hair.

5. Use Microfiber Dusters

Microfiber cloths are great when it comes to cleaning of dust, smudges, and any other dirt. And just like damp mops, microfiber dusters can act as magnets for all the dirt, dust and not to forget your pet hair. Most of the dusters come with flexible heads that allow them to be bent and clean from places where hands and eyes do not reach. So not a single strand is missed.

6. Use Humidifiers

When you use humidifiers, those loose strands of hair do not stick to the wooden floor, and that makes it easier for all the dog hair to be cleaned. So use a humidifier and use a mop or a microfiber duster or a damp mop to clean all the hairy mess.

7. Use Deshedding Gloves

Use these gloves to rub on all the wooden surfaces and floors, and that will loosen all the hair and pick it up with ease. Especially when minute strands of hair are lying all over the place, and you can’t seem to pick it up with hands, these gloves come very handily.

8. Use Rubber Brooms

When dealing with wooden or any other type of exquisite flooring, a rubber broom is a fantastic tool (click here to read my review for the best broom for dog hair). These rubber brooms make it easy for all the hair on your hardwood floor to stick to the broom, making the removal of stubborn hairy messes easy.

9. Use Pet Hair Removal Tools

Apart from the tools and tips that we have mentioned, you can easily find a lot of other tools that make removing pet hair and fur extremely easy. To get a complete list, you can log on to Amazon or do a simple google search to get a comprehensive list of all products that are used for this purpose.

Use all these products, and you will be amazed by the results.

10. Take good care of your dog

This is undoubtedly one of the best ways of keeping your wooden floors free from doggy hair. There are a few things to do to ensure proper care. Let’s list those for you:

  • Keep your dog clean.
  • Give them proper and regular shampoo baths so that they do not shed too much hair.
  • Feed them well. And feed them protein-rich food and their hair growth will be healthy with minimal shedding.
  • Make sure their hair is regularly trimmed for minimum hair loss.
  • Train them to avoid areas where there is wood flooring.


Now, that we have covered most of what you should be doing to remove dog hair, you must know that there is, in fact, no best way of cleaning dog hair. All these techniques and the extent of their effectiveness will vary.

The best technique will obviously be the one that will work for you.

So try one or a combination of these techniques and tips, and you will certainly not be disappointed if not the best results. Love your dogs even if their hair is all over the place, for you surely can live with a little it of hair given all the love and warmth they offer.

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