Top 7 Best Heating Pads for Dog Houses in 2020: For Indoors Or Outdoors

best heating pads for dog houses

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what best heating pad for a dog house is, then we recommend the K&H Pet Products Lectro-Soft Heated Pad as the best one.

Heating pads for a dog house are a great accessory to keep your dog warm and comfortable in his house, especially during those chilly fall and winter months. This dog heating pad is also great for newborn puppies or older dogs with arthritis or other joint pains.

I reviewed dozens of dog heating pads to find the best ones. Here’s my list of the five top-rated heating pads for dog house.

What are The Best Heating Pads for Dog House in 2020?

1. K&H Pet Products Lectro-Soft Outdoor Heated Pad

The K&H Pet Products Lectro-Soft Outdoor Heated Pad is an excellent choice for your dog’s house, whether for indoors or out. This heating pad is designed to be thermostatically controlled to keep your dog comfortably warm without overheating him.

The pad also runs at low wattage, which makes it low-cost and environmentally friendly. It’s made of soft orthopedic foam for extra comfort and comes with a free machine-washable fleece cover.

Thanks to its therapeutic properties, this heating pad is great too for senior dogs suffering from arthritis or joint problems or those who recover from an illness or operation.

Most users found that this bed has great quality and super soft, even without the fleece cover.

However, some users were disappointed with the quality of the cover that appears to be flimsy and poorly made. One customer also said that her cover was worn out after only a few weeks.


  • Thermostatically controlled.
  • Orthopedic foam.
  • Removable and washable soft fleece cover.
  • Three size option.
  • Tested & certified by MET Labs.


  • The cover is flimsy and won’t last very long.

2. RIOGOO Pet Heating Pad

Made of durable oxford material, the RIGOO Pet Heating Pad is waterproof and moisture-resistant, which makes it another excellent option for use in dog houses.

The temperature is adjustable and can be heated up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit. This heating pad has power-off protection to keep it from overheating.

Also, the cord is wrapped with a chew-proof casing, making it safe from being chewed. Measuring approximately 17 by 28 inches, it’s suitable for most small to medium dogs.

Most users liked that it’s low-voltage and warms to perfect temperate for their puppies and dogs. But few users, particularly large-dog owners, found this pad was a bit smaller than they were expecting.


  • Waterproof and moisture-resistant.
  • Automatic safety shut-off feature.
  • Adjustable temperature.
  • Chew-resistant cord.
  • Three months guarantee.


  • Too small for large dogs.

3. Marunda Dog Heating Pad

This Marunda Dog Heating Pad is a great option you could consider for your dog’s house. It’s designed with all the features that your dog needs to remain warm and comfortable in his home.

For starters, this pad is made from advanced waterproof PVC material and comes with an easily removable, washable cover, so it’s easy to keep clean.

This heating pad also has some of the best safety features that include an auto power-off, intelligent temperature control, and a resilient steel-cased cord.

And not forget to mention the built-in dual thermostat. With this feature, you don’t need to adjust the temperature yourself as it automatically heats up to the best temperature for your dog.


  • Waterproof and easy to clean.
  • Good safety features.
  • Auto temperature control.
  • Runs on low power.
  • 1-year warranty.


  • Because there is no manual temperature control available, some dog owners found this pad was too hot for their dogs to use.

4. K&H Pet Products Lectro-Soft Igloo Style Dog Heating Pad

If your dog lives in an igloo dog house, then this K&H Pet Products Lectro-Soft Igloo Style Dog Heating Pad is an excellent choice for your dog’s house.

It is intentionally designed to be half-round to fit half of the igloo’s base. This heating pad comes in 3 sizes. Each size uses a different wattage. The large size measures 25 by 36 inches and consumes only 60 watts per hour.

And just like all the heating pads from K&H Manufacturing, this is also thermostatically controlled so that the heat never goes beyond your dog’s body temperature.


  • Designed explicitly to fit igloo dog houses.
  • Available in three sizes.
  • Runs at low wattage.
  • Thermostatically controlled.
  • MET safety tested.


  • Most users complained that the cover is cheap and flimsy. It does not stay on the pad when their dogs get in and out of their dog houses.

Read also our review of the best Igloo dog houses.

5. FLYMEI Pet Heating Pad

If you’re looking for a compact dog house heating pad at a budget price, the FLYMEI Pet Heating Pad is the best budget value pet heating pad. This pad features 7-level adjustable heat settings that make it suitable for arthritic dogs, senior dogs, or dogs recuperating from injury or illness.

The pad also has an internal thermostat that automatically sets the pad’s overall temperature to a comfortable level for your dog (at an average of 102° F). You can check the temperature accurately via an LED control panel then adjust the heat as needed. It then will quickly heat up in 10 minutes to reach the set temperature.

This heating pad measures 11.8 by 15.7 inches and uses only 15 watts.


  • 7-level adjustable temperature control.
  • It has an internal thermostat.
  • Water and fireproof.
  • LED indicator.
  • Low voltage.


  • Because of its dimensions, it is only suitable for small dogs. Some users also complained that this heating pad does not have an auto shut-off feature.

6. K&H Pet Products Self-Warming Pad

If you’re worried about the risk of an electric heating pad overheating, you might want to look for a non-electric dog heating pad instead. The K&H Pet Products Self-Warming Pad uses special heat-retaining materials to retain and reflect a dog’s own body heat.

This heating pad comes in six different sizes, which makes finding the right size for your dog house a breeze. Moreover, each corner of the pad is slit so you can mold it to fit inside of your dog’s house.


  • Does not need electricity.
  • Available in six different sizes.
  • All corners are slit to allow perfect fit in any dog house.
  • Easy to wash.


  • Most users complained that the pad is too thin.

7. Pet Magasin Thermal Self-Heated Bed

This Pet Magasin Thermal Self-Heated Bed is similar to the previous non-electric dog heating pad, except this offers two pads in one package. The large pad measures 22 by 18.5 inches, and the smaller one measures 17 by 11 inches.

Both beds—small and large—have soft top covers with thick inner padding that gives it a plush feel.


  • Super soft and very cuddly.
  • Two packs in one set.
  • Lightweight and easy to fold for easy storage.
  • Easy to clean.


  • A few users complained that the pad does slip despite the anti-slip claim.

Why Does Your Dog Need a Heating Pad for His Dog House?

If you live where winter is very cold and snowy, dog heating pads can help to keep your dog staying warm even if he has an insulated dog house, whether inside or outside dogs.

These heating pads are particularly beneficial for small dog breeds, dogs with thin coats, or young puppies. Since young puppies tend to get cold much more quickly, it’s important for you to learn how to know if your dog is cold.

Additionally, research has pointed out that dogs with a range of hip and joint problems are also benefited from heat therapy just like humans. Thus, if your dog suffers from arthritis or other joint and muscle health issues, you can use a heating pad to ease his pain.

Buying Guide: Important Features to Consider when Buying a Heating Pad for Dog House

Here’re the most important features to consider when choosing a heating pad for your dog house.


First, measure your dog house and select a heating pad that’s the right shape and size for your dog house.


Look for a heating pad with a well-padded cushion for extra comfort. For dogs with arthritis or joint paints, you may want to consider getting a heating pad made with an orthopedic foam base.

Heating mode

There are three types of heating methods that are used to heat a dog heating pad: electric, microwave, and self-warming.

The electric model has the most stable heat compared to the other two models, but you should consider the ongoing energy bills, though many runs on low voltage. 

You should also consider if there is easy access to a power supply near the dog house area.

Safety features

Whether you put the dog house indoors or in the yard, your preferred heating pad must have appropriate safety features, such as a chew-resistant cord, an auto power-off function, water, and fireproof safes.

Ease of cleaning

Pick out a dog heating pad that is easy to wash and clean so as to make the maintenance easier. Some models come with a removable cover that can be machine washed or hand washed. Other models can be wiped clean with a damp cloth.

Dog House Heating Pads Frequently Asked Questions

What is a dog heating pad?

A dog heating pad is padding or cushion used to keep your dog’s body warm. Most heating pads for dog houses are an electric heating pad, although there are other models available as well.

Are heated dog pads safe?

If you choose an electric dog heating pad, there’s always a slight risk of overheating, but generally speaking, it is safe. To make it even more secure, you want to check if the pad that you’re about to buy has the following features:

  • A thermostat control. A thermostat is an instrument that switches the heating pads on and off to avoid overheating. 
  • Chew-resistant cable. Most electric heated pads have cables that are encased in strong, durable plastic or steel coating to avoid your dog chew on the wires and electrocute himself.
  • Product safety testing. Getting a heating pad that has been tested and certified by MET labs is a huge plus.
  • Fire retardant material. Look for a heating pad covered with fire-resistant material. This material prevents combustion and ensures that in the event it catches fire, it will not spread.

Do self-warming dog pads work?

Self-warming dog pads do work to some degree, but you can’t expect self-heating pads to generate as much heat as the electric heating pads.

How to clean heating pads for a dog house?

Regular cleaning is a part of any heated dog pad maintenance as the pad can be smelly and covered with shed hair. Or if you place the pad outdoor, it can be covered in mud and dirt if you don’t clean it from time to time.

Some dog heating pads feature a removable cover that you can wash by hand or machine without any problems. Others are made of a waterproof fabric that can be wiped clean with a damp cloth.

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