The 9 Best Brooms for Dog Hair in 2021 (Review and Buyer’s Guide)

Want to jump straight to the answer? The best broom for dog hair for most people is definitely the FURemover Broom.

best brooms for dog hair

Sweeping up your pet’s hair with a regular broom is both easy and difficult at the same time. It makes dust and hair fly all over while you sweep and before too long, you end up giving up because it takes ages to finish it.

Then what is the solution? The solution is to use a broom designed for pet hair. They make it easy and effortless to lift and collect hair. Here’re my top recommendations for the best broom for pet hair.

Our Top Picks for The Best Brooms for Dog Hair

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Best Overall

FURemover Broom
  • Works well at pulling hair from carpet
  • Telescoping handle allows you to adjust height
  • Has two sides: brush for carpet and squeegee side for flat surfaces

Best Runner Up

Pet Buddies Pet Hair Broom
  • Picks up dog hair well from hard surfaces
  • Easy to clean
  • Has an adjustable length handle
Fur Buster Rubber Broom
  • Does a good job getting wet or dry dog hair
  • Squeegee side for getting spilled water up
  • Great for hardwood floors
Bissell Lightweight Pet Hair Broom
  • Retractable rubber bristles
  • Adjustable handle
  • Easy storage
LandHope Push Broom
  • Rubber bristles, safe for hardwood floors
  • Can be vacuumed or washed clean
  • Telescoping handle

The Best Broom for Dog Hair Reviews

Best Dog Hair Broom Overall

1. FURemover Broom

The Evriholder Pet Broom has been in the market for over eight years and is my top pick for the best dog hair broom.

The head is made of natural rubber with soft bristles on one side and a built-in squeegee (12-inch) on the other. With each stroke made, the natural rubber head builds up a static charge and becomes a magnet that keeps hair from flying away as you sweep. Furthermore, the bristle design forms a solid wall that keeps even the smallest stands of hair from being left behind.

The bristles can be used to remove hair on any surfaces in your home (carpets, rugs, hardwood, and linoleum). Meanwhile, the squeegee side is meant to pick up hair on upholstered furniture, windows, windshields, or any other places that the bristles may have missed.

The handle is long and ergonomics. The pole can be extended from 30 inches to 60 inches, so neither do you need to bend down to reach under the furniture nor do you need to get a ladder to sweep the ceiling.

Most dog parents who used this pet hair broom found that using the rubber blade is much more useful than using the rubber bristles.


  • Double-sided head: bristles and squeegee
  • A soft head that won’t scratch your floor or furniture
  • Can be used to clean numerous surfaces
  • Ergonomic and adjustable handle
  • Easy to clean


  • Some customers found the handle was broken when over tightened

Runner Up

2. Pet Buddies PB5579

Many pet owners say that this pet hair broom works particularly well on hard flooring such as hardwood and granite floors.

This pet broom is made of a special type of rubber called thermoplastic rubber (TPR), which gives it a longer lifespan than most other similar floor brushes. The rubber creates an electrostatic charge that pulls pet hair and fine particles.

Customers liked how the pet hair does not actually stick to the broom. You can quickly gather piles of pet hair in several sweeps and then brush the hair into a dustpan without having to pull it off the broom.

The head is detachable; you can clean it easily by washing it with soap and water, or run it through the dishwater.

To make cleaning even easier, it comes with a telescopic handle that extends from 29 inches to 51 inches.


  • Great for hard flooring
  • More durable than many other dog hair sweepers
  • Extendable handle
  • Easy to clean and dishwater safe
  • Pet hair does not stick to it


  • Not suitable for carpets

3. Fur Buster Broom

The Fur Buster Rubber Broom Pet Hair Remover works great on tile, carpets, and rugs.

This pet hair sweeper has hundreds of rubber bristles on one side and a built-in squeegee edge on the other.

Most customers who purchased this pet broom said this product had made a big difference in sweeping up pet hair. It gathers up pet hair, dirt, stuffing, shredded cardboard, tissue, and junk in a few quick sweeps.

The built-in squeegee is also great for cleaning spills and scrubbing. The adjustable handle comes at a length of 30 inches and can be extended up to 50 inches.

It is easy to clean. Just rinse it with tap water when grimy, and it dries quickly.


  • Works for any type of surface: indoor or outdoor, dry or wet, hard to right or tight space
  • Does not leave any marks, nor will it dull the finishing
  • Pick up pet hair, dust, lint, dirt easily
  • Handle extends from 30 inches to 50 inches
  • Easy to clean


  • The handle is a bit flimsy

4. Bissell Lightweight Pet Hair Broom

The Bissell Pet Broom has a set of retractable rubber bristles in the middle of the nylon fibers that trap pet hair into clumps. The combination of the two makes cleaning a breeze.

You can extend the soft bristles by twisting the knob at the bottom of the handle to clean your pet fur. Or you can retract the bristles to use it as a regular broom to sweep up dust, lint, and crumbs.

Pet parents who purchased this floor brush found it effortless to clean every area in their house.

Use the bristles to sweep wide, open areas. And when you come across to the corner, switch the broom to the nylon fibers to sweep your pet’s hair away from these areas. Then turn back to the bristles to collect the hair.


  • Switchable dual-mode for regular sweeping and collecting hair
  • Durable
  • Adjustable handle
  • Easy to clean
  • Pick up pet hair and small particles


  • Some customers found this broom was too heavy for them

5. LandHope Push Broom 

The LandHope broom is the lightest out of all dog hair brooms in this list. It has soft rubber bristles head and is recommended for removing pet hair from carpets and rugs.

The broom comes with a built-in squeegee edge as well. You can use the squeegee not only for cleaning windows or doors but also for cleaning an outdoor area like a garden, balcony, or garage.

The handle is long and adjustable, with an extendable length of 31.5 inches to 54 inches. It is rinsed well with water and dried quickly.


  • Works well for cleaning up pet fur and dust from carpets and rugs
  • Lightweight
  • Will not leave scratches on your floor
  • Easy maintenance and water-resistant
  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors


  • Customers said that this broom was not good for sweeping corners

6. Gandi Groom AB24 Carpet Rake

The Gandi Groom carpet rake is excellent for cleaning off pet hair from high pile carpets that brooms or even vacuums might not be able to reach.

Pet owners who purchased this rake said that it was easy to use and they were able to collect a decent clump of pet hair and lots of dust quickly.

To get optimum results, plunge the teeth of the rake deep into your carpet and drag it toward you, then finish up with a quick vacuum and your carpet will look brand new again.


  • Ideal for high-pile carpets
  • The wide head allows you to cover a wide area in a single stroke
  • Easy to set up
  • Durable


  • The screws tend to come loose when you apply heavy force

7. RAVMAG Broom & Squeegee

This broom features a unique combination of natural rubber bristles head and a 13 inches rubber squeegee.

The bristles are water-resistant, and the squeegee has great absorption power. This unique combination allows you to use the broom for multi-purpose.

Most customers used this dog hair sweeper for sweeping pet hair and then after sweeping, they wrapped a damp cloth around the bottom and used it as a damp mop.

It is well-made and durable. The rubber is made with TPR, and the handle is made of 55″ sturdy steel.


  • Durable and water-resistant rubber bristles
  • A highly absorbent built-in squeegee
  • Wide head
  • Adjustable handle that extends up to 55 inches


  • Customers said that the handle frequently falls off

8. TreeLen Dust Pan and Broom

The TreeLen’s broom is a quality broom dustpan set.

This set comes with a 52-inch broom that is made from dense but flexible nylon bristles head and metal handle, and an upright dustpan that is made of high-quality plastic.

The dustpan has an angled rubber liner in front that allows you to sweep even the smallest particles. It has sturdy teeth at the top of the dustpan so that you can remove pet hair or dust from the bristles with ease.

And last, the set clips together so you can store it compactly together.


  • High-quality materials
  • Flexible lip for maximum pickup
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to store
  • Good for collecting the smallest particles


  • Some customers complained that the actual broom is too small

9. Gloyy Long Handled Push Broom

The Gloyy Broom features one long handle brush broom and one additional small brush.

Pet owners who used it said it is perfect for cleaning pet hair off of tile and hardwood floors, and carpets, while the small brush is great for cleaning the sofa.

The broom comes with an extendable pole that extends from 30 inches to 60 inches.


  • Excellent at collecting pet hair and dust
  • One extra small brush
  • Adjustable handle
  • Lightweight yet sturdy


  • The rubber on the bottom comes off easily

What Is A Dog Hair Broom and Why You Should Use One?

What makes a dog hair broom different than a traditional broom is the head. The head of a dog hair broom is made of rubber bristles, while the head of a traditional broom is often made from nylon fibers.

These rubber bristles create an electrostatic charge that attracts hair and other fine particles as you sweep and does not make them float back into the air as traditional brooms do.

If you are a pet owner, you should consider using this type of pet hair sweeper to clean your pet’s hair because it does make your job a lot easier and faster. You can do a quick sweep several minutes before going to work.

In many cases, pet hair broom does a better job in removing pet hair than vacuum.

Types of Brooms

You’ll likely find three types of brooms on the store shelves: a traditional broom, a push broom, and a whisk broom.

The traditional brooms have a triangular shape with synthetic or natural straw strands that extend from the broomstick. They are a popular choice in many homes because of their versatility to work on a variety of hard surfaces, though they’re not suitable for carpeted floors.

The push brooms have a wider head than the traditional models. The head can be made from synthetic rubber or natural rubber that acts like a magnet to attract and collect pet hair, dirt, dust, and debris. And because of their extra-wide head, they can clean large areas quickly with only a few sweeps.

The whisk broom is a small, short-handled broom ideal for light cleaning such as for cleaning clothes, couches, seat cushions, and so on.

What To Look For When Picking a Broom for Dog Hair?

Here are a few things that you may want to consider when choosing a broom to clean your home:

Ease of Use

An ideal broom for pet hair should be able to collect pet hair, debris, dust, and other fine particles with ease. It should be easy to use and should be able to clean surfaces in one sweep. It collects pet hair and dirt into one neat pile which you should be able to dispose of easily.


Look for a broom made with rubber bristles to take advantage of the electrostatic effects that they produce. However, not all rubber bristles are created equal. The bristles should be sturdy and yet soft enough, so they do not leave scratches or dull the finish of your floor.

Easy to Clean

The broom should be easy to clean too. All the products that I reviewed here can be rinsed with tap water, or cleaned with soap and water or in your dishwater.

Broom Head

If you need to clean a wide area, you may want to choose a broom with a wide head.

Frequency and Amount of Shedding

If your furry friend sheds a lot and has fine hair, you may want to choose a broom with soft and small bristles that won’t leave the finer particles behind.

Telescopic Handle

A telescopic handle helps a lot to sweep hard-to-reach places without having to bend or using a ladder.

Indoor or Outdoor

If you need to clean the outdoors area as well, you may want to go with a broom that can be used both indoors and outdoors.