7 Best Yorkie Breeders in Arizona in 2023

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Best Yorkie Breeders In Arizona

If you’re looking to add a Yorkshire Terrier puppy to your family, Arizona is home to many reputable Yorkie breeders. It can be difficult finding the right breeder who will provide good care for their puppies and ensure they are healthy and well-socialized. To help make this process easier on you, we’ve done some research into the top 7 best Yorkie breeders in Arizona.

Read on to learn more about each one so that you can find the perfect little Yorkshire companion for your household.

1. Cottonwood Ranch Yorkies

When it comes to finding the best Yorkie breeders in Arizona, the Cottonwood Ranch Yorkies is one of the top contenders. Anna, the breeder is a dog enthusiast who follows American Kennel Club standards and raises their pups at home with love and care.

Not only can you be sure that your pup will be healthy and happy coming from this breeder, but the variety of pups that they offer is extensive. From Traditional Blue & Tan, Black traditional, Parti, and many other colors, there is certainly something for everyone here.

Cottonwood Ranch Yorkies offer a wide selection of puppies, each one is up to date on shots and deworming before it goes home with its new owner. To ensure the safety of the puppies, tails are normally docked and dewclaws removed before they reach three days old.

However, if the owner would like to keep the tail of their pup, then they must make a $500 non-refundable deposit before then – even though dewclaws still need to be removed for safety regardless of whether or not the tail is kept.

If you’re looking for an experienced breeder with a genuine love for animals and high standards that adhere to American Kennel Club regulations, then look no further than Cottonwood Ranch Yorkies in Cottonwood Arizona.

With excellent care before adoption as well as a wide range of beautiful puppies all up-to-date on shots and ready for their forever homes – what more could you ask for?

Breeder Contact Details:

  • Location: Litchfield Park, AZ
  • Email: CottonwoodRanchYorkies@gmail.com
  • Phone: 623-202-3874
  • Website: https://cottonwoodranchyorkies.weebly.com/

2. Mirage Yorkies

Mirage Yorkies take great pride in their commitment to adhering to the AKC standard. The puppies are all raised in a loving home environment with Janet, who ensures that they get plenty of socializing and experience important milestones early on.

When it comes to choosing homes for their puppies, Mirage Yorkies is very selective. They want to make sure that their puppies go into responsible and caring households, so they take the time to speak with potential owners about what kind of care and attention their puppy will receive after leaving Mirage Yorkies.

All of the puppies come with a certification, which means that you are not allowed to breed them if you purchase one. This is beneficial for reducing the number of unwanted or mistreated animals in our society.

If you’re looking for an experienced Yorkie breeder in Arizona, look no further than Mirage Yorkies! They have decades’ worth of experience working with these beloved animals, so you can be confident that your furry family member will be as healthy and well-adjusted as possible when they leave Janet’s home.

Not only that, but Mirage Yorkies also offers ongoing support after purchase if any problems arise; whether it’s basic training tips or advice on nutrition and health care needs – you can count on them for help.

Breeder Contact Details:

  • Location: Surprise, Arizona
  • Email: mirageyorkies@yahoo.com
  • Phone: (602) 672-1588
  • Website: https://www.mirageyorkies.com/index.html

3. Tiny Troubles Yorkies

Located in Mesa, this family-run business has been providing fluffy bundles of joy to families all over the state since 2002.

The owner, a retired certified veterinary technician with over 10 years of experience, ensures that their puppies are both healthy and well-socialized. Each puppy is checked by a veterinarian before they go home with their new family and they come with a one-year health guarantee.

At Tiny Troubles Yorkies, each pup is raised in a loving home environment with lots of attention and interaction with kids and other dogs. The puppies are kept up-to-date on vaccinations, dewormings, and regular vet checkups to ensure good health as they grow up. They also provide nutritional advice for their customers to help maintain the pup’s diet as it grows older.

All in all, Tiny Troubles Yorkies provides an unbeatable service when looking for a quality Yorkshire Terrier puppy in Arizona. The owner is knowledgeable and friendly; always willing to go above and beyond what is asked of them to ensure that each customer gets the best possible experience when purchasing a new baby Yorkie.

Breeder Contact Details:

  • Location: Chino Valley, Arizona
  • Email: tinytroublesyorkies@yahoo.com
  • Phone: (480) 861-2889
  • Website: https://www.tinytroublesyorkies.com/

4.  My Little Blue Yorkies

My Little Blue Yorkies have been providing exceptional care to their puppies since the 1980s and specialize in breeding Champion show dogs. Each puppy is raised in a loving home environment with potty pad training before they are ready to leave for their new homes.

The prices for these puppies reflect their quality; males cost $4,500 while females cost close to $6,000 – making them among the most expensive Yorkie breeders in Arizona.

However, this high price also ensures that buyers get a healthy and well-bred puppy from an experienced breeder. The fact that Debbie insists on educating interested owners about the breed before entrusting her babies to them demonstrates her commitment and dedication to matching each puppy with the best family possible.

My Little Blue Yorkies requires each puppy to be spayed or neutered at six months of age and provides appropriate documents including AKC registration papers as well as a health record detailing information about vaccinations and worming treatments given during their time at the kennel.

Furthermore, every buyer receives a full refund if anything is wrong with their puppy during its first year of life, or if it develops any hereditary problems that are documented by a licensed veterinarian within 12 months of purchase.

If you’re looking for an adorable Yorkie pup from a reputable breeder, My Little Blue Yorkies is certainly worth considering.

Breeder Contact Details:

  • Location: Scottsdale, Arizona
  • Email: mylittleblueyorkies@gmail.com
  • Phone: (480) 529-3123
  • Website: http://mylittleblueyorkies.com/index.html

5. My Precious Yorkies

This family-owned business has been breeding Yorkshire Terriers for 25 years now and offers a wide variety of colors. Each pup is home-raised and well-socialized, so you can be sure that your pup will be happy, healthy, and ready to become part of your family.

When it comes to finding the perfect puppy for your home, My Precious Yorkies takes special care to make sure every puppy is healthy and socialized before they go home with their new owners.

They always give their puppies regular vet checkups and vaccinations, as well as provide them with plenty of playtime, grooming sessions, and individual attention from the moment they are born. As a result, each pup from My Precious Yorkies comes already housebroken, crate trained, and accustomed to basic commands like sit or stay.

Besides giving great care to their pups beforehand, My Precious Yorkies also provides excellent customer service afterwards. They understand that getting a new pet can be intimidating and challenging – which is why they offer ongoing support after you bring your puppy home.

If you have any questions or need advice on how best to take care of your new pup, My Precious Yorkies will be there for you every step of the way.

Breeder Contact Details:

  • Location: Peoria, Arizona
  • Email: contact form on the website
  • Phone: (602) 579-6685
  • Website: https://mypreciousyorkies.com/

6. Sweet Baby Yorkies

Located in Payson, Arizona, Sweet Baby Yorkies has been providing quality puppies for many years and has dedicated themselves to raising happy, healthy pups that are well-socialized and lovingly cared for.

Each pup is born in a loving home environment and receives individual attention from their experienced breeders. As a result, Sweet Baby Yorkies offers some of the highest quality Yorkshire Terriers available in the state.

When you choose to purchase a puppy from Sweet Baby Yorkies, you can rest assured knowing that each pup comes with a full health guarantee and is up to date on all necessary vaccinations.

In addition, all puppies come with a one-year congenital health guarantee covering any potential hereditary or genetic issues that may arise during the first year of ownership.

Another great benefit of purchasing from Sweet Baby Yorkies is their commitment to providing customer service excellence. They provide detailed information on each puppy they offer so that buyers can make an informed decision when deciding which pup best fits their lifestyle.

They also strive to ensure that buyers feel comfortable and secure throughout the entire process by offering one-on-one consultations with buyers to get an understanding of what kind of personality they are looking for in their new companion before they commit to purchasing a puppy.

Breeder Contact Details:

  • Location: Payson, Arizona
  • Email: SweetBabyYorkies@hotmail.com
  • Phone: 602-369-0765
  • Website: https://www.sweetbabyyorkies.com/

7. Az Yorkie Mom

For over fifteen years, they’ve been raising happy and healthy puppies that make great additions to any loving home. All their puppies have been well-tempered and cared for with the utmost attention and love.

At Az Yorkie Mom, they strive to make sure each litter is as special as possible by hand-raising each puppy. This allows them to get a better understanding of each pup’s personality so they can match them up with the best homes. As a result, all their puppies are often well taken care of and have a long, happy life ahead of them.

In addition to caring for each pup individually, Az Yorkie Mom also offers tips on how to best care for your new puppy at home. They provide extensive resources on topics such as feeding routines and exercise needs so homed owners can better understand their pup’s needs.

They also offer advice on common health problems that may arise during the puppy’s life span and give helpful tips on grooming techniques for longer hair breeds such as the Yorkipoos.

Overall, Az Yorkie Mom provides an excellent range of well-tempered Yorkies and Yorkipoos from the quality litter that will bring joy into almost any household.

Breeder Contact Details:

  • Location: Avondale, Arizona
  • Email: janeth@azyorkiemom.com
  • Phone: 602-877-2161
  • Website: https://azyorkiemom.com/


Congratulations on your search for a Yorkie puppy! With so many breeders in Arizona to choose from, it’s important to do your research and find the right one for you. We hope this list of the top seven best Yorkie breeders in Arizona has been helpful in finding the perfect pup that’s sure to be an amazing companion.

When looking into each breeder, be sure to ask all the important questions. Find out about their experience as a breeder, any health tests they may have done on their puppies, and whether they provide a written health guarantee or contract.

All of these are key pieces of information that will help you make an informed decision when adopting or buying a Yorkie puppy.

Once you’ve made your choice and brought home your new puppy, remember that training is essential for happy and healthy pets. Positive reinforcement techniques with lots of toys, treats, and snuggles will help you bond with your pup and lead to a lifetime of great memories together.

We wish you all the best on your journey to finding the perfect Yorkie puppy!