Walcut Dog Crate Review: Is It Worth To Buy?

walcut dog crate review

Every pet owner needs the best confinement for their best friend. If you are searching for a crate that offers enhanced mobility and safety for your dog, this Walcut Dog Crate Review is for you. 

Do you have a medium-sized dog? Sometimes, they need their own space to sleep and feed. A dog crate can help your dog stay in one place for long if you don’t want it to keep on roaming the neighborhood. 

Walcut Dog crate is a high-quality cage for your dog that is economical and gives you value for your cash. You can use it to tame your dog and keep it safe from hazards when you have to leave home. Find out more about this crate.

Walcut Dog Crate

The Walcut Dog Crate is a versatile create with a plenty of space, making it an ideal choice for medium-sized dogs.

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What You Should Expect from Walcut Dog Crate

The reason why many pet owners today choose the Walcut dog crate over the rest of the crates is due to its versatility. The manufacturer reveals that you can use this model inside or outside the house.

It, therefore, ensures that your dog feels comfortable. When you want your buddy to have some fresh air or get some sunshine, feel free to take the crate outdoors.

If you look at the crate, you can tell that it is well constructed. Walcut dog crate is strong and stable enough. It also offers enough space for different sizes of dogs. You get the chance to choose the dog crate from various sizes.

Choose the size of the crate based on the dog size. This Walcut Dog Crate review also covers more about the crate to help you make an informed decision.

Key features


The materials used to make a dog crate can determine how long you can use it. Walcut dog crate is designed from heavy-duty steel. This material enhances the durability of the crate and gives it a robust feel. It can also withstand harsh weather conditions without getting damaged.

Steel bars

If you look at the steel bars of the dog crate, you will realize that they are well spaced. This not only makes the crate look good but also prevents your favorite pet from feeling claustrophobic. The manufacturer constructed this dog crate with usability in mind. It also enables you to see your pet well as it rests inside the crate.


Walcut Dog crate comes with two doors to boost accessibility. One of the doors is located at the top part of the crate. While this has a large opening, the second door is not that big.

You can use the second door to give your pet some water and food from time to time. The top door comes with a latch for you to lock it. Feel free to put a mattress inside the crate through the top door.

This can help your dog feel more comfortable while in it. Ensure you secure the front door latches so that your dog does not leave. This is the opening that your dog uses to enter or leave the crate. The inclusion of two doors also makes it easy for you to tame your pet.

For instance, you can give food to your dog using the top door if your dog gets too excited and might escape when you open the front door.


Unlike other models, this dog crate is highly rated due to its portability. It comes with casters that allow you to move it around with ease. You can even roll it even when the dog is inside, using minimal effort.

The wheels withstand heavy load and work as expected, even under pressure. Since the wheels are not that big, you may have difficulties trying to move the dog crate on surfaces such as gravel or grass lawns. You can lock two of the casters to prevent the dog crate from moving accidentally.


According to most of the Walcut Dog Crate Reviews, customers reveal that it is quite hygienic. This is because the crate features two floors. One of the floors has a solid sheet while the other one is grated.

You can slide out both of the floors easily when you want to clean the dog crate. It enables you to get rid of any water spills and food waste around the crate with ease.

The manufacturer designs it in such a way that dirt cannot stick around the corners or edges of the crate. There is also the inclusion of a steel tray that slides easy for easy cleaning.


If you have minimal space indoors for the dog crate, you will appreciate its ability to fold. This makes storing the crate easy when not in use. You can even bring this dog crate with you when traveling due to its portability and foldability.

Set up

Setting up a dog crate for the first time can be intimidating. That is why the producers of this dog crate include installation instructions in the package to simplify every step.

You should set it up within minutes without the help of a professional. If you experience any problems with the assembly or notice some parts missing, get in touch with the supplier immediately.


If you focus on the size and weight capacity of Walcut dog crate, you can tell that it is suitable for medium-sized dogs. It measures 48 inches and weighs 15 pounds. Though large, it is lightweight, thus increasing portability.


  • Sturdy construction.
  • It comes in various sizes.
  • The dog crate is economical.
  • It has two locking doors.
  • You can roll it easily.
  • The flooring enhances cleaning.


  • Some users reveal that dogs can bend the bars of this crate.
  • You may experience difficulties trying to open the top latch.

Customer Reviews

Most users said that this Walcut dog crate is great for the price. They found that it is a high-quality crate with a solid construction, great bottom for feet, and easy to clean. Customers also liked how secure it is, the doors look twice, and the top lock is tight.

A few users said this crate was not big enough for large dogs like German Shepherds. But it’s okay if you only want to use it to transport your dog for a weekend hunting trip or the likes. Just don’t put them inside for 8 hours as your dog might get cramps.

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Final Words

From our Walcut Dog Crate Review, it is evident that this crate is a well-designed and portable crate. It comes in high-quality materials that enhance its durability and make it lightweight.  You will also find it user-friendly due to the inclusion of two doors, casters, and two floors.

Where to Buy Walcut Dog Crate

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