The 5 Best Dog Crates for German Shepherds in 2022 (Review and Buyer’s Guide)

When looking for a crate, you might come across many different options. Here’s our guide to find the best one for your German shepherd dog and our recommendations.

Our Top Picks for The Best Dog Crates for German Shepherds

Preview Product Features Price
Ultima Pro Double Door Folding Metal Dog Crate
  • Easy to set up and very sturdy
  • Double doors with a good reliable latching system
  • Roomy
AmazonBasics Single-Door & Double-Door Folding Metal Dog Crate
  • Solid construction
  • Fully Collapsible to allow for easy storage
  • Easy to clean
Petmate Ultra Vari Kennel
  • Well vented
  • Sturdy enough to handle collisions
  • Meet all air and highway travel requirements
Crown Wood Pet Crate
  • Beautiful design
  • Removable plastic cover on the front door for dogs that like to bite
  • Easy to put together
Zampa Pet playpen
  • Made with good quality materials
  • Spacious with two pockets and one mesh pocket for storage
  • Can easily be hosed or wiped clean

Best German Shepherd Crate Overall

best dog crates for german shepherds

1. MidWest Ultima Pro Folding Dog Crate

This large and have duty metal crate from MidWest is my top pick for the best crate for a German Shepherd. Many reviewers said this is the crate that can last the life of your German shepherd dog.


This German shepherd crate is coated with a powder-coat finish that makes it look more attractive than the look of the cheaper dog crates.


This crate is made of a tight grid of thick wire that is thicker, heavier than most German shepherd crates in its price range, which assures you that your GSD won’t be able to escape or damage the crate.

The wire has a heavier gauge and a tighter placement than its competitors, this means this crate is harder to bend and will hold its shape better.

It also has secure slide-bolt lathes and rounded corners to prevent injury if your German shepherd dog tries to escape. To make it even more secure, the crate is secured with a lock that is hard for dogs to unlock, and yet quick and easy for the owners to lock and open.

Crate Size

This crate comes in both the 42 and 48-inch sizes, which is an ideal size for most German Shepherds. The 48-inch crate is sufficient for most adult male German Shepherds, while the 42-inch crate is more suitable for female German Shepherds.

If you have German Shepherd mixes that are smaller than purebred German Shepherd, you can choose smaller sizes: 24-inch, 30-inch, 36-inch.

Divider and Removeable Pan

The MidWest Ultima Pro includes a divider panel that allows you to adjust the crate’s size, so you don’t need to buy separate crates as your German shepherd grows from puppyhood into adulthood.

However, the divider can be easy to knock down as it’s notably thin and is only secured with rounded hooks. Therefore, if your German Shepherd tends to escape or suffer from separation anxiety, it might be better to buy a crate at his current size.

Removable Pan

The crate has a leak-proof removable pan on the bottom of it. The plastic pan is tough but not heavy. Removeable, but only by humans, and easy to clean with enzyme spray and dish detergent.

Your German shepherd won’t be able to slide out the pan by pushing it down from inside the crate; this is something important as the tray that is easy to slide out and could expose your floors and carpets to damage or could injure your German shepherd.

Roller Feet

The roller feet are made of a no-scratch rubber to protect your floors from scuffs and scratches. Considering German Shepherds are energetic dogs that like to bump around, you’ll find these feet are a small grace to you.


The crate is easy to fold up for easy transport and easy storage. Once the crate has collapsed, you can carry it with a thick, plastic detachable handle.


  • Heavy duty construction
  • Close and lock securely
  • Easy entry and exit
  • Easy to move
  • Easy to clean and solid plastic tray
  • 1-year guarantee


  • The divider can be too thin for strong, energetic German Shepherds

Runner Up

2. AmazonBasics Folding Metal Dog Cage

The AmazonBasics Metal Dog Cage is the best second option if the Ultima Pro crate is not available.

This crate is cheaper than the Ultimate Pro. It will do just fine for many German Shepherds, but it’s a bit less likely to last long if you have a strong German Shepherd because the wires on this crate are thinner than the wires on the Ultima Pro.

Speaking of security, the AmazonBasics has two latches on the front door compared to the Ultima Pro that only has one latch. As for portability, it is easier to take apart and put back together than the MidWest crate.

It has 6 different sizes to choose from and an option to choose either a single or double doors. I would recommend choosing double doors for medium-sized dogs like German Shepherd.

In addition, this crate comes with a removable plastic pan for easy cleaning and an optional divider panel.


  • Cheaper than the Ultima Pro
  • Available in six sizes
  • Optional divider panel and removable plastic tray
  • Collapse and reassemble with ease for transport or storage


  • Thin, easily bendable wire bars

Best for Travel

3. Petmate Ultra Vari Kennel

If you’re looking for the best hassle-free, travel-friendly German shepherd crate, look no further than the Petmate Ultra Vari Kennel. This crate meets most airline requirements, including all USDA and IATA regulations for the shipment of live animals.

The Petmate is tough and secure. It’s made of solid recycled plastic material. The metal-grated vents are stronger than the usual oblong holes punched into the sides of most plastic crates.

The door is heavy duty and easy to latch shut with two squeeze locks: one at the top and one at the bottom. Some customers said, though, that the bottom latch can be a bit tricky to operate.

The crate is easy to assemble and has proper tie-downs for airline travel. The tie-down strap holes can be used for looping through zip ties or for keeping the crate safe in a plane’s pet-section backseat.

The inside interior has a float moat that keeps most “travel accidents” easy to clean up.


  • Heavy duty dog crate with solid plastic construction
  • Metal grate rear vents and door
  • Easy to assemble
  • Proper tie-down strap holes
  • Has interior float moat
  • Meets most airline requirements


  • The bottom latch is a little tricky to use

Best Furniture Crate

4. Crown Pet Crate Table

If your German Shepherd is very crate-friendly, and you’re looking for something that blends well into your living room, this Crown Pet Crate Table is the best option.

This crate looks gorgeous and elegant. Unlike some furniture crates that look and feel cheap, this crate is made from rubberwood rather than MDF or thin veneer. The actual hardwood makes this crate look similar to teak, and in addition, it has a stain and lacquer finish that makes it feel just like fine furniture.

The door swings both ways, outwards and inwards, for easy entry and exit. It is secured with a two-hinge hook lock made from stainless steel. While the latch may be able to hold most crate-trained dogs, it wouldn’t be able to resist the tampering of strong GSDs.

The newer model comes with a polycarbonate removable plastic sheet that you can screw into the door to prevent chewing and tampering. Moreover, the crate’s floor is covered with a waterproof melamine MDF for easy cleaning after an accident. The Crown Pet Crate available in 2 sizes, medium (30 inches deep) or large (40 inches deep) and 2 different colors, espresso or mahogany.


  • Gorgeous and elegant design
  • A robust and heavy duty dog crate (as it is made from durable rubberwood)
  • Versatile swing-through door
  • Multiple vents for airflow and a 360-degree view
  • Waterproof MDF floor covered in melamine for an easy clean


  • Its door is susceptible to the escape attempt of aggressive GSDs

Best for Outdoor

5. Zampa Pet Playpen

The Zampa Playpen Exercise Kennel is the best choice for German Shepherds who like to stay most of the time outdoors.

This large, octagonal playpen gives your pooch plenty of room to play or bounce around and can double up as a camping crate. For outdoor safety, the kennel includes 4 metal stakes to keep it secure to the ground.

The kennel is very portable; it’s lightweight, folds flat easily, and comes with a nice carrying case, so you can move it from outside to inside your home or store it with ease.

It is very easy to set up. Once you take the kennel out of its case, the kennel pops halfway open. Then the next thing that you need to do is just to push the sides to open it fully. When you want to store it, the kennel folds as quickly as it opens.

The kennel has two zip-up doors on either side of the playpen with the velcro tab at the top of each door to contain your German shepherd. The netting pocket on the outside is useful for holding a water bottle with two closed pockets on opposite sides of the playpen to store your German shepherd’s treats and toys or your items.

The flooring is securely reinforced with an attached floor mat to prevent your German shepherd from sliding out through the bottom. Since the crate is made of a vinyl-coated canvas fabric, you will be able to clean it up easily.


  • Spacious room for your German shepherd to move around
  • Quick and easy to set up
  • Easy to store
  • Reinforced corners and floor
  • Plenty of side pockets


  • The zippers are not strong enough. Some determined dogs were able to unzip the door

Who Needs a German Shepherd Crate?

Some German Shepherd owners are hesitant to use a crate because they think it’s cruel to use a crate to confine their dogs, but actually, it’s not.

Every German Shepherd owner should consider getting a crate for their dog, whether puppy or adult, breeder-raised or rescue. When not used as a punishment, a crate can offer many benefits.

At least keeping your German shepherd in a crate is a far better option than let him loose while you’re away from home. Crates help to make your German shepherd feel safe and secure, and halt him from getting to dangerous items or destroying furniture.

Crates can also become like a den for dogs, a familiar place for your German shepherd to hang out or when he needs some alone time.

Benefits of Using a Crate

Here’re some benefits of using a crate for your German Shepherd:

  • It can be used as a tool for crate training.
  • It can be a den for your GSD; a place for your dog to curl up, rest, and relax.
  • It can be a warm and comfortable dog bedroom.
  • It will make traveling and camping with your German shepherd so much easier.
  • And many more.

Different Types of Dog Crate

Different crates serve different purposes. People who need to travel often with their GSD may want to get a solid plastic crate that meets most airline requirements. A solid plastic crate benefits dogs who have separation anxiety or escape tendencies too.

People who need a crate only occasionally can use a folded crate with handles for easy storage and transport. As for those whose German Shepherd spends most of his time outdoors might consider choosing an outdoor dog kennel.

A furniture dog crate is an ideal option for pet parents whose dogs have done crate training and want to place a crate in a common area of the house.

What To Look For When Picking a Crate for German Shepherd?

Here’re several things to consider when buying a crate for your German Shepherds:

  • Purpose. Before buying, consider first what you need the crate for. Do you need a crate for traveling, for your living room, or just for some occasions?
  • Durability. If you are buying online, read some reviews, and examine the construction of the crate. Good German shepherd crates should be sturdy and have door hinges that are made to withstand dogs’ escape attempts and resist bending.
  • They also should have locks that resist tampering from your German shepherd, but quick and easy for you to lock and unlock. Additionally, the best German shepherd crates should have a durable bottom-lining tray so that your German shepherd cannot push out, chew, or dig through.
  • Though plastic and furniture crates usually are not as strong as wire crates, they should still be sturdy enough with the look that appeases your taste.
  • Portability. A good crate should be easy to collapse and assemble, and easy to carry.
  • Easy to clean. Choose a crate that you can clean up without much hassle.
  • Travel compliant. For flying with your German shepherd, you want to pick a crate that is compliant with airport and airline regulations. The crate should provide the necessary security and tie-downs for air travel as well.


1. What size crate is best for a German shepherd?

42-inch or 48-inch crates are the ideal size crate for most German Shepherds.

Before buying a crate for your dog, make sure to measure your dog’s length, height, and width first to find the right size crate. For length, measure your dog from nose to the end of his tail. For height, start measuring from his paws to the peak of head, or ears, if your GSD’s ears are clipped. As for the width, you need to measure the broadest part of his chest and waist.

After taking your dog’s dimensions, find a crate that gives him 1-2 inches height clearance, 4-6 inches height clearance, and enough room to turn around. For a furniture crate, you want to compare your dog’s dimensions and space where you’ll place your crate.

2. Is a 36 inch crate big enough for a German shepherd?

36-inch crate or smaller sizes are ideal sizes for German shepherd mixes as they are smaller than purebred.

3. How long can you leave a German shepherd in a crate?

An adult German shepherds can be left for up to a maximum of four hours in a crate. If your dog is a very crate-friendly meaning he loves to stay in his crate most of the time, just let him be but make sure to leave the crate door open so he can go outside whenever he needs to.

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