7 Best Pomeranian Breeders in Oregon in 2023

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Best Pomeranian Breeders In Oregon

Are you looking for the perfect Pomeranian puppy to bring into your family? If so, you’re in luck! Oregon is home to some of the best quality Pomeranian breeders in the country, each with its own unique style and variety of puppies. Whether you’re looking for show-quality pups or pet-quality pooches, these 7 amazing breeders have got everything covered.

1. Meraki Noon Pomskies

Meraki Noon Pomskies is one of the best Pomeranian breeders in Oregon. As a family-run business, they strive to provide the finest, purebred Huskies and Pomeranians for all their customers.

Located in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains, Meraki Noon provides a tranquil environment where their pets can roam free on an acre of lush greenery. They take extreme pride in breeding top-of-the-line Pomskies that are registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC).

The owners of Meraki Noon are members of the renowned Pomsky Owners Association (POA) which ensures they follow stringent ethical breeding practices that guarantee a safe and healthy environment for their pets.

All of their dogs and cats go through rigorous health testing before being accepted into their program. Additionally, potential customers can be sure that every pet comes from high-quality lines with documented pedigrees. Furthermore, each pet is given regular vaccinations and checkups to ensure optimal health and longevity.

One thing that makes Meraki Noon stand out is their commitment to customer service. They offer detailed information about each breed’s traits and character as well as other valuable tips to help prospective owners make an informed decision when selecting a new pup or kitten.

The staff at Meraki Noon are always available to answer questions, either by email or phone call, ensuring every customer feels comfortable with their purchase decision. Alongside these services, they also provide aftercare support including grooming advice and training tips to help pet owners maintain a high quality of life for their furry friends.

Breeder Contact Details:

  • Location: Lebanon, Oregon
  • Email: hello@merakimoonpomskies.com
  • Phone: (541) 602-7780
  • Website: http://oregonpomsky.com

2. Showing Poms

One of the best Pomeranian breeders in Oregon is Showing Poms, which has been breeding these delightful little dogs for 16 years. They specialize in Wolf Sable, White/Cream, Cream Sable, Cream, Black & Silver Brindles and Black & Tan Patterned pups. Their 27-acre farm located in Oregon offers plenty of room for these active pups to run and play.

Showing Poms stands apart from other breeders thanks to its commitment to providing high-quality Pomeranians that are not only stunningly beautiful but also sound in both temperament and body. They take great care when selecting studs and dams that will produce healthy offspring with stable temperaments.

Aside from extensive health testing such as CERF eyes exams, OFA hip exams and BAER hearing tests done on each parent dog before any breeding takes place, they also provide full disclosure regarding all genetic conditions associated with the pup’s parents or grandparents.

When you decide to purchase a puppy from Showing Poms you can rest easy knowing that your pup has been raised in an environment suitable for its needs; they strive to provide a nurturing atmosphere where each pup can receive socialization and training from experienced handlers.

You can be sure that your puppy will have received proper veterinary care along with appropriate nutritional guidelines set by experienced professionals prior to being placed into its forever home.

Breeder Contact Details:

  • Location: Dayton, Oregon
  • Email: showinner@hotmail.com
  • Phone: (503) 864-2459
  • Website: https://showinpoms.com

3. Pomeranian Dog Breeding ft. Willy the Stud 

This fantastic breeder offers an amazing selection of adorable and healthy pups, as well as some of the best stud services in Oregon.

Willy is their handsome and charismatic Pomeranian stud with a great disposition, stature, style and pedigree. His litters have consistently produced beautiful puppies with strong genetics stemming from his lineage and excellent parental care. The farm currently has 8 of his offspring which are all available for meeting and handling.

Pomeranian Dog Breeding also boasts excellent customer service, providing honest and reliable advice on how to care for your pup after purchase.

They also offer post-purchase support such as puppy counselling, training tips, nutrition advice, health checks and more. Additionally, they are highly experienced in socializing puppies so they grow up to be well-mannered dogs that can easily fit into any family or environment.

In addition to their services for puppy owners, the breeder also offers top-quality stud services for other breeders who wish to use Willy’s genetics in their own lines: they offer fertility testing and semen transport along with genetic testing done by a board-certified canine reproductive specialist.

Thus you can rest assured that your pup will come from a safe breeding environment with responsible practices and highly qualified personnel caring for them every step of the way!

Breeder Contact Details:

  • Location: Albany, Oregon
  • Email: willythepomstud@gmail.com
  • Phone: (541) 730-1415
  • Website: https://pomeranian-dog-breeding-ft-willie-the-stud.business.site

4. SGM’s Tivoli Poms

At SGM Tivoli Poms, they only select the highest quality Pomeranians from top bloodlines for breeding. This gives purchasers peace of mind that their pup will have all the attributes set out by the American Kennel Club (AKC) standard. The health and temperament of each pup are closely monitored to ensure they meet these standards and owners can trust that their pup was bred with care.

The attention given to each puppy and dog is unmatched at SGM Tivoli Poms. Every day they receive a lot of love, attention, and socialization from their dedicated staff. This ensures that each pup is familiar and comfortable with humans, helping them adapt into new homes quickly and easily.

The pups are kept in clean, positive spaces and fed high-quality food to ensure optimal growth. Furthermore, when it comes time for owners to take their pup home, they feel confident knowing that their pet got the best start possible at SGM Tivoli Poms.

In addition to these details about the puppies’ care at SGM Tivoli Poms, potential buyers should also consider talking to other owners who have purchased puppies from them to get a better idea of what kind of experience they had with the breeder.

Breeder Contact Details:

  • Location: Salem, Oregon
  • Phone: (503) 363-9463
  • Website: http://www.tioli-poms.com/

5. Bearface Poms

With exclusive relationships with top breeders worldwide and a commitment to finding the cutest, most affectionate puppies out there, Bearface Poms is sure to have the perfect pup for you. Bearface Pomz was founded after discovering that Pomeranians from Thailand were especially adorable and lovable.

Since then, they’ve built a reputation for providing only the best conditions for their puppies by working with elite Thai breeders who raise them in a safe and healthy environment. The team at Bearface Poms also carefully selects each puppy for their temperament and size, ensuring that its owners get only the highest-quality pooches.

Once you’ve selected your new pup from Bearface Poms in Oregon, you can rest assured that they’ll be well taken care of upon arrival. Not only does Bearface provide all important vaccinations for your pup before shipping, but they also make sure that your puppy has plenty of food and water during transit. They will even send you updates along the way so you know exactly where your pup is at all times!

Finally, once you receive your new four-legged friend from Bearface Poms in Oregon, they offer excellent customer service and assist with any questions or concerns you may have about owning a new pet. Whether selecting food or advice on training techniques, Bearface is more than happy to lend a hand as your pet grows and matures.

Breeder Contact Details:

  • Location: Oregon
  • Email: info@bearfacepomz.com
  • Phone: (650) 303-1599
  • Website: https://bearfacepomz.com

6. Ocean View Pomskies

Ocean View Pomskies is one of the few Pomsky and Pomeranian breeders in Oregon specializing in micro/toy-sized dogs. They make sure to create puppies in various sizes, including micro/toy size, mini size and standard sizes.

However, they specialize in the smaller ones due to their passion for them. A true micro-sized Pomsky or Pomeranian should weigh under 12 pounds, making Ocean View’s puppies even more special.

They are known to produce some of the highest-quality puppies in Oregon. Their commitment to excellence is evident in every step of their breeding process. All parent’s dogs have genetic tests before breeding to ensure that healthy puppies are also born, ensuring that any puppy adopted from them will be a healthy addition to your family.

In addition to providing top-of-the-line dogs, Ocean View offers a full range of services before you bring your puppy home. They provide vaccinations and deworming treatments, as well as training that is tailored to each pup’s individual needs. This helps ensure that they will be well-socialized when they come home with you!

Not only do Ocean View owners take great pride in the puppies they create but they also stand by them after adoption as well. They offer lifetime support for all their clients so that you can get answers and advice whenever you need it throughout your dog’s life. Every owner has access to resources such as nutrition tips, behavior advice and health care information so that your pup stays happy, healthy and loved throughout its life.

Breeder Contact Details:

  • Location: Coos Bay, Oregon
  • Email: Oceanviewpomskies@yahoo.com
  • Phone: 541-217-5044
  • Website: https://oceanviewpomskies.mystrikingly.com

7. Beaver Creek Poms

Founded by an experienced and passionate Pomeranian enthusiast, this breeding program has been producing high-quality and healthy puppies for more than twenty years. Their dogs come from multiple sources including the American and Columbia Pomeranian Clubs. All of their puppies are AKC registered and most are also UKC registered. 

At Beaver Creek Poms, they understand that bringing a puppy into your home is a big decision, so they strive to make it as stress-free as possible for both you and your new family member. They provide detailed information about each puppy on their website, including its background information and personality traits.

They also offer additional advice on what to expect when bringing home a new pet, such as providing nutritional guidance, establishing a routine for exercise and playtime, introducing it to other pets or family members, and much more. 

On top of all this, Beaver Creek Poms is heavily involved in the rescue efforts of displaced pets across the state through their website www.DisplacedPetsRescue.com . Through community outreach programs they raise awareness about shelter animals while helping them find loving homes where they will be treated with kindness and respect throughout their lives. 

Breeder Contact Details:

  • Location: Oregon
  • Website: http://beavercreekpoms.com


Oregon is home to some of the best Pomeranian breeders in the country. From Oregon Pomsky, Showing Poms, and Pomeranian Dog Breeding ft. Willy the Stud to SGM’s Tivoli Poms, Bearface Poms, Ocean View Pomskies, and Beaver Creek Poms, there are a wealth of amazing breeders from which to choose.

No matter what type or temperament of Pom you’re looking for, you will be sure to find one in Oregon that meets your needs. Whether you are an experienced owner or just starting out with your first puppy, these breeders will provide you with a lifelong companion that is both beautiful and intelligent.

They offer top-notch health screening processes so that all pups are healthy and well-adjusted before they go home with their new owners. In addition, many of these breeders also regularly host events such as shows, obedience classes, seminars, workshops, meet and greets, etc., to connect with other Pom lovers and learn more about this wonderful breed.

So if you’re looking for a great place to pick up a new puppy look no further than these excellent breeders.

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