7 Best Pomeranian Breeders in Colorado in 2023

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Best Pomeranian Breeders In Colorado

Owning a Pomeranian can be a true joy – these fluffy little dogs have so much character and can provide an incredible amount of companionship. Despite their small size, they are incredibly smart, loyal and vivacious.

For anyone interested in adopting one of these beautiful animals and searching for a reputable Pomeranian breeder in Colorado, there are some great options to consider. From TLC Kennel to Nikki’s lil Pomeranians rest assured that you’ll be able to find one that provides healthy puppies with amazing personalities.

1. TLC Kennel

TLC Kennel is one of the best Pomeranian breeders in Colorado, and they have been providing tender, loving care for pets since 1983!

This family-owned and operated business goes above and beyond to ensure that their pups are healthy, socialized, and well taken care of. They adhere to all guidelines set forth by the American Kennel Club and Americas Pet Registry in regard to record keeping, identification, and breed standards.

When you purchase a pup from TLC Kennel you can rest assured that you are receiving top-notch quality as they use state-of-the-art facilities for breeding and health care.

Furthermore, they provide a health guarantee which lists all current immunizations, dietary guidelines and housebreaking recommendations. Plus if you need any additional support or advice on your puppy’s veterinary needs then TLC is more than happy to help out.

With their caring staff, exemplary health programs and high standards for breeding excellence – it’s easy to see why TLC Kennel has been going strong for many years.

Breeder Contact Details:

  • Location: Kit Carson, Colorado
  • Email: tlckennel@tlckennel.com
  • Phone: 719-349-0894
  • Website: https://tlckennel.com

2. Alyeska Pomeranians

Alyeska Pomeranians is another well-respected Pomeranian breeder located in Colorado. They have a great reputation amongst those looking to purchase a puppy and they are known for their quality Pomeranian attitude, as well as experience with breeding. In fact, Alyeska goes the extra mile to carefully vet families before they let their puppies go home with them.

At Alyeska Pomeranians, the puppies are treated like family as they are bred and raised in Alyeska’s home and fed premium puppy foods. This ensures that the puppies leave for their new homes with healthy bodies and minds, as well as socialized temperaments.

The breeding process itself is done with high ethical standards- all parent breeds are health tested prior to breeding, inbreeding or line breeding is never done and no puppies are sold to any type of breeder or puppy mill.

The puppy-buying process at Alyeska is extremely easy too! Once you’ve been approved for adoption after submitting an application, you can pick out your pup from the litter and bring it home anytime between 9-12 weeks of age.

Breeder Contact Details:

  • Location: Denver, Colorado
  • Email: alyeskapoms@gmail.com
  • Phone: 720-263-0043
  • Website: https://coloradopoms.weebly.com

3. Rocky Mountain Pomeranians

Rocky Mountain Pomeranians strives to provide healthy, happy, purebred Pomeranians to all their customers. Unregistered males and females are available for a pet price of $1800, while Akc registered puppies cost between $3000 – $4000 with the option to purchase breeding rights for an additional $500.

The staff at Rocky Mountain Pomeranians is incredibly knowledgeable and friendly. They have years of experience and stay up to date with the latest trends in pomeranian breeding. Their passion for what they do is evident through the quality of their puppies and their willingness to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

The kennel is also very clean and spacious. All puppies are provided with plenty of room to play and explore without feeling cramped up or overcrowded. They also pay special attention to socializing each pup so that they get used to being around people other than their family members. This helps them become more well-rounded pets once they go home with their new owners.

Breeder Contact Details:

  • Location: Colorado
  • Email: Rockymountainpomeranians@gmail.com
  • Website: https://rockymtnpoms.com

4. Gem Poms

Founded by Julie Stiles and Misty Davila, this mother-daughter duo has dedicated themselves to breeding only purebred Pomeranians, which are all AKC registered and come with OFA and genetic testing for health. 

This ensures that each litter is produced with careful thought and care. Additionally, before mating, all breeding stocks are thoroughly health tested to ensure healthier puppies. 

At Gem Poms each litter is raised with love and attention from the breeders themselves at their show home. The puppies receive plenty of individualized attention, as well as lots of cuddles and playtime. All puppies are sold with a strict spay/neuter contract for families committed to loving their pup, as well as a 1-year health guarantee.

The adoption process at Gem Poms is transparent and easy – you can take comfort in knowing that you’re getting a puppy that has been bred responsibly by people who love them just like you do. 

Customer service here is top notch too – the team is friendly, knowledgeable and eager to help make your experience memorable. 

Breeder Contact Details:

  • Location: Fort Collins, Colorado
  • Email: Mistybenzel44@yahoo.com
  • Website: https://gempoms.com

5. Sweet Poms

Sweet Poms is located in Northern Colorado and has been in business for several years.

The puppies at Sweet Poms are raised with daily interaction from their parents and siblings as well as the staff who are always available to give them attention and love. This results in puppies that feel secure, confident, and comfortable.

Additionally, they provide plenty of opportunities for exploration both indoors and outdoors so that by the time they reach adoption age, they are ready for any situation that might arise when brought into a new home.

It’s also important to note that Sweet Poms does not breed to downsize the puppies; rather, they strive to give them long healthy lives filled with happiness.

All of their puppies are registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC) meaning you can be sure you will receive a high-quality pup whenever you adopt from Sweet Poms. As a final note on quality assurance – all medical needs of each puppy are taken care of before they go home so you don’t have to worry about anything.

Breeder Contact Details:

  • Location: Northern Colorado
  • Email: contact form on the website
  • Phone: 970-371-8975
  • Website: https://sweetpoms.com

6. Yanetta Pomeranians

Located in Brighton, this breeder is dedicated to responsibly raising and training their puppies so they have the best chance at becoming beloved family members. They are advocates for proper breeding techniques and their goal is to produce healthy dogs with great temperaments that will leave a legacy of greatness for the breed.

At Yanetta Pomeranians, the dogs are raised with love and given plenty of attention by the knowledgeable breeder- meaning no puppy leaves without being thoroughly socialized and ready to embrace its new home.

Plus, all of the puppies come microchipped and health checked, giving owners peace of mind that their pup is healthy from head to tail. And as an added bonus, all pups come with a one-year health guarantee!

As far as pricing goes, Yanetta Pomeranians puppies range in price from $3000 – $3200. Although this might seem like a hefty amount upfront, it’s worth noting that when compared to other reputable breeders in the area, this price point is very reasonable.

Breeder Contact Details:

  • Location: Brighton, Colorado
  • Email: contact form on the website
  • Website: https://www.gooddog.com/breeders/yanetta-pomeranians-colorado#breed_id=202

7. Nikki’s lil Pomeranians

After over 30 years of raising fur babies, Nikki knows her stuff when it comes to these little bundles of joy! Just ask anyone who has ever been lucky enough to own a pup from Nikki and they will tell you: she is the queen of Pomeranian breeders in Colorado.

Nikki’s passion for Poms means that each pup is carefully bred and socialised to become the perfect companion.

Not only does she have experience showing dogs, but she also works with an exotics veterinarian to ensure that all of her pups are extremely healthy and possess all the qualities, characteristics, and appearance of the breed.

Her commitment to her pups doesn’t end there though; Nikki has a special program where she considers her dogs part of the family. She tells visitors that they live with their dogs instead of vice versa!

This dedication really shines through as time, effort, and money are put into providing her pups with the very best food, toys, and care possible- ensuring that each puppy gets all the love they need until they find their forever home.

Breeder Contact Details:

  • Location: Colorado
  • Email: contact form on the website
  • Website: https://www.gooddog.com/breeders/nikkis-lil-pomeranians-colorado#breed_id=202


Congratulations! You’ve just read through this helpful guide to the best Pomeranian breeders in Colorado. We hope that this article has been helpful in pointing you to the right Pomeranian breeder in Colorado today.

To summarize, there are seven different Pomeranian breeders in Colorado for you to choose from. Each of these breeders offers something unique that makes them stand out from the rest, so take your time researching which one will fit your needs the best.

When it comes to finding a reputable breeder, make sure to check their credentials and reviews online to ensure they have a good reputation with their past customers.

Additionally, ask lots of questions before committing to a purchase; this way you can make sure they meet all of your criteria when it comes to finding the perfect pet for you and your family.

There is no better feeling than knowing that you have adopted an adorable new pup into your home and heart – so go ahead and get started on your journey towards owning a furry family member.

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