5 Best Newfoundland Breeders in California in 2023

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Best Newfoundland Breeders in California

If you’re one of those diehard Newfoundland fanatics living in California, then you know how difficult it can be to find a great breeder for your pup! With the steep hills and sandy beaches all over the Golden State, who wouldn’t want to bring home an adorable giant dog?

We found five reputable breeders that specialize in Newfoundlands to make your search a breeze. Read on for our top picks of the best Newfoundland breeders in California.

1. Trinity Cove Newfoundlands

Trinity Cove Newfoundlands is one of the best Newfoundland breeders in California, thanks to their commitment to excellence and decades of experience.

The kennel is owned and operated by CeCe Guyatt, who has been involved in breeding, training and showing canine champions since her time managing a veterinary hospital. Her passion for the breed shines through in the quality of puppies she produces – with hundreds of AKC wins, national titles, and numerous AKC Championships under their belt. 

Not only are these Newfoundlands show-quality canine champions but they excel in obedience, draft and water work too. It is clear that these beautiful dogs receive plenty of love and attention from CeCe when developing their skills.

CeCe is an active member of the Newfoundland community as president of the Newfoundland Club of San Diego and chair for the San Diego Newfoundland Rescue. She also takes part in activities with other organizations such as the Newfoundland Club of America, the Newfoundland Club of Southern California and AKC. 

The high-quality pups that come out of Trinity Cove have all received health checkups from certified veterinarians before leaving the property so you can be sure you’re getting a healthy dog should you purchase from them.

All pups come with a guarantee on genetic health issues as well as full AKC registration papers – so you know you’re getting a purebred pup.

You can also rest easy knowing your pup will be adapted to its new home much faster thanks to socialization techniques used at Trinity Cove Kennels where puppies are exposed to people and other animals at a young age which helps them adjust quickly when welcomed into their new family homes.

Breeder Contact Details:

  • Location: Southern California
  • Phone: 760-390-0473 
  • Email: trinitycovenewfs@gmail.com
  • Website: https://www.trinitycovenewfoundlands.com

2. CR Newfoundlands

CR Newfoundlands are a small family-run breeder located in Southern California that has been raising and breeding Newfoundlands since 2010.

This breeder is dedicated to providing their furry friends with the best possible care, love, and socialization. All of the dogs at CR Newfoundlands go through rigorous health checks for hips, elbows, heart, and eyes by a trusted veterinarian before being bred to ensure good health and temperament in their puppies.

The team at CR Newfoundlands is incredibly passionate about what they do and take great strides to ensure that all of their puppies have the best start in life.

The puppies are raised with lots of love and affection, creating strong bonds between them and their owners. Additionally, they focus on socializing each puppy as much as possible so that they will be well adjusted to other animals as well as humans when they go home to their new family.

As breeders of these noble dogs, CR Newfoundlands also goes out of its way to provide a beautiful physical appearance that serves both function and aesthetic appeal.

They strive to create perfect companionship for those who adopt from them which is reflected both in the incredible personalities on display from each puppy and also in the long lifespan many of these dogs have enjoyed over time.

Overall, it’s easy to see why CR Newfoundlands has been so successful over the last decade or so: dedication to quality care for every pup combined with breeding practices designed to bring out only the most desirable traits make this breeder worth considering if you’re looking to bring a Newfoundland into your home.

Breeder Contact Details:

  • Location: Hesperia, California
  • Phone: 909-957-6257
  • Email: crfnewfs@gmail.com
  • Website: https://crnewfs.net

3. Wolf Creek Newfoundlands

Wolf Creek Newfoundlands is a Newfoundland breeder in Northern California that has been producing healthy, sound, and beautiful companion dogs for over thirty years.

They are passionate about providing their customers with high-quality puppies that possess strong temperaments and good health. Their entire team works diligently to make sure each puppy they produce is of the highest standard.

The Wolf Creek facility is located on a lovely 40-acre property in Northern California. The property includes a spacious outdoor exercise area which allows their puppies to enjoy plenty of fresh air and sunshine while engaging in physical activity.

Wolf Creek also provides each of their puppies with individualized care through socialization opportunities, expertly crafted diets, and regular veterinary exams.

When you purchase a puppy from Wolf Creek Newfoundlands, you can be assured that your pup will have all the necessities for an enjoyable life.

All of their puppies come with AKC or UKC registration papers as well as proof of microchipping for added security. Each puppy is wormed, vet-checked and vaccinated before leaving the breeding facility, so you can have peace of mind knowing that your pup is healthy and ready for its new home.

Furthermore, Wolf Creek offers customers a one-year written health warranty on all their puppies to ensure that any potential medical issues are covered.

Breeder Contact Details:

  • Location: Northern California
  • Phone: 951-399-3332
  • Email: info@newfpuppies.com
  • Website: https://newfpuppies.com

4. Poseidon Newfoundlands

Poseidon Newfoundlands is a Newfoundland breeder located in Encinitas, California that specializes in producing outstanding Newfs with beautiful conformation and sound structure.

Founders Kerry Dennis and her husband Craig were inspired to begin their breeding journey after purchasing their first puppy from Tapakeg Newfoundlands near Los Angeles.

Their foundation stud dog Gus was an exemplary Newfoundland – gentle, fun-loving, smart and friendly to all – who they trained for obedience competitions as well as water rescue titles. With such a successful start, the Dennises pursued their dream of becoming premier breeders who focus on healthy family members for life.

At Poseidon Newfoundlands, puppies are raised indoors as beloved family members with ample socialization and enrichment opportunities to ensure their success in any environment.

To ensure the healthiest pups possible, only OFA-cleared parents are bred – meaning they have been certified free of hip and elbow dysplasia which can be common in larger dogs like the Newfoundland breed.

They strive to produce puppies that exhibit even temperaments, solid structure and good conformation so they can thrive in any home setting. Each puppy is lovingly handpicked by experienced owners to meet the individual needs of potential families based on personality profile assessments. 

Breeder Contact Details:

  • Location: Encinitas, CA
  • Phone: 858 759-5672
  • Email: poseidonnewfoundlands@yahoo.com
  • Website: http://www.poseidonnewfoundlands.com

5. Capriccio Farm Newfoundlands

Capriccio Farm Newfoundlands is an excellent Newfoundland breeder located in Gilroy, California. They have a commitment to breeding sound, healthy, sweet, and beautiful dogs that embody the spirit of the original Newfoundland breed.

Capriccio Farm’s breeding stock is carefully screened for known hereditary diseases in Newfoundlands; this helps ensure that their puppies are healthy and free from genetic issues. 

The puppies from Capriccio Farms are suitable for a variety of activities, including conformation shows, obedience trials, draft and water events, tracking activities, and agility competitions. Even if you don’t plan on exhibiting your puppy in any of these events, the farm encourages owners to screen their dogs for any potential health issues.

This dedication to producing quality pups with good temperaments makes Capriccio Farm a great place to purchase your new canine companion. 

Breeder Contact Details:

  • Location: Gilroy, CA
  • Phone: 408-847-1641
  • Email: contact form on the website
  • Website: http://www.capricciofarmnewfs.com

Choosing the Best Newfoundland Breeders in California

With so many breeders to choose from, it can be difficult to know which ones are reputable and trustworthy. Here are four tips that can help you make an informed decision when selecting the best breeder for your needs. 

Research Breeder Reputations Online 

The internet can be a great resource when researching potential breeders. Look up reviews and read what other people have said about their experiences with the breeder.

Also take advantage of forums, discussion boards, and social media platforms to connect with others who may have had experience with particular breeders. This will give you an idea of how they treat their animals and how they respond to queries or complaints from customers. 

Visit the Breeder in Person 

It is always beneficial to visit the breeder in person before making any decisions. Talk to them about their breeding program, ask questions, and observe the environment where the puppies are raised.

Make sure that all dogs appear healthy and well-cared for. Pay attention to whether the puppies look clean and energetic; if not, this could be a sign of mistreatment or neglect on behalf of the breeder. 

Ask About Preferred Veterinary Care 

A reliable breeder should provide clear information about preferred veterinary care for their puppies. They should also allow you to contact veterinarians who have provided services in the past so that you can verify that they are providing quality veterinary care for their animals.

It is also important to find out if any vaccinations or deworming has been done before adoption as well as any recommended future treatments such as regular checkups or spaying/neutering services.  

Examine the Breeder’s Contract 

Finally, make sure that you completely understand the terms of any contract offered by the breeder. Ask questions if anything is unclear and make sure you are satisfied with the terms before signing anything.


In conclusion, if you are looking for a Newfoundland breeder in California, you are fortunate to have five of the best options available.

Each of these breeders has a long-standing reputation for producing healthy and well-socialized puppies that will bring years of joy to your home. When choosing one, be sure to ask lots of questions and make multiple visits if possible so that you can get a better feel for the breeder’s facility and procedures.

Additionally, remember that owning a Newfoundland is a serious commitment – they require plenty of grooming, exercise and training to stay healthy and happy. With the right care, however, these majestic dogs can provide years of unparalleled companionship.