My Dog Ate Nylabone: What Should I Do?

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my dog ate nylabone

Many dog owners are concerned about the safety of Nylabones. When my dog ate Nylabone, I was so worried that I thought she could die. If you have a similar experience, take them to the vet since the components of a Nylabone may affect their digestive system.

Sometimes, dogs that chew Nylabones have to undergo surgery if the pieces cannot easily pass through stool. Large parts of Nylabones can affect the normal functioning of the small intestines.

You can, however, avoid such issues by being vigilant as your dog utilizes a Nylabone. Read on to find out more!

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What is a Nylabone, and What is it Made Of?

Nylabones are bones that dogs chew on, especially during teething. Though the company that produces these types of bones offer some edible dog treats, most of the Nylabones are not edible.

They act as chew toys to help your puppy clean the teeth and gums. Nylabones have been around since the 1950s and prevent your dog from destructive chewing tendencies. 

They come in various sizes, shapes, and forms. The manufacturer adds different flavors on Nylabones to make them more pleasant for your dog. 

Some of the typical flavors that are included in these chew toys include cheese, beef, chicken, apple, and peanut butter. The flavor of Nylabone can infuse itself into this chew toy easily. 

If you choose non-edible Nylabones, you should be keen on how your dog uses them since these are not safe to eat. They often come from materials such as plastic, rubber, and nylon. 

Nylabone manufactures dog toys, bones, and treats to fulfill the chewing needs of every breed. Nylabone edibles are safe for dogs since they are treats that come in the form of toys. They contain natural flavorings, flours, fruits, vitamins, and fiber, which are healthy for your dog. 

The manufacturers of Nylabone understand the needs of different dog breeds. That is why they produce Nylabones in different textures and flavors. The original flavor of Nylabones is frenzy rubber chews. 

Most Nylabones, however, come with the chicken flavor, which dogs find quite delicious. When my dog ate Nylabone, I started doing more research before reintroducing her to such toys again. 

The Benefits of Nylabone

Dog chewing nylabone.

I had a basic understanding of the benefits of chew toys until my dog ate Nylabone. This made me question their safety for a while. If you are like me, you need to weigh the benefits against the risks and determine if you should buy a Nylabone for your dog.

Some of the benefits are as follows.

In as much as dogs are friendly domesticated animals that give us companionships, they are still predators. Chewing is a common habit that dogs develop as their way of exploring the world. They chew on different things to see what can happen after that.

Chewing is one of the ways your dog can learn what is expected of them and what is not. When you use a Nylabone on your dog, it prevents them from chewing on your carpet or furniture.

Chewing On Nylabones Can Help Your Dog Fight Boredom. 

Nylabones are commonly used on puppies during the teething stage. As teeth try to break through a dog’s gums, they cause discomfort or pain.

Chewing on a Nylabone during this period can help since the object produces soothing sensations that make the process more manageable.

Nylabones Also Help dogs Keep Their Teeth and Gums Clean. 

When a dog rubs their teeth against a Nylabone, it removes some of the food particles stuck between them.

Some of the Nylabones even contain toothpaste or plaque remover to boost the mouth hygiene of your dog. Chewing on Nylabones can also help strengthen the jaws of your dog.

How Can You Choose The Right Size of Nylabone for Your Dog?

You should be keen on selecting the right Nylabone for your dog to prevent incidences such as swallowing. For you to pick a chew toy that is suitable for your favorite pet, you have to consider the size of the Nylabone.

Your puppy should be able to hold on to the Nylabone without straining and move the jaws as usual. The lack of adequate vertical movement can cause an injury on the jaws of your dog.

Avoid getting a Nylabone that is too small for your dog since they can easily swallow it. For you to choose the right size of Nylabone for your dog, you should have in mind the chewing style, strength, and breed of your dog.

If your puppy is a strong chewer, the jaw can exert a lot of pressure. When this pressure is directed straight down, it can stress the teeth. You should, therefore, buy a large Nylabone to encourage your dog to chew it from the side instead of top to down motion.

Learn How to Care for Nylabones

After my dog ate Nylabone, I started learning more about how to care for her to avoid such complications in the future.

Proper care for Nylabones can boost the safety of your dog. For you to achieve this, you first have to understand what a Nylabone is made of. If you get a nylon Nylabone, this can resist chewing better than other components such as rubber.

Avoid exposing a Nylabone to heat since this can degrade its integrity. Do not try to clean a Nylabone with harsh chemicals.

Instead, you can scrub it using a brush and some warm water. Make use of mild detergent and rinse it thoroughly. You should also know when you need to replace them.

Ensure that you replace non-edible Nylabones as soon as you notice the knuckles wearing down. If they are becoming too small for your pet to chew them safely, ensure you get new ones.

The durability of Nylabones depends on the frequency of use and the components used to make them.

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Final Thoughts

If you have a dog friend, you have probably heard a lot of negative and positive things surrounding Nylabones.

Nylabones can either be edible or non-edible. While there is no harm in a dog eating an edible Nylabone, swallowing a non-edible one can lead to complications such as choking or even digestion problems.

If this happens, let a vet examine your dog and give a proper diagnosis.