Irish Wolfhound German Shepherd Mix: Get to Know This Rare Mix

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The Irish Wolfhound German Shepherd mix is a relatively new hybrid dog that brings together two very different pure breeds – the imposing, sighthound Irish Wolfhound and the versatile German Shepherd.

This unique crossbreed combines the best traits from both parent breeds, resulting in an affectionate, loyal, and devoted companion that thrives when given proper care and attention.

Irish Wolfhound German Shepherd Mix
Size25-32 inches tall, 70-120 lbs
CoatMedium to long, dense double coat
ColorsBlack, brown, red, cream, gray, brindle
Lifespan10-12 years
Activity LevelHigh
Good With KidsYes, with supervision
SheddingModerate, more in spring/fall
Barking LevelModerate
Grooming NeedsModerate, regular brushing required

Appearance – A Towering Yet Graceful Canine

The Irish Wolfhound German Shepherd mix is classified as a large to giant breed dog, typically standing 25-32 inches tall at the shoulder and weighing 70-120 pounds or more. They have a muscular, athletic build with long legs, deep chests, and a sturdy frame. Their large size comes from the Irish Wolfhound side.

Coat colors vary widely, from black, brown, red, cream, gray, and brindle. Markings like a black saddle or face mask are also common. The coat itself is medium to long in length, dense, and soft. Unlike German Shepherds, this mix rarely has an all-black coat.

These hybrids have a long, narrow head with almond-shaped eyes. Ears are triangular and stand erect. Their muzzle is long like the Irish Wolfhound rather than the square muzzle of a German Shepherd. The tail is usually long and carried low with a slight curve.

Overall, the Irish Wolfhound German Shepherd mix combines strength, speed, and grace. At a full gallop, they are a sight to behold!

Temperament – Devoted and Gentle Giants

Despite their imposing physical presence, these crossbreeds make for gentle, patient and loving family companions. Most have an easy-going personality inherited from the calm Irish Wolfhound. However, German Shepherd traits like intelligence, trainability and protective instincts also shine through.

Irish Wolfhound German Shepherd mixes are known to be loyal, devoted, and eager to please their owners. They thrive when given adequate attention and activities that provide mental stimulation. Without proper exercise and training, these high-energy dogs can become anxious or destructive.

Thanks to their affectionate nature, these crossbreeds get along wonderfully with children. Their large size and tolerance make them unlikely to get annoyed or hurt by rough play. However, as with any dog, supervision is advised, especially around very young kids.

With early socialization, these mixes generally co-exist amicably with other household pets. Their high prey drive means they should not be trusted alone with smaller animals like cats or rabbits. Getting them used to other dogs is essential.

Male and female Irish Wolfhound German Shepherd mixes have similar temperaments. However, unspayed females can be more dominant while males tend to be more playful and active. Proper training and socialization outweigh any gender differences.

Exercise and Training – Keeping Their Mind and Body Active

To prevent boredom and unwanted behaviors, prospective owners must be prepared to provide adequate daily activity for these energetic crosses. Plan on at least 60-90 minutes of exercise split into two sessions.

Irish Wolfhound German Shepherd mixes particularly enjoy having a large, securely fenced yard to run around in. These long-legged dogs need regular opportunities to stretch their legs and show off their speed. Take them on long walks or let them run beside you while jogging or biking. Games of fetch also appeal to their retrieval instincts.

In addition to physical exercise, these intelligent hybrids need mental stimulation. Obedience training helps focus their energy while allowing them to showcase their trainability. Try canine sports like agility, rally obedience or nosework. Interactive toys and food puzzles provide mental enrichment at home.

Due to their size and strength, early training and socialization are imperative. Group puppy classes allow safe interactions with people and other dogs. Use positive reinforcement like treats and praise to shape desired behaviors. While eager to please, this cross can have an independent streak requiring patience and consistency.

Grooming – Double-Coated Dogs Need Regular Brushing

The Irish Wolfhound German Shepherd mix has a medium to long double-coat – a soft, dense undercoat covered by a straight outer coat. While not excessive shedders, expect heavier seasonal shedding that requires more frequent brushing.

Plan to brush their coat at least two to three times per week. Using a de-shedding tool like an undercoat rake can help remove loose hair. Bathing only when necessary – over-bathing strips their coat of natural oils.

Pay close attention to grooming areas prone to tangles – ears, legs, tail, and feet. Trim nails every few weeks and clean their ears periodically. Proper grooming promotes better circulation, removes dirt, and enhances their appearance.

Bringing these dogs to a professional groomer a few times a year eases the grooming workload. Some owners opt to clip or trim the coat for easier maintenance. Never shave the coat completely as this damages their skin and undercoat.

Health and Care – Potential Issues to Watch For

With good care and nutrition, the Irish Wolfhound German Shepherd mix generally lives between 10 to 12 years. However, giant breed dogs are prone to certain health conditions, some of which require prompt veterinary attention.

  • Hip and Elbow Dysplasia – Malformed joints susceptible to osteoarthritis. Keep puppy lean, feed balanced diet, and avoid too much exercise while growing.
  • Bloat – Life-threatening stomach twisting. Feed several small meals rather than one large one. Don’t exercise for at least an hour after eating.
  • Degenerative Myelopathy – Progressive spinal cord disease. No cure exists, but treatment can slow its progression.
  • Dilated Cardiomyopathy – Enlarged, weakened heart muscle. Causes heart failure. Annual exams detect early signs like abnormal heart rhythm.
  • Von Willebrand Disease – Impaired blood clotting. Minor injury can cause prolonged bleeding. DNA test available to screen parent dogs.

Catching conditions like degenerative myelopathy and dilated cardiomyopathy early improves outcomes. Schedule annual vet exams along with tests like hip and heart evaluations based on their age. Keep vaccinations current as well.

Finding an Irish Wolfhound German Shepherd Mix Puppy

The rarity of this hybrid means finding an Irish Wolfhound German Shepherd mix puppy can prove challenging. Breeders specializing in designer dogs may produce occasional litters, but waitlists are common.

Pet adoption is often the best option for locating mix breed puppies or adults. Check local shelters, rescues, and breed-specific groups for availability. Be wary of ads selling these puppies without proof of health testing.

Whether adopting or buying, make sure the puppy has been socialized, dewormed, and received initial vaccines. Ask about parent dogs’ temperaments and request health clearances. A responsible breeder will gladly provide this information.

Be prepared to put your name on waitlists and to travel significant distances if you have your heart set on one of these remarkable hybrids. Patience and persistence are key to finding the perfect Irish Wolfhound German Shepherd mix puppy.

The Ideal Home – An Active Household with Lots of Room

These energetic, highly intelligent crosses need owners able to provide proper care and training. The ideal home is an active household with plenty of room indoors and out.

Irish Wolfhound German Shepherd mixes should live primarily inside, needing canine companionship and environmental control. A securely fenced yard provides space to zoom around and play. chew toys save your belongings from harm.

Daily walks, play sessions, and training activities are a must. Owners able to bring their dog to work gain a loyal coworker. This sociable hybrid thrives when around “their people”often.

Kids should be mature enough to interact properly with a large dog. Always teach children how to safely play with and handle these loveable giants.

In the right home, an Irish Wolfhound German Shepherd mix will return all the exercise, affection and attention given to them tenfold. Their sheer size and big hearts make them unforgettable companions.

The Irish Wolfhound German Shepherd Mix – An Outstanding Hybrid

For active individuals or families seeking a loyal and loving canine companion, the Irish Wolfhound German Shepherd mix has much to offer. This breed combines the imposing presence of an Irish Wolfhound with the intelligence and trainability of a German Shepherd.

Despite their giant size, these crossbreeds are gentle protectors and lively playmates, especially when provided enough daily activity and attention. Early training and socialization ensure these hybrids become well-mannered adult dogs.

While relatively uncommon currently, the rise in designer dog popularity means this fabulous crossbreed is likely to gain fans in the coming years. Their handsome appearance, congenial temperament and athletic abilities make the Irish Wolfhound German Shepherd mix a truly exceptional hybrid dog.


The one-of-a-kind Irish Wolfhound German Shepherd mix beautifully blends the best qualities of its parent breeds.

For active owners seeking a smart, energetic, and affectionate canine companion that turns heads, this impressive hybrid delivers. Proper training, plenty of exercise, regular grooming, and lots of quality time together ensures a fulfilling life for these gentle giants and their families.

Though acquiring one can prove challenging, the payoff of sharing your home and heart with an Irish Wolfhound German Shepherd mix is tremendously rewarding. This breed’s towering stature yet sweet nature make them truly magnificent hybrid dogs.

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