How Long to Potty Train a German Shepherd Puppy

how long to potty train a german shepherd puppy

It takes anywhere from a few weeks to a few months before your puppy can learn potty training completely. There are several factors that affect your puppy’s learning speed. In my opinion, there are three of the most important factors, they are puppy’s age, potty train method, and training schedule.

The Puppy’s Age

Puppy age is the most important factor that determines how long does it take for your German Shepherd puppy to learn potty train.

When I refer to “potty train completely” that means my dog can hold his pups and pee for some 8 hours.

Let’s take a look at the biological limitation that your GSD puppy has in each stage of his development.

  • When your puppy is just barely a few weeks, he can hold pups and pee every 30 minutes.
  • At age 8 to 16 weeks, your puppy can hold pups and pee for approximately 2 hours.
  • When your puppy is 16 weeks, he will be able to hold pups and pee for at least 4 hours.
  • 6 months old age GSD puppy can hold up to 4 hours.
  • and a full-grown German Shepherd may hold for some 8 hours.

As you can see from the list above, in each stage, your GSD will have different biological limitations. When your 8 weeks puppy pup and pee every 2 hours, that does not mean your puppy fails.

When you look at the list above, you can expect your German Shepherd puppy to learn potty train completely when he is 6 months old.

Potty Train Method

It is important to follow the right potty training method when you teach your puppy. With you follow the right method, your puppy will learn potty train a lot faster.

The Training Schedule

You need to potty train your GSD puppy several times per day in the first few weeks. The often you train your puppy, the quicker he will learn.

What if I have 9-5 Jobs?

A young puppy needs regular toilet breaks depending on his age. You should arrange with your girlfriend/boyfriend or anyone that can help to come to your place on the determined schedule. Remember, you should not leave your puppy for a long time (4 hours at a stretch) without someone to see for when you leave him for a long time, he will be more prone to bad habits.

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