German Shepherd Training: 6 Steps to Train Your Dog for Police Work


German Shepherd is known as a member of K-9, a special breed of dog that is carefully selected and specifically trained with an array of skills to assist police in the field.

I won’t bore you with a long history of how German Shepherd can become a police dog. You can simply browse online and find thousands of articles on the topic.

Instead, in this guide, I will share with you 3 basic police dog training skills that every German Shepherd police dog must have.

What Kind of Skills that German Shepherd Must Have as a Police Dog?

As a police dog, German Shepherd is specifically trained to have the following skills: protection, attack dog, and tracking. Those three skills are the most basic skills that every German Shepherd must have when they are trained in police dog academy.

How to Train a German Shepherd to Be a Guard Dog

German Shepherd is a natural guard dog. Even without proper training, German Shepherd will bark if he finds something unusual. Thus, training a German Shepherd to be a guard dog is easier than training other dog breeds.

However, you need to train your German Shepherd with proper training otherwise without proper training your dog will become a dangerous and hazardous dog.

Before you train your German Shepherd, you need to prepare the following items: harness, leash, and treats.

Step 1 – Socialize Your German Shepherd

I can’t stress how important it is to socialize your German Shepherd puppy from the start. If you do not socialize your German Shepherd puppy properly from the start, your dog will become a shy and fearful dog later on. A shy and fearful dog can bite anyone out of fear and run away when facing a treat.

To socialize your puppy, bring him to interact with many other people and animals. Take him to different places together with you. And hinder him from any negative experience.

Step 2 – Train Your Dog a Basic Obedience Skills

Teach your puppy a basic obedience training. If you want to teach your dog to become a police dog, it is very important to make him obedient to you completely. Otherwise, your dog can bite a wrong people.

If you want to learn how to train a basic obedience training to your dog, you may want to read my article here: German Shepherd Obedience Training – The Complete Guide.

Step 3 – Train Your Dog to Stop Barking on Command

After your dog learns basic obedience skills, the next step is to teach him to stop barking on command. If you don’t teach your dog to control his bark, he can bark incessantly at anyone and anything.

To teach your dog to stop barking on command there is a simple method “Speak and Quiet”.

First, ask your dog to bark by saying loudly “speak” command. When he barks praise him and give him his favorite treat. Then, ask him to stop barking by saying “stop” command, when he stops barking praise him and give him his favorite treat.

This training should be reinforced every day until you have a full control over his barking behavior.

Step 4 – Encourage Your Dog to Bark at Stranger

When a stranger comes to your house, and your dog barks, give him a praise and reward. Then stop his barking with “quite” command.

Step 5 – Build Your’s Dog Alertness

Ask someone that you know, but your dog doesn’t know to come to your home and pretend he’s trying to get into your home or yard. When your dog barks at him, the intruder should look at the dog and pretend to flee but do not allow your dog to chase the intruder. Stop his barking with “quite” command then praise and give him his favorite treat. Praise him for alerting you someone is entering your territory.

Step 6 – Let Your Dog Knows His Territory

The last step is to walk together with your dog around your home. Let him know the area that he needs to guard but don’t let him bark or chase people outside your home no matter what.

How to Train Your Dog to Attack

Attacking skills must be learned after your dog learn all the basic obedient skills. It is one of the most dangerous skills and should be taught carefully. If you are not sure about what you do, you should ask for professional advice. For further reading, you may want to read this article about how to train a German Shepherd to attack.

After learning those basic skills, you may want to develop your German Shepherd’s skill further by enrolling your dog in Schutzhund training class. Check out yellow pages or local newspaper for an available Schutzhund training class in your area.

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