10 Best German Shepherd Breeders in Washington

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The majestic German Shepherd is one of the most popular dog breeds in the United States. Intelligent, loyal and hardworking – these dogs make excellent companions, service dogs, and working dogs. Their versatility, combined with their athleticism and gorgeous appearance, makes them a top choice for many families and individuals.

If you’ve decided a German Shepherd is the right dog for you, finding a responsible and reputable breeder in Washington state is key. There are many factors to consider when evaluating local breeders, from health testing practices to temperament and socialization.

This comprehensive guide will highlight the top 10 German Shepherd breeders in Washington state, outlining their backgrounds, breeding philosophies, facilities, puppy raising practices and more. We’ve done the research for you, so you can feel confident selecting a high-quality breeder and incredible new pet.

What to Look for in a Reputable German Shepherd Breeder

Not all breeders are created equal. When looking for a German Shepherd puppy, there are several things you’ll want to research about each breeder:

  • AKC Registration – The American Kennel Club ensures breeders follow responsible practices. AKC registration demonstrates commitment to the breed.
  • Health Testing – Responsible German Shepherd breeders test their dogs for genetic issues like hip dysplasia. Certification from the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) is ideal.
  • Temperament – German Shepherds should have sound temperaments – neither overly aggressive nor timid. Reputable breeders emphasize temperament in their breeding program.
  • Socialization & Training – Puppies should be exposed to many sights, sounds, people and situations for proper development. Established training sets them up for success.
  • Facilities – The facility should be clean, spacious and enable plenty of exercise and human interaction. Both indoor and outdoor areas are ideal.
  • Contracts & Health Guarantees – There should be a contract outlining terms, health guarantees in case of genetic issues, and support from the breeder after you take the puppy home.

Using these criteria, we’ve identified the top German Shepherd breeders in Washington state.

1. Tiltonhaus German Shepherds

Tiltonhaus German Shepherds, located in Deer Park, WA, has over 12 years experience breeding German Shepherds. Owned by Tammey Tilton, Tiltonhaus focuses on breeding family-friendly German Shepherd puppies.

All of their breeding dogs are AKC registered and selected for intelligence, loyalty and temperament. Their bloodlines originate from West Germany. Genetic health testing is performed on all dogs to screen for issues like Degenerative Myelopathy. Hips and elbows are certified through OFA.

Puppies are raised in indoor/outdoor kennels attached to the family home. They receive extensive socialization and training while in the breeder’s care. Lifetime breeder support is provided. Puppies come microchipped, vet checked, vaccinated and with deworming records.

  • Location: Deer Park, WA
  • Years in Business: 12+ Years
  • Types of German Shepherds: West German Show Lines
  • Health Testing: Genetic testing, OFA hip/elbow certification
  • Socialization & Training: Extensive socialization and training program
  • Facilities: Indoor/outdoor kennels attached to family home
  • Website: www.tiltonhaus.com

2. Vom Banach K9 Working Line German Shepherds

Vom Banach K9, located in Port Orchard, WA, specializes in working line German Shepherd puppies. With over 20 years experience, owner Julie Marlow focuses on producing dogs that excel as service dogs, SAR dogs, police K9s and more.

Their dogs come from impressive working lines originating from Slovakia, Czech Republic and East Germany. Health and temperament are priorities in their breeding program. All dogs receive genetic screening and OFA certifications for hips/elbows.

Puppies are born and raised at their 13-acre facility in Port Orchard. They are carefully matched with families through their puppy temperament testing. Lifetime support is provided. Puppies come vaccinated, dewormed and with all health records.

  • Location: Port Orchard, WA
  • Years in Business: 20+ Years
  • Types of German Shepherds: Slovak, Czech and East German Working Lines
  • Health Testing: Genetic testing, OFA hip/elbow certification
  • Socialization & Training: Temperament testing, lifetime support
  • Facilities: 13-acre facility in Port Orchard, WA
  • Website: www.vombanachk9.com

3. Von Waldberg German Shepherds

With 44 years experience breeding German Shepherds, Von Waldberg Kennels in Snohomish, WA focuses on top-quality working line dogs. Their program emphasizes importing exceptional German Shepherd bloodlines from overseas.

All of their breeding stock is registered with the German Kennel Club (SV) and rated with “a” stamp hips/elbows. Their facility provides plenty of room to exercise and socialize. In addition to breeding, they offer German Shepherd boarding and training services.

Puppies are raised with proper socialization to be confident, resilient dogs. They come vaccinated, dewormed, vet checked and with SV registration paperwork. Von Waldberg provides support for the life of the dog.

  • Location: Snohomish, WA
  • Years in Business: 44 Years
  • Types of German Shepherds: German Working Lines
  • Health Testing: SV registered, “a” stamp hips/elbows
  • Socialization & Training: Puppy socialization program
  • Facilities: Large facility in Snohomish, WA
  • Website: www.vonwaldberg.com

4. Echowood Kennels

Located in Chinook Valley, WA, Echowood Kennels is run by respected breeder Tina Woodworth. As an AKC Breeder of Merit, Echowood specializes in champion West German working line Shepherds.

Tina and her husband have shown over 40 AKC champion German Shepherds in various events. Their breeding stock consists of imported West German sires and dams, selected for health, structure and temperament. All dogs are OFA certified.

Puppies are raised on their farm in Chinook Valley, receiving extensive socialization and training. New owners get to stay overnight with their puppy to bond. Puppies come vet checked, dew claw removed, microchipped and with AKC registration.

  • Location: Chinook Valley, WA
  • Years in Business: Multi-Generational
  • Types of German Shepherds: West German Working Lines
  • Health Testing: OFA hip/elbow/health testing
  • Socialization & Training: Extensive training at breeder’s farm
  • Facilities: Farm in Chinook Valley, WA
  • Website: www.chinookvalleyfarm.com

5. Northwest German Shepherds

Located in Lynnwood, WA, Northwest German Shepherds focuses on breeding exceptional family companion German Shepherds. With over 5 years experience, they breed dogs renowned for health, temperament and intelligence.

Their breeding stock consists of carefully selected German imports, chosen for structure, health and bloodlines. All dogs receive genetic screening and OFA health testing.

Puppies are raised with children in the breeder’s home, receiving plenty of attention and socialization. They follow a supervised feeding and supplement schedule for optimal health. Puppies go home vaccinated, dewormed, vet checked and with a health guarantee.

  • Location: Lynnwood, WA
  • Years in Business: 5+ Years
  • Types of German Shepherds: German Show Lines
  • Health Testing: Genetic testing, OFA certifications
  • Socialization & Training: Raised in home with children
  • Facilities: Family home & facility in Lynnwood, WA
  • Website: www.northwestgermanshepherdkennel.com

6. Tannhauser German Shepherds

Tannhauser German Shepherds, located in Chehalis, WA, breeds German Shepherds suited for both work and family environments. Owned by Debra Hughs, Tannhauser dogs are known for their stable temperaments.

Debra comes from a lineage of German Shepherd breeders spanning generations. Her program emphasizes imported German dogs selected for health, structure and intelligence. All dogs are DM cleared and OFA certified.

Puppies are socialized extensively with adults and children. They undergo training in obedience, potty skills and crate training. Puppies come vaccinated, dewormed, microchipped and with AKC registration paperwork.

  • Location: Chehalis, WA
  • Years in Business: 20+ Years
  • Types of German Shepherds: West German Show Lines
  • Health Testing: DM, OFA hip/elbow certifications
  • Socialization & Training: Extensive puppy socialization program
  • Facilities: Family home & trusted guardian homes
  • Website: www.tannhausershepherds.com

7. Majestic Royal German Shepherds

Located in Puyallup, WA, Majestic Royal German Shepherds breeds top-quality European German Shepherd lines. Owned by Tina Blackford and Tabitha Ramirez, Majestic Royal is licensed by the AKC.

Their breeding stock consists of extensively health tested, AKC registered dogs from proven European bloodlines. Their focus is on producing dogs renowned for health, confirmation and temperament.

All puppies are home raised in Washington state. They undergo extensive socialization and training to be confident, well-rounded dogs. Puppies come fully vaccinated, dewormed and with lifetime breeder support.

  • Location: Puyallup, WA
  • Years in Business: 20+ Years
  • Types of German Shepherds: European Lines (West German, Czech etc)
  • Health Testing: AKC registration, health testing
  • Socialization & Training: Home raised with socialization
  • Facilities: Family home & facilities in Puyallup, WA
  • Website: www.majesticroyalgermanshepherds.com

8. Flood Farm German Shepherds

Flood Farm German Shepherds, run by experienced breeder Cindy Flood, is located in Long Beach, WA. With over 35 years experience, Cindy specializes in breeding German Shepherds from champion European bloodlines.

Her program focuses on German imports selected for structure, drive, and trainability. The majority of her dogs are titled champions in Germany. All breeding stock is DM cleared and certified free of hip/elbow dysplasia by the German SV.

Puppies are raised on Cindy’s family farm, receiving extensive socialization and training. An aptitude test helps match puppies with the right owners. Puppies come vet checked, dewormed, microchipped and with AKC registration paperwork.

  • Location: Long Beach, WA
  • Years in Business: 35+ Years
  • Types of German Shepherds: German SV Working Lines
  • Health Testing: DM, SV hip/elbow certification
  • Socialization & Training: Raised on family farm
  • Facilities: Family farm in Long Beach, WA
  • Website: www.floodfarmgermanshepherds.com

9. Schraderhaus K9

Schraderhaus K9, located in Roy, WA, breeds and trains working line German Shepherd dogs. Owned by Jean Schrader, Schraderhaus imports West German, Czech and DDR dogs to produce high-quality working puppies.

Their breeding stock consists of dogs selected for intelligence, nerve, and working ability. All dogs are health tested and certified before breeding.

Puppies are raised at their Washington facility, receiving plenty of care, socialization and enrichment. Jean matches each puppy to the right home. Puppies come vaccinated, dewormed and with health guarantees.

  • Location: Roy, WA
  • Years in Business: Multi-Generational
  • Types of German Shepherds: West German, Czech, East German Working Lines
  • Health Testing: Health testing required
  • Socialization & Training: Raised at Washington facility
  • Facilities: Private kennel facility in Roy, WA
  • Website: www.schraderhausk9.info

10. JPH German Shepherd Dogs

Located in Snohomish, WA, JPH German Shepherd Dogs breeds top quality German Shepherds from proven European bloodlines. With over 3 years experience, they focus on producing intelligent, loyal German Shepherd companions.

All of their breeding dogs are selectively imported from Europe and undergo extensive health testing. Hips and elbows are certified through OFA. Puppies are DNA tested and matched to buyers through temperament evaluations.

Born and raised in the breeder’s home, puppies receive plenty of care, socialization and enrichment. They come fully vaccinated, dewormed, and with complete health records. The breeder provides lifetime support.

  • Location: Snohomish, WA
  • Years in Business: 3 Years
  • Types of German Shepherds: West German Show Lines
  • Health Testing: DNA, OFA hip/elbow certification
  • Socialization & Training: Temperament testing, home raised
  • Facilities: Family home & facility in Snohomish, WA
  • Website: www.jphgermanshepherddogs.com

How to Choose the Best German Shepherd Breeder in Washington for You

With this list of reputable breeders to choose from, selecting the ideal German Shepherd puppy in Washington state becomes much easier. Here are some final tips for choosing the perfect breeder:

  • Make sure your priorities align in terms of lines/types of German Shepherds they focus on. There are show line, working line and mixed breeders on this list.
  • Consider their experience level and longevity in breeding German Shepherds. The longer they have been ethically breeding, the more trusted they are in the state.
  • Ensure they perform all recommended OFA and other health testing to minimize risks of hip dysplasia and other genetic conditions.
  • Inquire about their socialization, enrichment and training practices – this has a huge impact on puppy development.
  • Ask to see the facilities in-person and meet the parent dogs, if possible. This gives you the best sense of their practices.
  • Be sure a health guarantee, contract and post-purchase support are all provided.
  • Choose a breeder that makes you feel comfortable and answered all your questions in detail.

Finding an incredible German Shepherd puppy in Washington starts with selecting the right breeder. We hope this guide leads you to the perfect dog for your family!

Frequently Asked Questions

What city in Washington has the most German Shepherd breeders?

Based on the breeders profiled, the cities with the most German Shepherd breeders in Washington are Snohomish and Puyallup. Both cities are home to multiple exceptional German Shepherd breeding programs.

What is the average price for a German Shepherd puppy from a reputable breeder in Washington?

Pricing varies between breeders, but you can expect to pay $1,500-$3,500 for a well-bred German Shepherd puppy from a responsible breeder in Washington state. The average seems to be around $2,000-$2,500.

Should I import a German Shepherd puppy instead of buying from a WA breeder?

Importing a German Shepherd from overseas can be risky if you cannot meet the parents and see the facilities in-person. There are fantastic breeders right in Washington that health test and prove their dogs before breeding. Local breeders also provide post-purchase support.

What health issues should reputable German Shepherd breeders screen for?

Reputable breeders will do OFA hip/elbow evaluations, Degenerative Myelopathy (DM) testing, and eye exams by a veterinary ophthalmologist. Some also do cardiac, thyroid and DNA testing.

Is it better to get a male or female German Shepherd?

This often comes down to personal preference. Both male and female German Shepherds can make wonderful companions and working dogs. Females tend to be a bit smaller and more energetic. Males are larger and can be goofier. Choose based on energy level and personality fit.


Finding a reputable German Shepherd breeder in Washington state can feel overwhelming at first. However, taking the time to thoroughly research breeders, evaluate their practices, and ask questions will make the process smooth and rewarding. Focus on responsible breeders who health test their dogs, provide socialization and training, and have decades of experience.

Be sure to align on the type of German Shepherd you want, and find a breeder whose dogs fit that mold. Following these best practices outlined in this guide will lead you to a life-changing German Shepherd puppy from an exceptional Pacific Northwest breeder.

By Andrew Garf

Andrew Garf has loved dogs, especially German Shepherds, since he was 10 years old. Though he also loves burgers, training dogs is his real passion. That's why he created the website TrainYourGSD.com - to help dog owners learn how to properly train, care for, and bond with their German Shepherd dogs.