10 Best German Shepherd Breeders in Georgia

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The intelligent, loyal, and versatile German Shepherd is one of the most popular dog breeds for good reason! These dogs make wonderful companions, workers, and show dogs when bred well.

If you’re looking for a top-quality German Shepherd puppy in Georgia, you’ll want to find an ethical, responsible breeder. Avoid pet stores and puppy mills at all costs! Reputable breeders focus on the health, temperament, and conformance to breed standards for their dogs.

We’ve compiled this list of the 10 best German Shepherd breeders in GA who exemplify these values. Read on to learn about these exceptional breeding programs raising amazing Shepherds!

1. Schafer Haus German Shepherds

Located in North Georgia, Schafer Haus German Shepherds breeds to the high standards set in Germany. All their dogs boast Champion bloodlines directly imported from Germany and Europe.

Hip and elbow health is a top priority. Their dogs have OFA certifications proving their excellent joint health. This breeder offers a 3 year warranty covering any genetic issues that could decrease a puppy’s quality of life.

The small breeding program allows all puppies to receive lots of individual attention and socialization. They are exposed to various sights, sounds, people, and environments during the critical socialization period. This creates an outstanding foundation for these pups’ temperaments.

Schafer Haus is very selective when matching their sires and dams. They aim to produce intelligent, courageous, and good-natured German Shepherds adhering to breed standards. Whether you want a family companion, show prospect, or working dog, they have the perfect puppy for you!


Location: North Georgia

Phone: (678) 618-9243

Website: schaferhausgermanshepherds.com

Facebook: Von Der Zwei Schafer Haus

2. Kennels Von Lotta

Kennels Von Lotta in Atlanta, GA breeds German Shepherds with stable temperaments suited for a variety of jobs and lifestyles. Owner Yuliya has over 20 years experience studying pedigrees and training German Shepherds.

Her breeding dogs boast various titles and certifications. She trials her dogs in shows like Schutzhund to prove their abilities. Detailed record keeping and genetic testing ensures she selects the ideal pairings.

Puppies are raised in a home environment and exposed to many sights and sounds starting at 3 weeks old. This primes them for success in family living, sports, or working roles after placement. Owners also receive a health warranty, training guides, and lifetime support.


Owner: Yuliya Matuyeyeua

Location: Atlanta, GA

Phone: (404) 823-8234

Website: vonlotta.com

Facebook: Kennels von Lotta German Shepherds

3. Caine De Lup

Caine De Lup in Atlanta imports and breeds German Shepherds to strict European standards. Their dogs boast impressive pedigrees from Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Romania.

Owner Alex utilizes his law enforcement and border patrol experience to select pairings that produce intelligent puppies with balanced drives. Their breeding stock participates in demanding sports like IPO and Schutzhund to prove working ability.

Puppies are well socialized in a range of environments to become ideal companions, service dogs, or working dogs. New owners receive veterinary records, training support, and health guarantees up to 14 months.


Owner: Alex

Location: Atlanta, GA

Phone: (404) 319-7035

Website: cainedelup.com

Facebook: Canine De Lup

4. Von Anna German Shepherds

Von Anna German Shepherds specializes in breeding red and black German Shepherds descending from West German Champion bloodlines. Health and early life experiences are top priorities for this breeder.

Their breeding dogs boast titles as well as certifications proving their hip and elbow health. Puppies are socialized extensively from 3-8 weeks old at schools, nursing homes, childcare centers, and more. This “kindergarten” gives them outstanding temperaments.

Owners Shanette and Glen take great care when selecting pairings to continue their program’s multigenerational success. Each puppy leaves the facility with medical records, AKC registration, and a microchip for identification.


Owners: Shanette and Glen McIntosh

Location: Atlanta, GA

Phone: (678) 977-5070

Website: vonannagermanshepherds.com

Facebook: Van Anna German Shepherds

5. Oher Tannen German Shepherds

Oher Tannen German Shepherds breeds to German standards for intelligence, courage, good nature, and solid nerves. Owner Nadia holds various certifications related to breeding, training, exhibiting German Shepherds through organizations like AKC.

Extensive health testing on sires, dams, and puppies ensures they produce dogs free of genetic diseases. Their breeding stock boasts various show ratings and working titles to prove sound structure, movement, and temperament.

All puppies and adult dogs are matched carefully with owners to ensure good lifelong fits. Oher Tannen’s commitment to the breed and owners sets them apart. New owners even receive training and care tips.


Owner: Nadia Adams

Location: Atlanta, GA

Phone: (678) 480-6000

Website: ohertannen.com

Facebook: Oher Tannen German Shepherds

6. Alexanderhof Kennels

With 50 years breeding experience, Heidi of Alexanderhof Kennels imports top German Shepherd breeding stock from prestigious European kennels. Her program focuses on structural soundness, movement, temperament, and trainability.

Dogs boast working drives and titles in demanding sports like Schutzhund. Puppies are raised in a dedicated whelping area with constant monitoring and socialization. This sets them up for success as companions, performance dogs, or service dogs.

Owners will appreciate Heidi’s deep knowledge of pedigrees, pairing selections, and training. She’s heavily involved in clubs, showing, and certifying therapy dogs. Alexanderhof Kennels produces magnificent German Shepherds.


Owner: Heidi

Location: Hoschton, GA

Phone: (706) 654-4656

Website: alexanderhofkennels.com

Facebook: Alexanderhof Kennels

7. Southern Legacy German Shepherds

Southern Legacy German Shepherds specializes in breeding calm, low drive German Shepherds prized as family companions. Their breeding stock produces large dogs adhering to AKC breed standards.

All dogs live in the home and are exposed to household noises, children, and guests. This develops an outstanding foundation for their mellow temperaments. Sires and dams boast OFA certifications proving their hips and elbows are healthy prior to breeding.

Owners Michelle and Dewayne Brooks offer a 1 year genetic health guarantee. Their personalized approach helps match you with the perfect pup for your home. These are Shepherds bred for soundness, health, and happy family living.


Owners: Michelle & Dewayne Brooks

Location: Monroe, GA

Phone: (404) 395-1252

Website: slgs.me

Facebook: Southern Legacy German Shepherds

8. Vom Orenburg German Shepherds

Vom Orenburg German Shepherds holds their breeding dogs to high standards when producing puppies destined for show, sport, or companionship. Their dogs boast German “pink papers” and AKC registration.

Owners Michelle and Lee utilize genetic testing, structural evaluations, and temperament tests when selecting their breeding pairs. Their litters maintain the historic German Shepherd type while improving upon health and abilities.

Puppies experience the “Orenburg Kindergarten” program prior to placement, ensuring outstanding socialization and manners. This breeder’s commitment to bettering the breed shows in their dogs’ achievements and offspring.


Owners: Michelle & Lee Howell

Location: Leesburg, GA

Phone: (229) 347-2487

Website: vomorenburg.com

9. Advanced K9 GA

Advanced K9 GA offers imported German Shepherds and Malinois bred for sport, police, and military applications. Their dogs boast pedigree research tracing back generations along with health testing.

The breeding program adheres to standards from WUSV, the German Shepherd breed club, for clarity of type and ability. Puppies are raised to have environmental stability and clear heads – key for working roles.

Advanced K9’s matching process pairs each client with the ideal working prospect. Expect top-tier genetics proven capable in demanding training and trial environments. These dogs excel!


Owner: Brian

Location: Temple, GA

Phone: (678) 732-4322

Website: advancek9ga.com

Facebook: Advanced K9 GA LLC Training

10. Von der Zwei German Shepherds

Von der Zwei German Shepherds offers German Shepherd puppies and trained protection dogs across Georgia. Owner Jamie Dodge boasts over 15 years experience importing, training, and handling German Shepherds.

Their breeding stock produces large-boned German Shepherds with outstanding temperaments suited for family life or serious protection work. Each litter receives early neurological stimulation to enhance their health and social abilities.

Clients can choose between professionally trained protection dogs or well-bred German Shepherd puppies. Expect deep devotion, follow-up, and support from Von der Zwei when partnering with them.


Owner: Jamie Dodge

Location: Serving all Georgia

Phone: (470) 399-6943

Website: vonderzwei.com

Facebook: Von Der Zwei German Shepherds

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Choosing the Best German Shepherd Breeder in Georgia for You

With this list of exceptional German Shepherd breeders in Georgia, you’re sure to find the perfect program producing your ideal pup!

Here are some tips when researching breeders:

  • Clear focus. Look for breeders with a well-defined vision for bettering the breed. Avoid those breeding just for profit.
  • Proven dogs. The best breeders title and health test their breeding stock. Look for OFA, PennHIP certifications. Dogs with IPO, rally, or show ratings demonstrate sound temperament and structure.
  • Knowledge. Choose a breeder who knows pedigrees, lineage, breed standards, and health inside and out. They should ask you lots of questions too.
  • Socialization. Look for enrichment programs, puppy culture methods, early handling, and diverse exposures. This gives puppies the best start in life.
  • Aftercare. The breeder should provide health guarantees, rebreed guarantees, training and diet advice, and lifelong support.
  • Facilities. While not ultra-important, clean conditions and enrichment indicate good breeding practices.


Finding a responsible and ethical German Shepherd breeder is well worth the effort. An excellent breeder focuses on furthering the breed through health testing, titles, temperament evaluations, and genetic research. They raise puppies using early neurological stimulation and rich socialization to prime them for success. Reputable breeders also provide health guarantees and lifelong support.

Take your time researching breeders to locate the ideal program for your needs. Ask lots of questions and look for proven dogs, enriching puppy-raising approaches, and transparent practices. Partnering with a quality breeder gives you the best chance of sharing your life with a magnificent German Shepherd – one of the world’s most versatile and beloved breeds.

By Andrew Garf

Andrew Garf has loved dogs, especially German Shepherds, since he was 10 years old. Though he also loves burgers, training dogs is his real passion. That's why he created the website TrainYourGSD.com - to help dog owners learn how to properly train, care for, and bond with their German Shepherd dogs.