Why Does My Dog Sleep On Me and Not My Husband? (7 Common Reasons)

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dog sleeps on me and not my husband

Just about everyone who has a dog knows the feeling of being woken up in the middle of the night to find your canine friend sleeping on top of you. It seems like they always want to sleep with their person, which is usually you.

But why does my dog sleep on me and not my husband? Is it because I’m more comfortable than him? What should I do if this situation occurs again?

Here’s the short answer to why your dog sleeps on you but not your husband. Most dogs love to sleep with those they are most comfortable with. In general, the dog will choose who he wants to sleep next to based on comfort and familiarity.

Dogs also like sleeping near their favorite human companion because of body heat and proximity for feeling safe or protection from bad things that might happen during the night, such as thunderstorms or other noises in the environment.

It is very common among women to give a cuddle and more attention than men, so it’s understandable why your furry friend would want to snuggle up with you.

That’s the quick answer to the question, “why does my dog sleep on me and not my husband” below, we will go into more detail about each reason.

Here I present you with the nine most common reasons why your dog chooses to sleep on you rather than your husband.

1. Your Dog is More Familiar With You Than Your Husband

Does your husband often spend quality time with your dog, or is it you who mostly spend time with them?

Although it’s not the only reason, most of the time, if your dog prefers to sleep with you, it is because they have spent a lot of time with you. In other words, he or she feels more comfortable around you than your husband as this person may be new in their life.

This might not seem like a big deal to some people, but it actually has huge implications on both of the relationships in your life if left unaddressed.

Allowing this favoritism will ultimately cause problems for everyone involved. Your husband will feel like the dog likes you better; meanwhile, the dog might become distressed and uncomfortable at the lack of attention they receive from your husband.

2. Protecting Their Pack

Dog sees you and your husband as members of their pack. As part of the dog’s pack, they are naturally protective to both of you. However, it is important to note that as pack animals, they will instinctively be more protective to those who are, in their mind, the weaker member.

The pup can’t help but think, “I have to protect mom.”

This means that if the dog prefers to sleep with you, it may be because they think you need more protection than your husband.

Or is there a baby coming into your life soon?

Dogs can sniff out what’s going on inside your body and will be more sensitive to baby smells than your husband.

As soon as they sense a baby coming, their protective instincts kick into overdrive. But, at the same time, they might not be thrilled about the idea of sharing their space and bed.

So before you throw a baby shower or announce your pregnancy to friends and family, make sure that Fido has sufficiently adjusted.

It’s best for everyone if he gets used to being in close contact with babies ahead of time.

This way, when the little one arrives, it’ll be like an old friend coming home!

3. It’s The Way You Give Them a Cuddle

There’s nothing better than a dog cuddle after a long day at work.

You probably have a special way you give your dog a cuddle that makes them feel loved and comfortable, like giving their tummy rubs or stroking the fur on the back of their neck. You may not be aware of it but doing this gives them an intense sense of love – just as how they would show affection to you if they were human!

In fact, when dogs are given physical contact by humans (even without being petted), research has shown that levels of oxytocin rise in both species; so even though your husband might think he’s too manly for all these touchy-feely things with your pup, his body is getting into to it anyway!

4. Similar Temperament

Sometimes, your dog chooses to sleep with you because of a similar temperament.

For instance, if one of you is more reserved and cautious in nature while the other likes exploring new things – this difference in temperament may also be reflected by which family members your furry friend chooses to cuddle and sleep with.

5. Associations

Your dog might choose you over the other person due to positive associations.

Do you give them treats or play with them more if they go to sleep on you?

Do you have a special kind of touch or pat that your dog loves and is looking for when they curl up next to you at night?

If so, the explanation for your dog’s behavior could be that they have positive associations with you, and that is why they like to sleep on your side of the bed.

On the other hand, your husband might be coming from work or an evening out, and your dog may associate that with being a more stressful time of day.

If this is the case, they might be trying to protect you by sleeping on your side of the bed so that they can use their natural instincts as a watchdog to keep you safe at night.

6. Stranger

You may have lived with your dog for years and know them well, only to find that once you get married, your dog refuses to sleep on your spouse’s side of the bed.

Unless you and your husband have lived with your dog for a long time, they may be uncomfortable with someone unfamiliar. You can encourage them to sleep on your husband’s side of the bed by gradually increasing their exposure to your spouse over time and giving treats as rewards (just make sure you don’t spoil them too much).

If this is not working, then it could be that there are other things going on in your dog’s life or changes in yours, such as increased stress levels due to noise from construction work next door, traveling more often than before, etc.

There might also have been some change in house rules during the marriage, like someone else sleeping on their side of the bed or a new pet coming into the home, which has caused them anxiety.

7. Smell

It’s known that dogs have a stronger sense of smell than we do. Just like humans, they have scents that they like and dislike. So your four-legged friend may prefer to sleep with you and not your husband because of the difference in scent!

This could be due to an unpleasant odor on your husband’s skin or clothes, making him less appealing as a bedmate. Dogs are generally less tolerant than us when it comes to scents; they will often abandon food if even just one ingredient has spoiled.

The same goes for sleeping arrangements: maybe too much sweat or body odor in the air is driving them away from sharing the bed with your husband?

Would It Ever Be an Issue?

The only time you should be concerned about your dog has a closer relationship with you than your husband is if the dog becomes fearful and aggressive to him.

Dogs can become territorial and aggressive when they guard their humans, so if your dog is growling or snapping at your husband in order to snuggle with you, this is a concerning situation that requires professional help from someone who knows how to work with dogs.

How to Encourage Your Dog to Sleep with  Your Husband?

1. Let Your Husband Spend More Time With Your Dog

Naturally, your dog wants to spend time with other family members they know, but if the dog is not used to spending time with your husband or vice versa, it might be difficult for them, and so you need to give them a little nudge.

All it takes is a little patience and consistency: Start by having the two of them in close proximity at mealtimes or when they are watching TV together.

Next, introduce short periods of touching paws before giving treats for good behavior (not too many rewards, though, as this will lead to begging).

Lastly, try interacting while walking and playing fetch in an enclosed space like a home or garden until they start tolerating each other’s presence.

This process might take some time, but eventually, your dog should be able to coexist peacefully with both you and your spouse!

Feeding is also a good opportunity to have some dad-doggo time together. You should start by feeding your dog in the same room as you and then gradually progress to training them to be fed in a different room by your husband without your presence at all.

This process might take some time, but eventually, your dog should be able to coexist peacefully with both you and your spouse! Feeding can also create husband-

2. Consider Positive Reinforcement Training

One of the best ways to encourage your dog is by using positive reinforcement techniques. For example, have your husband reward your dog whenever they sleep close to him.

This way, your dog’s brain will associate your husband with positive emotions, and eventually, they will be more likely to cuddle with him.

During their training, always make sure to watch their body language. It shows how they are feeling, and if you notice that your dog is displaying signs of stress or fear, don’t force them to approach.

3. Change Your Husband’s Perfume

In a rare case where your husband’s smell is what’s keeping your pup away, try changing his perfume.

If you notice that whenever he comes home from work or after taking a shower, your dog doesn’t want to be near him anymore, then chances are it might be because of this reason!

Related Questions:

1. Do dogs pick a favorite person?

Yes, in some cases, dogs might have a favorite person in the family.

Some dogs prefer to be with one particular person over another; for example, they may follow that individual everywhere or sleep on their bed at night.

But most of the time, they love all of their human family members.

2. Do male dogs prefer female owners?

Male dogs prefer female owners in a very small number of cases only, and this usually happens when they have been separated from their mother at an early age (before three months).

There’s no evidence to show that male dogs often favor female owners over males.

3. Why Does My Dog Sleep Between My Legs?

There are a few reasons why a dog might sleep between their owner’s legs. One reason could be that the dog is trying to show their love and appreciation for their owner.

Another possibility is that the dog feels protective of their owner and wants to be as close to them as possible in case of danger. Additionally, some dogs may feel safer and more secure when they are near their owner.

4. Why Does My Dog Follow Me and Not My Husband?

Dogs are followers by nature and will instinctually look to the person in the family who they see as the pack leader. Usually, this is the person who provides them with food, shelter, and affection.