7 Best Cocker Spaniel Breeders in New York in 2023

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cocker spaniel breeders New York

Cocker Spaniels are an adorable breed of dog popular for their intelligence, affectionate personality, and beautiful coat. Having a Cocker Spaniel will bring laughter and love into your home. These gentle dogs are excellent with children, and best of all, they love to snuggle!

If you are interested in finding the perfect Cocker Spaniel for your family, then it is important to find a reputable breeder. But where can you find these breeders? Look no further than our list of the seven best Cocker Spaniel breeders in New York!

1. Astor Hill Cockers

The Aston Hill Cockers is a small breeder in Fairport, New York, that specializes in producing Cocker Spaniels that are healthy, conform to the breed standard, and above all have a good temperament.

Their female Cockers have won multiple awards at dog shows, including Best Of Variety and Award of Merit; meanwhile, their male, Anthony, has won several championships, including Best of Winners and Best of Opposite Sex.

All of these go to show that the Aston Hill Cockers not only has high-quality Cockers but that they know how to breed for success.

To add to their trustworthiness, they also serve as an active member of three prestigious dog clubs: Genesee Valley Kennel Club (GVKC), American Spaniel Club (ASC), and finally Upstate Cocker Spaniel Club (UCSC).

One good sign that Aston Hill Cockers is a reputable breeder is their willingness to provide you with lots of information on the history of the parents, including their lineage and health test results. They are also happy to answer any questions you may have about the breed or their dogs.

However, since they are very selective with their puppies, they do not have many litters per year. So if you are interested in getting a Cocker from Aston Hill Cockers, be sure to contact them early to reserve your spot!

Breeder Contact Details

  • Location: Fairport, New York
  • Email: astorhillcockers@yahoo.com
  • Telephone: (585) 465-1453
  • Website: https://www.astorhillcockers.com

2. Sportsman’s Kennels

If you’re looking to buy your first or second Cocker Spaniel, then Sportsman’s Kennels in Manorville, New York, is the perfect place to find your new best friend. Being one of the oldest (since 1962) and most respected breeders in the area, they have a wide variety of dogs to choose from.

In addition to Cockers, you can also find other popular breeds such as Golden Retrievers, Labrador Retrievers, and Poodles at Sportsman’s Kennels. So no matter what kind of breed you’re looking for, there is a good chance that Sportsman’s Kennels has it!

All of their dogs are AKC registered and have been health tested for genetic diseases. In addition, all of the puppies are guaranteed to come from champion bloodlines.

Other than offering top-quality puppies, Sportsman’s Kennels also offers a selection of other pet services such as boarding and grooming.

Breeder Contact Details

  • Location: 75 Schultz Rd, Manorville, NY 11949, USA
  • Email: sportsmanskennels@gmail.com
  • Telephone: (631) 727-3550
  • Website: http://sportsmanskennels.com

3.  NYC Cockers Place

NYC Cockers Place is run by a small group of hobby breeders in Staten Island, New York, 25 miles from Manhattan. So if you live near the area and are looking for a Cocker Spaniel, this may be the perfect place to start.

Some people may be worried about buying a dog from a hobby breeder for the fear that the breeder use stores or puppy mills to get their dogs, but that is definitely not the case with NYC Cockers Place.

They have firmly stated that they never use outside kennels, stores, or puppy mills on their website. All puppies are bred and raised in their own homes.

Although they are considered hobby breeders, you still get the peace of mind knowing that the parent dogs have all passed health testing free of diseases, disorders, and conditions, which means the puppies are less likely to inherit any health issues.

In addition to the health testing and up-to-date shots, NYC Cockers Place also has their puppies AKC registered and vet checked, plus they already have their puppies’ tails docked and dewclaws removed.

But what about the puppies’ temperament? Thankfully, due to the way the puppies are raised in a family environment, they are well-socialized and have good temperaments.

If you do choose to buy from NYC Cockers Place, there is one extra bonus that you get: 30 days of accident and illness coverage for free when you register your dog with AKC.

Breeder Contact Details

  • Location: Staten Island, New York
  • Email: nyccockersplace@gmail.com
  • Telephone: 917- 608-8477
  • Website: https://nyccockersplace.webs.com

4. Eine Kleine Kennel

There is something special about getting a dog from Eine Kleine Kennel in Hamden, New York. You can be sure that the Cocker Spaniels from this breeder will be very healthy as they put a lot of emphasis on health testing their dogs. It is not only Cookers that they breed, but they are also known for their Poodles.

If you’re curious just how reliable Eine Kleine Kennel is, just scroll through their testimonial page, and you will immediately see why this breeder is so popular among Cocker Spaniel and Poodle owners from all over the states.

Regarding the quality of their puppies, Eine Kleine Kennel has stated explicitly that all of their puppies are bred from champion bloodlines and have been vet checked.

Furthermore, the puppies are AKC registered, current on all their shots, are well-socialized, and have been house trained before early on, making your job as a new owner much easier.

Aside from offering puppies, they also have dogs for adoption and young adult dogs up for sale from time to time.

The price of their puppies starts from $1500 for buying and $450 for adopting. As for the price of their adult dogs, it varies depending on the dog’s age and awards.

Breeder Contact Details

  • Location: 34629 NY-10, Hamden, NY 13782, United States
  • Telephone: (607) 865-8654
  • Website: https://www.einekleinekennel.com

5. Castletop Cockers

Located in Pleasant Valley, New York, Castletop Cockers is another experienced breeder of Cocker Spaniels that you may want to consider. They started breeding Cocker Spaniels in 1969 and have been consistently producing top-notch Cocker puppies ever since.

Over the years, they have taken pride in being able to preserve the traditional look of the Cocker Spaniel breed while breeding for good health, temperament, and soundness.

When it comes to producing a show dog, you can be sure that Castletop Cockers knows what they are doing as they have produced several champions in the show ring, and they even attained status as an AKC-approved judge for the Cocker Spaniel breed back in the seventies.

It’s important to note that they do not ship their puppies, and all puppies must be picked up in person. This is so that they can give each new owner a comprehensive education about the Cocker Spaniel breed and proper care for their new puppy.

Each purchase comes with a voluminous packet containing a bill of sale, AKC registration papers, health records, recommended vaccines, and much more.

Breeder Contact Details

  • Location: Pleasant Valley, NY
  • Email: castletop@hvc.rr.com
  • Telephone: (845) 635-2133
  • Website: http://www.castletop.net

6. Myrdin Cocker Spaniels

To be honest, I haven’t heard of Myrdin Cocker Spaniels before, but according to my friend who has a Cocker from this breeder, they have been in the business for a very long time (over 40 years) and have a very good reputation.

Straight from the onset, Myrdin Cocker Spaniel breeders are very upfront about their preference for breeding quality over quantity. As a result, they don’t have many litters per year, and they also don’t keep many puppies, so if you’re looking for a Cockerspaniel from Myrdin, it’s best to contact them early on.

Another thing that can add to their credibility is that they are a lifetime member of the American Spaniel Club, Upstate Cocker Club in New York, and the Connecticut Westchester Club.

On top of that, they are recognized as an AKC Breeder of Merit. This is an accolade that is only given to breeders who have met or exceeded the AKC’s high standards in regards to breeding practices, dog health, and puppy care.

Breeder Contact Details

  • Location: Cornwall, New York
  • Email: myrdincockers@verizon.net
  • Telephone: 845-534-3724
  • Website: https://www.myrdincockerspaniels.com

7. Moondrop Gardens

Moondrop Gardens was founded by Jennifer LaBarbera, a freelance graphic designer whose passion for the Cocker Spaniel breed led her to move to the country and start her own kennel.

Their breeding program focuses on health, temperament, and conformation to the ASC standards, so if you’re looking for a show-quality Cocker, you may want to consider Moondrop Gardens.

However, I’m not saying that their dogs can’t be pets, too, since they also make sure that their puppies are well-socialized and have good temperaments.

Each puppy comes with a 2-year congenital guarantee, a written health certificate, AKC registration papers, pedigree, and a customized puppy pack that you won’t find at a pet store. In addition, all of their puppies have been vaccinated, dewormed, tail docked, and dewclaws removed.

They keep a limited number of puppies at any given time so as to be able to give each one the individualized attention that they need. If you intend to purchase a puppy from Moondrop Gardens, you need to contact them early to reserve your pick of the litter.

Breeder Contact Details

  • Location: Putnam Country, New York
  • Email: moondropgardens@gmail.com
  • Telephone: 845-897-2474
  • Website: https://www.moondropgardens.com

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