7 Best Boston Terrier Breeders in Oregon in 2023

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Best Boston Terrier Breeders in Oregon

If you’ve ever wanted a Boston terrier in your life, then you know that finding the perfect breeder can be a challenge. But it doesn’t have to be! Oregon is home to some of the best Boston Terrier breeders around and we’ve compiled this list of the top 7 just for you.

Each one has years of experience ensuring healthy, well-tempered pups for families across Oregon (and beyond). So if you’re ready to add an adorable pup to your family and don’t want to compromise on quality, read on!

1. Ta-Koda Boston Terriers

Ta-Koda Boston Terriers is one of the best Boston Terrier breeders in Oregon. Located in Grants Pass, they have been breeding quality Boston Terriers since 2006, with a commitment to producing healthy and happy puppies.

They breed and raise their puppies in a clean environment, ensuring that their dogs get plenty of attention and exercise. The parents of the litter are AKC registered, health tested for genetic issues and certified by an Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) veterinarian.

All of Ta-Koda’s puppies come with limited AKC registration papers, health testing records from the dam and sire, first shots, deworming records, toys and blankets.

Furthermore, potential owners can be sure that every puppy is bred according to ethical standards and has met all USDA regulations before being placed into homes. Prices range from $2,500 to $3200 depending on the litter size and gender of the puppy.

In addition to Ta-Koda’s established credentials as one of Oregon’s best breeders of Boston Terriers, they also offer lifetime support for their puppies. If, for whatever reason, an owner can no longer care for their pup, Ta-Koda Boston Terriers will take back the dog and find it a new home.

Breeder Contact Details:

  • Location: Turner, Oregon
  • Email: DGChapman@aol.com
  • Phone: (503) 930-2151
  • Website: https://www.ta-kodabostons.com/

2. Willamette Valley Bullies

Willamette Valley Bullies is a hobby breeder in Oregon that provides high quality Boston Terrier puppies and French Bulldogs, as well as Faux Frenchies.

This breeder treats their dogs with respect and kindness, creating an ideal environment for the puppies to develop into perfect family companions. They take pride in breeding their dogs for temperament and health rather than looks. All of their puppies are raised in the home with plenty of socialization opportunities with other animals, kids, and adults.

The breeders at Willamette Valley Bullies have a strict policy on spaying and neutering. When purchasing a puppy from them, you will not receive registration papers, but they promise to provide full disclosure on all parents’ pedigrees and health information. Additionally, if you cannot keep your puppy at any time, you must return it to the breeder for it to be placed in a new home.

In order to get a chance at purchasing one of their adorable puppies, you must join their waitlist. You can expect quick response times when inquiring about the availability of upcoming litters.

Each puppy comes with age-appropriate shots and wormings as well as a two year genetic health guarantee against life-threatening genetic illnesses or defects that were not seen prior to purchase or adoption.

Breeder Contact Details:

  • Location: Silverton, Oregon
  • Email: willamettevalleybullies@gmail.com
  • Website: http://willamettevalleybullies.com/

3.  Bly Mountain Bostons

Bly Mountain Bostons, located in southern Oregon, is a small, family-run hobby breeder that has been specializing in Boston Terrier puppies of color since 2010. This includes coats such as blue, brindle, red and seal, all of which come in both male and female.

This breeder prides itself on creating a comfortable and social environment for their puppies to grow up in. As a result, they go to their new homes well-socialized and used to being around children and other pets. Any puppy purchased through Bly Mountain Bostons will come with tips and guidelines on how to properly care for them so you can ensure the best possible start for your pet.

The cost of these puppies ranges from $800 to $1,500 depending on the sex and color of animal. However no matter what price you pay or what color/sex your pup is – all animals are treated with the same level of love and care.

Breeder Contact Details:

  • Location: Bonanza, Oregon
  • Email: mmotz79@gmail.com
  • Phone: (541) 880-8381
  • Website: https://blymountainbostons.com/

4. High Plains French Bulldogs & Boston Terriers

High Plains French Bulldogs & Boston Terriers, owned by Monica Mason, has been a trusted source for puppies since 1981. Monica takes great pride in her work and is committed to providing the highest quality of care for each puppy she breeds.

She breeds to AKC standards with an emphasis on temperament and health. All puppies come with a health certificate and a care package that includes food, pads, toys, chews and a 3-year health guarantee. Prices start at $3000 (spay/neuter contract required).

Monica carefully selects only the best dogs for her breeding program which ensures the puppies she produces are of exceptional quality. She is also very knowledgeable about both breeds and can help potential owners make the decision on whether a French Bulldog or Boston Terrier would be best suited for them.

She provides education on both breeds so that owners can make an informed decision and find the perfect companion for their family. In addition to this, all of her puppies are provided with socialization classes before going home so that they can have the best start in life possible.

At High Plains French Bulldogs & Boston Terriers, Monica goes above and beyond to ensure all of her puppies are healthy and happy before they go home to their new families. She takes the time to answer any questions or concerns you may have and will provide support throughout your pet’s life if needed.

If you’re looking for one of these two loving breeds, then Monica’s business is an excellent choice! With years of experience in breeding both French Bulldogs and Boston Terriers, you can trust that you’ll get only the best when purchasing one of her puppies!

Breeder Contact Details:

  • Location: Tenmile, OR
  • Email: contact form on the website
  • Phone: (541) 378-7812
  • Website: https://marketplace.akc.org/breeder/none-yet?source_breed=french-bulldog

5. Blue Coast Bullies

Led by Amanda Myers, the breeder at Blue Coast Bullies focuses on producing puppies that are healthy, have excellent temperaments, and meet high standards of excellence. The puppies are bred from champion lines and each one of them has their own unique personality.

When looking for your perfect pup, Blue Coast Bullies makes it easy for you to find the right companion for your home. First off, you’ll need to fill out an application on their website so that Amanda can get a better understanding of what type of pet would be best suited for your family.

Once she receives your application, she will reach out to you with pricing information, availability of the puppies and whatever else you may need to know about purchasing a puppy from Blue Coast Bullies.

In order to ensure the well being and health of her puppies, Amanda makes sure they are examined by a veterinary specialist before they leave her facility. She also provides her customers with a detailed list of all the vaccinations that have been given as well as records on diet, exercise and other important information necessary to properly care for your new pup.

Additionally, she offers post-purchase support and advice when needed so that you can get any questions answered regarding how to better care for your new little friend.

Breeder Contact Details:

  • Location: Newport, OR
  • Email: contact form on the website
  • Website: https://www.gooddog.com/breeders/blue-coast-bullies-oregon

6. Robbi’s Pups

Robbi’s Pups is a breeder located in Beaverton, Oregon that has over 5 years of experience and expertise in breeding Boston Terriers and Scottish Terriers. Robbi’s Pups is passionate about protecting the future of these two breeds, as well as providing quality companions for their customers.

At Robbi’s Pups, they are extremely proud of the fact that their dogs have the ability to excel in both the show ring and at home as amazing family companions. All dogs bred at Robbi’s Pups receive excellent medical care and nutrition, ensuring that each pup is healthy and happy for its new life with its owner.

One thing that makes Robbi’s Pups stand out among other breeders is their dedication to providing education to prospective owners. They offer guidance on how best to choose a pup, what to consider when bringing a pup home, what to expect during puppyhood, and how to provide responsible ownership throughout the lifetime of your pet.

They strive to ensure that not only do you get an amazing pet but also one with impeccable bloodlines so you can be sure you’re getting the best of both worlds – an intelligent, friendly companion who will bring joy into your home for many years!

Whether you are looking for a show dog or just an amazing companion, you can count on them to provide quality puppies at reasonable prices with lifelong support. With exceptional customer service and after-purchase support for all their puppies, it’s no wonder why hundreds of Oregonians have chosen Robbi’s Pups as their go-to breeder for quality Boston Terriers & Scottish Terriers!

Breeder Contact Details:

  • Location: Beaverton, OR
  • Email: contact form on the website
  • Website: https://www.gooddog.com/breeders/robbis-pups-oregon#breed_id=50

7. Puppy Spot

Finding a Boston Terrier puppy in Oregon is easy with the help of Puppy Spot. They are an online marketplace that provides some of the best breeders in Oregon who are dedicated to providing healthy and happy puppies.

All breeders on Puppy Spot must go through a strict screening process and must meet all standards set by the American Kennel Club (AKC). This ensures that the puppies they provide are of outstanding quality.

When you purchase a puppy from Puppy Spot, they will work with you to ensure your companion arrives in Oregon safely and soundly.

They provide detailed instructions on how to prepare for your pet’s arrival, such as preparing a safe space for them, ensuring that there is enough food and water for them upon arriving, providing toys and other items to keep them entertained, and making sure that their vaccinations are up-to-date.

Furthermore, Puppy Spot offers a variety of options when it comes to transport services so you can choose the one that works best for your needs.

Puppy Spot also has an extensive network of experts who can offer advice on choosing the right Boston Terrier puppy for you, as well as answer any questions or concerns you may have about caring for it.

Additionally, they are always available should something unexpected arise during the adoption process or afterwards. This allows you to know that no matter what happens after adoption, you can count on Puppy Spot’s team of experts to help out at any time.

Given their stringent requirements and high standards when it comes to finding a Boston Terrier puppy in Oregon, along with their commitment to safety and education before and after adoption, it is clear why you should consider Puppy Spot as your go-to resource for finding a Boston Terrier.

Breeder Contact Details:

  • Location: Oregon
  • Email: contact form on the website
  • Phone: (866) 269-1056
  • Website: https://www.puppyspot.com/find-puppies/boston-terrier/oregon


In conclusion, if you are looking for a loving and loyal Boston Terrier, Oregon has some of the best breeders in the nation.

From Ta-Koda Boston Terriers to Willamette Valley Bullies and all the way to Robbi’s Pups, each breeder offers an exceptional selection of Boston Terriers that have been bred with care and attention. With a wide variety of personalities and sizes, these canines will make great additions to any family.

When selecting your pup from one of these breeders, it is important to remember that buying from a reputable breeder is key. It’s best to visit the location in person so you can get a better feel for the environment; this will also help you determine if they adhere to responsible breeding practices.

Additionally, be sure to ask questions about the parents’ health history and temperament; reputable breeders should have no problem providing this information in full. Lastly, take some time to consider your lifestyle when selecting your pup – certain breeds might not fit best in certain environments!

By researching different breeders in Oregon and being mindful of your lifestyle needs, you will be able to find an amazing new companion who will bring joy into your life for years to come! Take control of this exciting process and choose wisely – you’ll end up with a furry friend that fits perfectly into your family dynamic!

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