The 7 Best Dog Houses for German Shepherds in 2022 (Review and Buyer’s Guide)

Houses are as important to dogs as it is to humans. A dog house provides a place for your German shepherd to feel safe and comfy, and they shelter your dog from wet, drafty, and cold weather.

With so many models to choose from, you might be concerned about which dog house to buy in the first place for your furry friend, here are our recommendations.

best dog houses for german shepherd

Our Top Picks for The Best Dog Houses for German Shepherds

Preview Product Features Price

Best Overall

Suncast Outdoor Dog House
  • Made of heavy duty resin
  • Easy to set up
  • Looks nice

Best Runner Up

Petsfit Dog House
  • Made of solid wood and stainless steel hardware
  • Opening roof for easy cleaning
  • Adjustable feet to keep the dog house stays level
Aspen Pet PetBarn 3
  • Made of heavy duty plastic
  • Weather resistant
  • Raised floor
Petmate Precision Extreme Outback Log Cabin
  • Made of solid wood
  • Nice looks
  • Slanted shingle roof handles snow and rain
Dog Palace by ASL Solutions
  • Well made and does not leak
  • Well insulated
  • Feels very warm inside

Best Dog House for German Shepherds Reviews

Best German Shepherd House Overall

1. Suncast Outdoor Dog House

Suncast is a well-made outdoor dog house designed for dogs up to 70 pounds, which is perfect for adult German Shepherd. It is my top choice for the best German shepherd dog house.


The first plus point of this house is its spacious room. It has dimensions of 35″ x 27″ x 29.5″ while the door opening is at 11.75″ X 20.5″, which is big enough for your German shepherd to lay down and move around without much difficulty.


This extra large dog house is constructed from durable resin (plastic) and a crowned floor. The floor itself is very thin and weak, which is why some customers put plywood underneath the house to mount it on and reinforce the floor.

Overall, after assembly, the construction feels solid and strong.

Interesting Features

It’s worth to note that this dog house is good for all seasons, summer and winter. Since its wide door and vents have provided plenty of airflows, you can simply place the house in the shade to keep it cool in the summer heat.

During winter, the vinyl door flaps help to keep your German shepherd’s house warm and dry. Some customers jacked it up from the ground and added a heating pad inside to keep it even warmer. Remember, though, that it is not an insulated house if that’s what you’re looking for.

The house is easy to clean. You can clean it easily with a sponge and warm soap/water and take the roof off too if you need easy access to clean the inside. 

For an aesthetic purpose, you’ll find stick-on letters to put German shepherd’s name there. This house ships unassembled, but assembling is easy, you just need to snap the few pieces together.


  • Made from heavy-duty plastic
  • Spacious
  • Very easy to set up
  • Easy to clean
  • Includes a vinyl door for extra insulation and security


  • The floor is thin and a bit flimsy
  • Some users found that the floor and roof were a bit difficult to assemble

Runner Up

2. Petsfit Dog House

Petsfit is a well-known brand in dog gear. The sleek-looking Petsfit Dog House is one of their flagship products and in my opinion, is the best wood dog house for German shepherds out there.


The medium size of this wood dog house has inner dimensions of 22.3 in.W x 36.6 in.L x 22 in.H and the house dimensions of 41.3″ x 25.8″ x 30″, which is large enough for most German Shepherds. But you may choose smaller or larger depending on the size of your German shepherd dog. 

It comes in a choice of five different sizes and is available in four different colors (Light Grey, Red, Grey, and Yellow and White).


The house is made from kiln-dried cider treated with a natural stain and coated with natural paint. The stain helps safeguard the house against weather-related damage like rain, snow, and the sun, while the paint is non-toxic and helps to protect the house against pests.

Interesting Features

I like that the floor is raised floor to keep your German shepherd insulated against the wet and cold ground and adjustable feet for uneven surfaces. 

This dog house also comes with a plastic door flap that is purposely designed to be off-centered to keep your German shepherd dry in heavy rain. The roof is pretty solid as it is covered with asphalt shingling.

You can remove the floor and the door flap without tools or lift up the hinged roof in case you need quick access to the interior or for easy cleaning.

This house comes with pre-drilled holes for easy assembly. Many were impressed with how well all the pre-drilled holes lined up. Really, all you need is a screwdriver to put it together. 


  • Sturdy and well-made
  • Easy to put together
  • Adjustable legs
  • Very easy to assemble
  • Available in five sizes and four colors


  • Expensive.
  • A few owners expected better quality hardware for the price (such as stainless hardware)

3. Aspen Pet PetBarn 3

The Aspen Pet PetBarn 3 is an affordable dog house constructed with durable, rot-and-mold-resistant plastic.


The house provides a choice of four different sizes with the large size dimensions are 38″ X 29″ X 30″, and is designed to support German shepherd weighing up to 90 pounds.


This house is made from thick, solid, sturdy plastic. The roof is well designed to keep rainwater from getting in, and the bottom is wholly molded so water won’t seep in.

However, a few users found that the doorway is too large and too low, which cause water to pour in. In addition to sealing the rear vent and closure tabs, some customers made the opening door smaller.

Interesting Features

This house features extended roof guard rim and a raised floor to divert rain and snow. It also integrates a rear-air ventilation system that helps provide plenty of airflows and keeps the interior dry.

Assembly is easy, thanks to its quick-snap latches. Because of the plastic material, it’s easy to clean too.


  • Heavy duty plastic material
  • Easy to clean
  • Raised interior floor
  • Rain diverting rim
  • A rear-air ventilation system


  • The doorway is too large and too low.
  • Not the best option for winter.

4. Precision Pet Log Cabin Dog House

This house is another great quality, yet affordable wood dog house that looks aesthetically pleasing.


It is available in three different sizes (small, medium, and large) and comes in two color options (gray wood and natural wood). For adult German Shepherds, you might want to get the large size of this house, measuring 44.7″ x 32″ x 32.5″.


This Precision Pet Log Cabin is made from solid wood and stainless steel hardware. The wood is sealed with a protective coating to prevent damage from wet weather conditions.

Interesting Features

The house features a slanted asphalt roof and an off the ground floor that shelters your German shepherd from the elements along with adjustable feet that allow you to set it up on uneven surfaces.

It is easy to set up and only takes three steps to assemble.


  • Sharp-looking design
  • Solid wood construction
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • A slanted asphalt roof
  • Off the ground floor


  • Mixed reviews on the quality of this house.

5. Dog Palace Dog House by ASL Solutions

ASL Solutions offer two types of dog houses, Dog Palace and Deluxe Insulated Dog Palace. The difference between the two is the deluxe insulated model comes with a floor heater mat.


The ASL Dog Palace model measures at 38.5″ H x 31.5″ W x 47.5″, which is big enough for most German Shepherds to lay, stand up, and turn around comfortably.


This house is made using molded plastic, but unlike other plastic dog houses in this list, every panel in this house, including the ceiling, is filled with recycled foam insulation.

Some users complained that the insulation is lacking. The manufacturer does not use solid styrofoam panel but instead uses tiny styrofoam beads. Those beads only cover the wall panels about one-fourth to one-third of the way to the top.

So if you end up buying this dog house, you may need to fill the empty spaces with foam insulation.

Interesting Features

The floor is raised and features a drain hole to make it easy to clean. The two-pieces door is self-closing, with the bottom half is removable for training purposes.

The windows are self-storing and can be opened or closed without any tools to help the cool air inside the house.

This house comes unassembled, but the assembly is quite easy. You can watch the assembly video on the manufacturer’s website. There are also helpful tips in the assembly instructions for training your German shepherd to use the self-closing door.


  • Durable, sturdy plastic construction
  • Very easy to assemble
  • Self-closing door
  • Self-storing windows
  • Lifetime warranty on cracking or breaking


  • Not solid styrofoam panels.
  • Not recommended for strong chewers. They can chew and tear apart the insulation beads

6. Confidence Pet Dog House

Confidence produces a top-notch plastic dog house for medium to large dogs. The Confidence Pet Plastic Outdoor House is a simple, yet effective dog house that comes with several dog owner-friendly features.


It is available in a choice of two different sizes: medium and extra large. The medium size measures 29″ x 26.2″ x 27.4″ with the door is at 10.4″ x 17.3″. While the extra large size is at 41.3″ x 38 ″ x 38.8″ with the entrance size of 14″ x 24.4″. 


This German shepherd dog house from Confidence is made from molded plastic similar to the Suncast Dog House. However, between the two, I would choose Suncast, because it uses tougher plastic at a lower price.

Interesting Features

I should warn you; this dog house is not insulated at all. I think it’s okay to use this house for summer since the house is pretty cool, but it’s not fit for winter as the walls are too thin for cold weather conditions.


  • Lightweight
  • A large door opening
  • Big enough for two medium dogs
  • High roof height
  • Pretty cool


  • Thin plastic materials
  • Not insulated
  • Assembling could be difficult. A few customers said that the pre-drilled holes were not properly aligned

7. Indigo w/ Microban

If you live in a cold climate, you may want to consider the PetMate Indigo.

This heavy-duty dog house is designed to protect your dog against rain and cold weather, thanks to its insulation and house design.

As the name says, the igloo house features microban anti-bacterial protection that prevents the growth of bacteria and mold. It is also spacious and can accommodate dogs weighing from 25 to 175 pounds.


  • Amazing insulation
  • Easy to put together
  • Sturdy construction
  • Spacious.


  • Expensive

What to Look for When Picking a Dog House for German Shepherd?

Different dog houses are made from different materials and have various features. So, you want to make sure the dog house that you’re about to buy is the one that your German shepherd needs the most.

Here’re important features to consider when buying a house for your GSD.


German shepherd inside dog house

Before choosing any house for your German shepherd, make sure to review its overall measurements. At a minimum, you’ll want to get a dog house that has roughly the same size as your German shepherd’s crate.

Ideally, the house should be big enough for your German shepherd to lie down, stand up, and turn around comfortably.

How to Measure Your German Shepherd for a Dog House

To choose the right size dog house for your German shepherd, you’ll want to measure your German shepherd’s nose-to-rump size and his flooring to move top when sitting.

After you get the measurement, add a few inches to the measurement, that’s the minimum dog house sizes for your German shepherd.


Commonly, there are two types of materials used in making a dog house: wood and plastic. Here are the comparisons between the two.

  • A wood dog house is sturdier than a plastic dog house, though more expensive and heavier.
  • Aesthetically speaking, a wood dog house provides that crisp, traditional look that never goes out of style.
  • A plastic dog house is naturally resistant to rot and insects.
  • Painting a wood dog house is easy, but it’s not the same with a plastic dog house.

It’s up to you to choose which one as either material is fine. Consider your budget and your German shepherd’s needs before making a decision.


Dog houses can be categorized into three types: classic, igloo dog houses, and gazebo shelters.

  • Traditional dog houses are simple and a good choice for most dogs. All dog houses on this list are traditional dog houses.
  • If you live in a cold climate, igloo dog houses can be an excellent choice. You can find my recommendation for the best igloo dog houses here.
  • Dog gazebo shelters are a great option if you live in hot and dry climates. These types of dog houses are composed of fenced-in enclosures with top canvas.

Other Useful Features

Properly ventilated dog houses are a plus point since the vents increase the amount of airflow and prevent your German shepherd from getting overheated during summer. Adequate ventilation also helps to prevent a build-up of moisture in the winter.

A raised floor is another useful feature to protect your German shepherd from the wet and cold ground. It is also useful for improving air circulation and sheltering your German shepherd from external elements like pests and parasites.

Some dog houses also feature a removable floor and floor panels, which makes cleaning easier.

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