The 5 Best Dog Bowls for German Shepherds in 2021 (Review and Buyer’s Guide)

Although it may seem otherwise, finding the right food or water bowl for your dog is important, especially for dogs like German shepherd.

Our Top Picks for The Best Dog Bowls for German Shepherds

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Best Overall

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Pet Zone ADJUSTABLE Elevated Dog Bowls
  • Raised helps to aid in digestion
  • Adjustable height options
  • Easy to carry and assemble
  • Easy to clean
Outward Hound Fun Feeder Dog Bowl
  • Improves digestion by slowing down meals
  • Rubber non slip bottom
  • Dishwater safe
Bone Dry DII Lattice Square Ceramic Pet Bowl
  • Ceramic dishes clean up better than plastic or metal
  • Non skin bottom
  • Easy to clean
GPET Dog Bowl
  • Get a set of two for the cost of one
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Do no tip or spill
AmazonBasics Stainless Steel Dog Bowl
  • Get a set of two bowls
  • Rubber base
  • Clean up easily

The Best Dog Bowl for German Shepherds Reviews

Best German Shepherd Bowl Overall

1. Pet Zone Elevated Adjustable Dog Bowls

Available in blue, black, or pink, these stands with doggie bowls can be 2.75”, 8”, or 12” in height because you can adjust them to the height you prefer.

The stand consists of two separate bowls and adjusts to the size of your German shepherd, meaning your GSD can comfortably use them regardless of their age or size.

Your canine can relieve joint and bone stress and get into a position that aids in digestion with these well-designed pet bowls. They are also easy to clean and rust-resistant, and the bowls are even dishwasher-safe for a low-maintenance appeal. 

You can even remove the legs when it’s not being used, making it super-easy to store it away when you don’t need it anymore.


  • Pet parents love that their GSDs don’t have to bend as much when eating, especially when the dogs are suffering from arthritis or mobility issues. They also love that the bowls hold a lot of food and water, so you don’t have to fill them up as often.


  • Customers have complained most about two things: the low quality of the stand and the fact that it is not very stable.

Best Slow Feed Dog Bowl

2.Outward Hound Fun Feeder Dog Bowl

To say this bowl is fun is an understatement. It is made in a round design that looks like a maze on the inside, making it the perfect bowl for German shepherds that typically eat too fast and, therefore, have digestion problems.

The bowl comes in five different colors, each with its own maze pattern, and it even has a non-slip base to reduce spills and sliding.

The bowl is also available in three different sizes, with the largest one can hold four cups of dry kibble.

If you’ve been told by your vet that your GSD eats too fast, this is the perfect solution because it allows your fido to eat up to 10 times slower than they did before.

It is also made with safe materials and contains no PVC, BPA, or phthalate.


  • Customers who purchased this bowl love their vibrant colors and the fact that their GSDs get some mental stimulation every time they eat. They also love that their dogs seem to adapt to the bowls easily and quickly.


  • Some users have claimed their GSDs’ nose were injured when trying to use the bowl, and others complained about the plastic coating coming off in flakes.

Best Ceramic Dog Bowl

3.Bone Dry DII Lattice Square Ceramic Pet Bowl

Available in either a square or round design and four different colors, this bowl is perfect for food, water, or even treats. 

The lattice design is fun and stylish, and there is even a silicone rim at the bottom to prevent it from slipping while your pet is eating. The porcelain ceramic materials make it dishwasher-safe and low-maintenance, and it is made to complement anyone’s decor.

Best of all, because of the different sizes available, this bowl is great for kittens or puppies, larger dogs such as German shepherds, and everything in between.

It is sound in design and built to last, making it a product that can accommodate your pet during its entire lifetime.


  • Customers love the look of this bowl, not to mention its non-slip design, which makes mealtime a lot less messy. They also love the various sizes and the fact that the bowls are super-easy to clean and not fragile or too delicate.


  • The complaints received from customers center around issues such as the product not being the size it said it was in the product description, and the silicone ring being easily removed by their pet.

Best Stainless Steel Dog Bowl

4.GPET Dog Bowl

The GPET dog bowl is made out of stainless steel and even has a cute doggie bone design, which is sure to attract your GSD’s attention. 

If you’re researching the best bowls for German shepherds, this is definitely one to consider. It can hold a full 32 ounces of food or water and even has a rubber base to prevent it from sliding around as the dog eats.

You can get a set of two bowls for under $13, which makes it a steal, and its rust-resistant design allows you to keep it around for a very long time. 

It is also dishwasher-safe and odor-free, not to mention non-toxic. It is indeed a bowl that both you and your furry family member will love, and it is covered with a two-year money-back guarantee for your convenience.


  • Customers love that these are sturdy, well-made bowls, and they especially love the large capacity and the fact that they are a great value for the money. 


  • Customer complaints mostly revolve around the quality of the stainless steel, which some of them claim leaves a residue behind and even makes the dog sick.

Best Budget Pick

5. AmazonBasics Stainless Steel Dog Bowl

Made for pets of all sizes and ages, these stainless-steel bowls are great for both food and water, and you can get a set of two for roughly $14. 

They hold up to 38-ounces of dry or wet pet food, water, or treats, and they are rust-resistant and, therefore, will never hold odors like plastic bowls can.

The rubber base both protects floors and prevents the bowls from slipping as the dog eats its meal, and they are even dishwasher-safe for easy maintenance. 

If you’re looking for a pet bowl that is large, safe for them to eat out of, and reasonably priced, the AmazonBasics stainless-steel canine bowl is what you need.


  • One of the things customers love the most is that even feisty animals cannot purposely tip the bowls over and spill their food, thanks to the rubber base and well-made design. They also love the size of the bowls, which is larger than many other bowls on the market.


  • Some customers have complained that the bowls eventually got rusty. Others have claimed that the rubber base isn’t secured well enough to the bowl and, therefore, doesn’t work as it should.

What To Look For When Buying a Bowl for German Shepherd?

Finding the best bowls for German shepherds isn’t complex once you know what you’re looking for, and the first thing you should look for is the size of the bowl. 

German shepherds are large dogs, so they need a large food and water bowl. After all, you shouldn’t have to fill up the bowl twice just to make sure your furry friend is eating a complete meal.

As a general rule, dog bowls should hold a minimum of two cups of dry canine food and a quart of water. However, if you’re feeding a puppy or kitten, you usually don’t need bowls of this size. 

Remember, keeping your pets healthy means feeding them in proper proportions, so you should never use a large bowl as an excuse to feed your German shepherd too much.

Some other tips to make sure your German shepherd has the right type of bowl include:

  • A bowl that is designed to be tip-proof
  • A durable bowl, preferably one made out of stainless steel or even ceramic
  • Always buy separate bowls for food and water – never use the same bowl for both.
  • Bowls that prevent the fido from eating too quickly can be a miracle-worker for GSDs with digestive problems.
  • Elevated bowls make it much more comfortable for large canines to eat and drink.
  • Heated water bowls for GSDs that eat outdoors can make mealtime much easier and more pleasant.
  • Tapered bowls keep long ears from dipping down into the bowl as the canine eats.

Other bowls that seem to work best for extra-large dogs include bowls with no smooth basin, such as those that have partitions or raised bumps in the basin to prevent your German shepherd from eating too fast, a common trait in large dogs. 

These bowls require the GSD to use his tongue to get the kibble out and don’t allow him to take large gulps of food quickly.

Another type that is great for large breeds is the automatic feeder, which administers small portions of food during specific times of the day. 

These are not only perfect for large canines, but also for those that need to trim down some and lose some weight. They even minimize gulping and, therefore, prevent the dogs from eating too fast.

You should also keep the following tips in mind:

  • All canines need both food and water bowls, so never think you can do without them.
  • Research the bowls thoroughly because the types of bowls are numerous; they include standard, adjustable, elevated, automatic, slow-feed, and anti-skid bowls, all of which offer advantages to your GSD.
  • Consider the many different features that make each bowl unique, including the materials it consists of, standard versus slow-feeding bowls, and elevated bowls, among others.
  • If you’re unsure how high your GSD food bowl should be, simply measure how tall your German shepherd is from the tops of his shoulder, then subtract six inches from that number. The number will be how tall your GSD bowl should be.

Dogs that are large or who have long snouts also need certain types of food and water bowls. If you own a German shepherd, these are some things to remember:

  • Choose a deep bowl to make sure your dog’s mouth has enough room to consume the food.
  • Choose an elevated bowl if your dog tends to regurgitate a lot or has a megaesophagus. This means the esophagus is softer and larger than normal.
  • Elevated bowls are also perfect for dogs with life-threatening conditions such as bloat, which can contort and twist the stomach and are very painful.
  • Also, when checking out bowl for your German shepherd, you should consider a collapsible bowl if you and your furry family member are on the go a lot.

As you can see, there are hundreds of choices when it comes to the size of the bowl, the materials it is made of, the special features it offers, and the overall design of the bowl, and this doesn’t even include any unique aspects that many of the newer bowls provide!

Related Questions

1. Are Elevated Bowls Good for German Shepherds?

Absolutely! This is mainly because elevated dog bowls are made especially for larger dogs, which can often be uncomfortable when trying to eat out of standard dog bowls.

With elevated dog bowls, your German shepherd never has to reach down too far to eat or drink, making the bowls especially useful for German shepherds who have arthritis or other mobility issues.

2. Is it Better to Have Raised Bowls?

Raised dog bowls offer numerous advantages, which is why they are often chosen by pet parents.

They make eating much less messy because the stand they are sitting on makes it harder for the kibble to fall on the floor; instead, it will fall on the stand, which is easier to clean up afterward.

3. How Tall Should Your Dog’s Bowl Be?

The top of the stand should be square with the dog’s shoulders to be most comfortable if you choose an elevated dog bowl. As a general rule – and this is a very general number indeed – large dogs such as German shepherds should have a bowl that is 15 to 20 inches tall.