The 5 Best Dog Beds for German Shepherds in 2021 (Review and Buyer’s Guide)

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the best dog bed for German shepherds is, then we recommend the Big Barker 7 Orthopedic Dog Bed as the best one.

best dog bed for german shepherds

German shepherds are not only great watchdogs but great family dogs as well. The average German shepherd dog weighs roughly 65 to 90 lbs if they’re a male and 50 to 70 lbs if they’re female. They are naturally protective but have a loving nature that even kids love.

If you’re looking for the best dog beds for German shepherds, you should first learn what you’re looking for, and this is easier to do than you think.

Our Top Picks for The Best Dog Beds for German Shepherds

Preview Product Features Price
Big Barker 7 Pillow Top Orthopedic Dog Bed
  • 7″ thick comfy foam
  • Microfiber cover
  • Easy to clean and vacuum
  • 10 year warranty
BarksBar Gray Orthopedic Dog Bed
  • Made from nice thick materials (nylon, faux suede and faux shearling)
  • 360 degree bolster
  • Removable and washable cover
  • Thick bottom pad
K&H Elevated Dog Bed
  • Keeps your dog stay cool in the summer
  • Made with breathable mesh for airflow
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to put together
Furhaven Sofa Style Dog Bed
  • Firm, yet comfortable foam pad
  • Includes bolsters for your dog’s head
  • Washable cover
  • Zipper lining
KOPEKS 7-Inch-Thick Dog Bed
  • Orthopedic and hypoallergenic
  • Easy to remove cover
  • Anti slip bottom

The Best Dog Bed For German Shepherds Reviews

Best Orthopedic Dog Bed for German Shepherd

1. Big Barker 7 Dog Bed

The Big Barker Orthopedic Dog Bed is my top pick for the best dog bed for German Shepherd. Available in four different colors, this dog bed is specially made for a large or extra-large dog such as German shepherd dogs or Rottweiler

It even comes in three different sizes to ensure your own large dog will be accommodated. It is made with therapeutic materials that will not flatten over time, and if it does, they’ll refund your money.

Soft, but sturdy, the large bed is 48” x 30” x 7” in size, so it is nice and thick, not to mention able to keep the dog comfortable the entire time he’s resting. It is even easy to clean because it is machine washable so all you do is throw it in the washing machine! Another thing that makes it the best dog bed is it comes with a 10-year guarantee, so you can count on keeping it around for a while.


  • What people loved most about this was its ability to keep less mobile and older dogs a lot more comfortable, including dogs that have ailments such as arthritis. In addition to the luxurious microfiber cover, they also loved the headrest because it adds a little more ambiance and effectiveness to the entire bed.


  • Some customers claimed that their dogs love to dig and thus, end up digging until the fabric rips open, meaning they had to clean up the loose foam that falls out of the bed.

Best Sofa Dog Bed for German Shepherd

2. BarksBar Gray Orthopedic Dog Bed

The BarksBar Gray Orthopedic Dog Bed is another high-quality orthopedic dog bed for your German shepherd dog. It is available in three different sizes, with the largest one being a full 40” x 30” x 10”.

Since it can hold up to 100 lbs without tearing or ripping, you can even let a few smaller dogs rest on it if you like. It is also made with a polyester cover and a quilted design that is super-soft, but sturdy enough to last for many years to come.  Not forget to mention padded rim cushion for neck, back, and hip support.

The bed has a sleek design that will match anyone’s decor, and it even comes with a non-slip rubber coating on the bottom to prevent it from slipping should you have floors made out of tile or wood. In fact, its unique design is why it is always considered one of the best dog beds for German shepherds year after year.


  • Customers claimed that they couldn’t get their canines out of this bed because it was so comfortable, and they also loved that it was high quality, yet very reasonably priced.


  • Some users complained that the bed got flat fairly quickly and that the padding tore easily if your dog is unusually active.

Best Elevated Bed for German Shepherd

3. K&H Elevated Dog Bed

After looking at many different options, I think the K&H dog bed is the best-elevated pet bed for German shepherd dogs. It comes in three different sizes and looks similar to a cot. The largest size is 32” x 50” x 9”, and the bed keeps dogs cool in the summer and warm during the winter months.

It can also hold up to 200 lbs and, therefore, can accommodate dogs that are quite large. The mesh is even able to thwart dirt, mildew, moisture, bacteria, parasites, and odors that could cause several health issues and skin problems.

You can also assemble and disassemble this bed without the use of tools, making it both quick and easy to get it set upright. It is easy to clean, you just need to hose it down or wipe it with a clean cloth, and there is even a bed cover that you can remove and place in the washing machine when it gets dirty.


  • One of the most common compliments by dog owners is the bed’s longevity because owners are keeping it for long periods of time to keep their dogs comfortable. They also loved that the bed provided a lot of support and comfort, even when in the great outdoors.


  • One owner complained about the legs on the bed, scratching up their floors, while a few others said that the mesh center came apart from the rest of the bed.

4. Furhaven Super-Soft Dog Bed

In my opinion, Furhaven makes the best sofa-style dog bed for your dog. Affordably priced, this dog bed is perfect for a large breed dog and comes in six sizes and with four types of orthopedic memory foam dog bed.

It also comes in more than 20 different colors, so it will easily match your living room decor every time. It has a removable and washable cover as well and is made with egg-crate high-density memory foam that improves circulation and keeps the dog super comfortable time after time.

The foam itself is Certipur US certified. Machine washable and low-maintenance, this dog bed is therapeutic and, therefore, can accommodate dogs with arthritis and other conditions, and it consists of a faux fur top, and silken suede bolsters. It is an excellent bed for your German shepherd for many reasons!


  • Owners of this bed loved the contoured edges, which they said was suitable for dogs with hip problems, as well as the many colors it came in and the pillow design that kept their dogs extra-pampered.


  • One buyer complained that the bed was not nearly thick enough and that it was not a true orthopedic foam bed. A few others also said that the zipper broke the first time the bed was washed.

5. KOPEKS 7-Inch-Thick Dog Bed

Available in brown, beige, and gray, the KOPEKS dog bed is 50” x 34” x 7” in size and even has a headrest that is three inches thick

The hypoallergenic orthopedic memory foam is just like the type you find in high-end mattresses, it provides deep cushioning and it is perfect for relieving joint pain and pressure points in your dog’s body.

The interior section of the bed offers double layers for extra comfort, while the outer cover is waterproof lining to protect it from doggie accidents. It even comes with an anti-slip bottom in case you intend to lay it on top of hardwood or tile floors. Of course, this is one of the best dog beds for German shepherds for yet another reason – both arthritic and healthy pooches are sure to enjoy it!


  • Customers claimed that the bed had a perfect combination of firmness and softness, which made it a super-comfortable bed for all large dogs. They also loved that their 120+-lb dogs were able to fit on it comfortably.


  • Some customers complained that their furry friends had accidents on the bed, and it leaked through, while others said that the overall quality and smell were worse than they were expecting.

6. PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed

Available in three colors and four different sizes. The PetFusion ultimate dog bed is one of the best bed choices for German shepherds.

It features a high-quality orthopedic memory foam that has no lead, phthalates, formaldehyde, or ozone-depleters. Its therapeutic qualities mean it can relieve joint aches and pains. The largest size is 50” x 40” and perfect for super-large dogs, and there is even a non-skid bottom for your convenience.

There is also a removable cover that can be thrown in the washing machine when it gets dirty. Its waterproof memory foam liner protects the bed from doggie accidents and won’t stain. The mattress is made out of a polyester-cotton twill blend, and it provides not just relief from pain, but also increased mobility and energy.


  • Customers loved the luxurious feel and look of this bed and the fact that it allows even extra-large canines to stretch out and get comfortable. The bed provided a lot of support and conformed to their dogs’ body shape. They also loved the many benefits of having an orthopedic memory foam bed.


  • Some customers complained about the zippers being plastic and not metal, as well as some doggie urine leaking through the bed when their dog had an accident.

7. Kuranda Dog Bed

The Kuranda dog bed is available in five colors and six different sizes, and the largest one is 40” x 25” in size. 

This product sits up off the floor and is made out of heavy-duty vinyl fabric, and thanks to its high-quality aluminum frame, dogs up to 250 lbs. can be accommodated. It is also meant to be used both outdoors and indoors, making it great for all pet parents.

Because of the vinyl fabric, this bed is super easy to clean and keeps your dog dry, cool, and comfortable all year long. Its surface is smooth and, therefore, feels good against the dog’s skin, and its attractive colors include royal blue, forest green, and burgundy.


  • One of the things pet-lovers appreciate the most about this bed is the fact that the vinyl fabric is chew-proof, meaning they don’t have to worry about their dog chewing through it and causing it damage. They also love that the bed won’t block air vents while being used.


  • Some customers complained it didn’t do well outdoors because it held water and the fact that it was difficult to put together. Some had also complained about it falling apart after using it only for a short while.

What To Look for When Picking a Bed For German Shepherd?

When you’re looking at the best dog beds for German shepherds, it might be a little overwhelming at first due to the number of dog beds that are available. Fortunately, you can make it a little easier on yourself by taking into consideration the things most important to you and your dog, which makes finding a great dog bed a whole lot quicker.

Before you rush out to the pet store or search online, here are a few things you should consider that will help ensure you get the perfect dog bed in the end:


Fortunately, dog beds come in all different price ranges, so don’t assume they’re all expensive or that the less-expensive products are of inferior quality.

Medical Condition

Large dogs like German shepherds are at high risk of genetic hip deformity. According to the study, 8 out of 10 senior large canines suffer from osteoarthritis.  Because of this, you want to find a bed that can give maximum support for healthy joints and hips. If your dog has any special ailments, such as arthritis or hip dysplasia, you may want to consider a therapeutic or orthopedic bed of some type.

Sleeping Position and Habits

Every dog has different favorite sleeping positions. Some dogs like to burrow under the blanket or sleep surrounded by cushions, some sleep stretched out, and others like to sleep with their side or stomach with their head dangling. Knowing your dog’s sleeping habits can help you figure out the right beds for them.

Size and Thickness

Make sure you know how what is your dog’s weight and how long he is, including when he’s stretched out and relaxing so that you get the right size dog bed. Also if you plan to use it in your dog’s crate, you will want to check to be sure that the bed will fit in.

Ease of Cleaning

It’s important to keep your dog’s bed clean especially since German shepherds are known to shed their coat year-round.  Ideally, you should be able to remove dust, dander, and clumps of pet hair from the bed by just using a vacuum cleaner. All German shepherd dog beds will have care instructions on what you need to do to clean them, and many of them even have removable covers that can be thrown in the washing machine for easy maintenance.


if you travel a lot and want to take the dog bed with you, or if you frequently let your dog go from inside to outside and vice versa, you’ll need a bed that is easily transported.


Durability is the first thing that you should consider when it comes to the materials. You want a bed that is made of sturdy materials that are meant to last your GSD’s lifespan. Some of the sturdiest materials include ballistic nylon, textured nylon, and heavy-duty vinyl.

If you’re interested in something specific, such as memory foam or a waterproof bed, you should definitely check on that before you make your purchase. Also, keep in mind you want to avoid beds made with synthetic materials or toxic chemicals as they could lead to allergies, respiratory issues, and other illnesses.

Customer reviews

All online stores have customer reviews and ratings, so even if you intend to buy your doggie bed at your local pet store, you can quickly go online and check it out first.

Warranties and guarantees

Accidents happen, and if you want your doggie bed to last regardless of what your pet does to it, you’ll need to check any warranties or guarantees that come from the manufacturer. This is especially important if your dog is a heavy chewer that loves to chew on everything.

Fortunately, most of this information is easy to find because you can find it in any online description that is available. You can also find detailed information on the packaging or tags that come with the dog beds if you choose to research them in a brick-and-mortar store. In fact, it is very easy to get details on any dog bed you’re considering buying, especially if you plan to shop online.

Before you make a final decision on your GSD bed, you can never do enough research. For instance, did you know that if your dog loves to chew, it might be best to consider buying a less expensive dog bed in case your dog tears it apart later on? Or that memory foam sometimes holds onto odor for a long time? Or that dogs with thick fur or long dog hair usually do better in a cot than a bed, because it usually has mesh for breath-ability?

You’ll also need a waterproof bed if your dog has frequent accidents, as well as a hypoallergenic cover if your dog is sensitive to certain scents and materials. 

There are also many types of doggie beds, including:

  • Pillow beds, which are essentially large pillows and provide a lot of comfort and support.
  • Donut beds, which have a slightly raised edge all the way around and helps your dog feel more secure.
  • Bolster beds that look like mini-sofas and have large raised areas that are a lot like pillows.
  • Cave-style beds that have covers and allow the dog to “hide” within them.
  • Hammocks or cots, which are raised off the floor and need minimal padding.

As you can see, finding the best dog beds for German shepherds and other large dogs requires a little preplanning, but mostly because even if the dog bed you end up choosing is inexpensive, you’ll still want it to last for as long as possible. If you buy a bed and discover after you get it home that it doesn’t accommodate your dog, this can cause a lot of headaches for both you and your fur baby.

Related Questions

How Do I Choose the Right Size Bed for My German Shepherd?

Since each manufacturer has a different idea of what constitutes “small,” “large,” and so on, you’ll need to read the descriptions carefully to make sure you get the right size. You also need to measure the dog correctly, which means measuring their length when they’re laying down and completely stretched out, and measuring their height as well. For the length, add an additional five inches to make sure you get a bed that is large enough

How Do I Get My German Shepherd to Sleep on its New Bed?

You can start by placing the bed in another room besides your bedroom, and then place one of your dog’s favorite toys on top of it. Let your dog sniff the bed and become familiar with it, then command him to get on the bed while you’re there with him. Reward him for his good behavior, and if it fails and you don’t succeed, try putting the bed in a location where your dog likes to nap so that it can feel more comfortable with it.

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