The 8 Best Brushes for Goldendoodles in 2021 (Review and Buyer’s Guide)

Getting the right brush will allow you to go a lot longer between visits to the professional groomer. It isn’t a bad idea to visit a grooming service every month or so just to make sure that there’s nothing wrong with your Goldendoodle’s coat, but the only way you’ll be able to stretch out those visits if you have the right brush for the job.

Our Top Picks for The Best Brushes for Goldendoodle

Best Brush for Goldendoodle Reviews

Best Goldendoodle Brush Overall

best brush for Goldendoodle

1. FURminator Slicker Brush

The FURminator Firm Slicker Brush, in my opinion, is the best dog brush for Goldendoodle. I’m a big fan of all FURminator products which is known for years for their innovative design, sturdy construction, and ergonomic handle.

The attractive design and model alone make the brush stand out from other competitors in the same field. It does a perfect job of removing surface mats and tangles without pulling, leaving behind a very healthy and shiny coat afterward.

The bristles are easy to clean and the spacing of the metal bristles reduces pressure on your dog’s coat so you can safely use this even for a dog with sensitive skin. Before using this brush, please perform a quick checkup on your dog’s coat to avoid traumatize ulcers, sores, hot spots, or inflamed areas.

Con: Some dog owners had had problems with the brush coming apart after a light brushing and grooming session.

Runner Up

2. Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush

The Hertzko Brush is designed to work for Goldendoodles of all sizes and coats, including long, medium, short, wiry, thick, or curly. It helps to remove loose undercoat, visible and hidden mats, and tangles.

The bristle/pin brushes are fine bent wires made specially to slip deep into the dog’s undercoat scratching their skin. Another feature that we like is the easy-to-clean feature. With just one push-button, the bristles retract into the brush, making the hair easy to wipe off. It is also designed to provide a comfortable grip for you, which is useful to minimize the risk of getting hand and wrist strain, even with hours of use.

Con: Some dog owners had reported their Goldendoodles were afraid of the clicking sound the button made.

3. Tailmate Double Sided Pin and Bristle Brush

The Tailmate Double Sided Pin Brush and Bristle Brush is the best budget pick for Goldendoodle brush as this brush tackles two types of grooming for the price of one. 

The bristle side helps to stimulate the production of natural oils and distribute your dog’s natural oil through their coat while the pin brush removes the loose hair and keeps the coat free from tangles and mats.

The brush is easy to use, it’s so easy even your children can use it. The bristles are made from soft yet firm nylons with rounded pins to penetrate deep into the dog’s coat. The handle is the anti-slip type so you can groom your dog comfortably.

Con: You need to handle the deep penetrating bristles carefully as they can scratch your dog’s skin if you are not careful.

4. JW Pet Gripsoft Dog Slicker Brush

The JW Pet Gripsoft Dog Slicker Brush is a good option for Goldendoodle with a sensitive skin problem.

The rounded head together with the angled soft pins allows you to brush your dog gently. It removes all the mats and tangles effectively.

When we tested it, we saw that there was no trace of matting and dead fur left behind. Together with its ergonomic handle, it is one of the best brushes for Doodles.

5. Pettom Pet Grooming Comb

The Pettom Pet Comb is an ideal option for finishing and fluffing your Goldendoodle’s gorgeous coat. 

There are two comb sizes that you can choose from, the thin side can be used to comb knotted fur, while the dense side can be used to groom the smooth fur found in the area of eye, ear, and leg.

It removes tangles and mats as well as any dirt and debris easily. With the added benefit of stimulating skin and hair follicles that nourish your Goldendoodle’s coat, this comb is one the must-have Goldendoodle grooming tools that you must carry around in your brushing and grooming bag.

6. Safari Pin and Bristle Brush for Dogs

Safari is a 2-in-1 brush that can be used as a bristle and pin brush. A good deal, you pay one and get one free.

Usage is easy. First, use the pin side to remove tangles and mats. Then, switch to the bristle side to distribute the natural oils in your Goldendoodle’s skin.

7. Delomo Pet Grooming Glove

The upgraded version of Delomo Pet Grooming Glove is improved with 225 silicone grooming tips.

Most customers reported how much their Goldendoodles love this glove. Because this glove makes your Goldendoodle feels like he is being petted.

Another advantage is that you can use this glove over his whole body, including legs, soft belly, tail, and the head without objection.

This glove also comes with an adjustable wrist strap to make it tight to your hands.

8. Andis Pet Steel Comb

This affordable Andis Pet Steel Comb has outstanding quality: a very heavy, good-quality metal comb.

Most groomers recommend it for dogs who have more hair than fur like doodles, as the comb penetrates deep into your Goldendoodle’s thick coat to find hidden mats and tangles.

Goldendoodle Coat Type and Characteristic

Goldendoodle's coat type: flait, straight, wavy, or curly.

Goldendoodle’s coat type is a mixture of curly Poodle and long-haired Golden Retriever. The Poddle has a long-hair without fluffy undercoat, while Golden Retriever has a thick double coat. The combination of those two parents produces many types of offsprings of different sizes, shapes, and colors.

Some Goldendoodles are more similar to the Golden Retriever’s coat type, others have less hair with a curly coat. However, for most Goldendoodle dogs, their coats can be classified into these three different types of coats.

The first type is wavy hair that looks like human hair. Goldendoodle dogs with this type of coat require very low maintenance as they shed very little. The second type is a curly hair that looks like a Poodle hair.

The second type can have short or long hair. They are easy to maintain but still require some grooming.

And the third type is a fleece coat. They have a curl hair with a very smooth texture.

Goldendoodle doesn’t shed or shed very little, they get this trait from their Poodle parent. Even though they shed less than most other breeds that don’t mean they don’t need grooming, they still require some grooming to keep your dog’s coat in the best shape possible — removing dead hair and preventing mats and tangles from forming.

How to Groom Goldendoodle

Pick the best brush to groom your Goldendoodle.

Some people choose to clip their Goldendoodle for easier maintenance. But even if you choose to go down this route, you still need to brush your Goldendoodle once every few weeks. Don’t forget you may need to also pay a visit to the parlor every 6 – 8 weeks to keep your dog’s coat stay groomed.

You don’t need to bathe your Goldendoodle too often as it can deprive your Goldendoodle of natural oils and moisture. Depending on your Goldendoodle’s activity level, once a month is usually enough.

You should also check their ears for redness or bad odor. Clean the outer ear with a cotton ball moistened with ear cleaner. Remember, don’t insert anything into ear cleaner just clean the outer ear.

Feed your Goldendoodle with high-quality food and supplements. The dog food should be a well-balanced food that contains all the nutrients needed. In addition, it’s a good idea to add Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acid supplements to your Goldendoodle’s diet. Fish oil and flaxseed are known as the best supplement that contains Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. Those supplements keep your Goldendoodles’ coat healthy and shiny.

Last but not least, you need to regularly brush and de-shed your Goldendoodles. Regular brushing helps to remove dead dog’s skin and hair and stimulate the production of natural skin oils that help with hair growth and ensure your Goldendoodles’ coat stays clean and shiny. In the next section, we will learn the different types of brushes needed to groom your Goldendoodle.

Different Types of Dog Brushes for Goldendoodles

There are different types of brushes, and depending on your Goldendoodle’s coat type you may need one or more of them.

1. Bristle Brushes

If your Goldendoodle has a curly coat you won’t need this brush, but if your Goldendoodle has fleece or wavy coat then you will need bristle brush to groom them. When you’re choosing a brush for Goldendoodle, you will want to get a bristle brush that has boar bristles or a mix of boar and nylon bristles. Avoid bristle brush that has only nylon bristles as it can break your Goldendoodle’s hair and coat.

Bristle brush comes with bristles in different lengths and densities. If you have Goldendoodles with long coats then you need to use a bristle brush that has widely-spaced, long bristles. As for Goldendoodles with short coats, you need to use a bristle brush with bristles that are closer together and shorter. To groom Goldendoodles with coarse hair, you need to use stiffer bristles while for Goldendoodles with smooth hair, use softer bristles.

2. Pin Brushes

Pin brushes or known as wire pin brushes are a good choice for Goldendoodles with medium to long coats and with wooly or curly coats. To use the pin brush, you need to begin brushing your Goldendoodle from head to bottom or in the direction of the hair growth. After the first step is complete, the next step is to brush from bottom to head. Brushing your Goldendoodle in the opposite direction helps to grab as much dead hair as possible and you will have an easier time working through knots and mats in their coat. Remember the goal of using a pin brush is to brush the hair, not the dog’s skin. So be careful not to scratch your Goldendoodle’s skin.

3. Slicker Brushes

Once you have finished with the pin brushes the next step is to use slicker brushes. It is also good to use after giving your Goldendoodle a bath. This brush is used to remove small tangles and mats hidden in the undercoat. You want to brush your Goldendoodle from head to bottom, don’t brush your Goldendoodle against the hair growth as it can create more tangles. When you brush using slicker brushes, make sure not to brush your Goldendoodle repeatedly in the same area or you could damage the dog’s skin.

4. Combs

Combs such as Greyhound or Poddle combs are used for finishing or fluffing. These combs are perfectly suited to pick the remaining small knots that you might miss from the previous brushing session. To use these combs, you want to start with the wide-tooth end to deal with larger knots and finished with the fine-tooth end for fine detailing. Be careful when using the combs as it can scratch your Goldendoodle’s skin.

5. Dematting Tool (Optional)

If your Goldendoodle has a hard time with tangles and mats, you may need to consider using demating tools such as the Furminator, undercoat rake, or de-matting comb. However, you want to be careful when using these Goldendoodle grooming tools because they are very sharp and can slice your Goldendoodle’s skin easily. Alternatively, you can use a detangling conditioner that can help to prevent mats and tangles.

What To Look For When Picking a Brush for Goldendoodle

Here are some important features to consider when trying to find the best Goldendoodle brush.

Look for a grooming brush that is plenty slick

Slick grooming brushes are much denser than thin brushes but have the ability to cruise right through both of the different coats that your Goldendoodle has on their body.

These kinds of brushes usually have much thinner pins that bend a lot more than brushes with thicker pins, and usually have a higher density of these individual pins on the brush as well. This allows you to separate more individual hairs with each and every single pass-through of your Goldendoodle’s coats.

Flexible pins with plenty of strength are critical

We really can’t harp on the importance of having flexible pins with plenty of strength enough, not when you’re looking to get your hands on a brush for Goldendoodle.

Pins that are too stiff are going to pull and tear and your dog’s coats as well as the sensitive skin they have underneath their fur, causing pain and also raising the potential for infection and irritation. Pins that have way too much flexibility in aren’t going to do any good, either, as they will simply jump and bump over your Goldendoodles rather than pulling the individual hairs apart.

Look for something with a large handle on it – and an even larger head

Because you are going to have to spend a little bit of time brushing and grooming your Goldendoodle, working the brush through their fur and their coat to keep them happy and healthy, you’re going to want a brush that fits comfortably in your hand.

Brushes with larger handles are almost always more comfortable than those with tiny handles, and ergonomic handle should definitely be considered before you pull the trigger on this kind of purchase.

The balance that the handle affords is also important, and it should be made of a material that seems to stick to your hand almost all by itself without forcing you to really choke the shaft of the brush so that your hands become fatigued.

You also need to look for the brush with a large head on it.

This guarantees that there are more of those flexible and bendable pins we were talking about just a moment ago, but it also helps you to speed up the grooming process by allowing the brush to move through more of your dog’s fur with each and every single pass through their coat.


1. How often should your brush a Goldendoodle?

As a high maintenance dog, we recommend to brush your Goldendoodle once a day and bring your doodle to a professional groomer every 8 to 12 weeks.

2. What is the best type of brush to use on a Goldendoodle?

For many Goldendoodle dogs, the best brush to use is a slicker brush. This is especially true if your Goldendoodle has thick double layer coat.

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