Adams Flea and Tick Collar Review: Is It Worth it?

adams flea and tick collar review

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the best flea and tick collar is, then we recommend the Bayer Animal Health Seresto Flea and Tick Collar as the best one.

Fleas and ticks are an ongoing problem that every dog owner must face, like it or not. Over the years, several solutions have been introduced to tackle the flea problem: tablet, topical spot-on treatments, and flea collars.

Out of the tree, although flea collar is not the most effective solution, it is the most convenient. You just need to put the collar on your dog and let it do its job. In this review, we are going to take a closer look at one of the most popular dog flea and tick collar available on the market: Adams Plus flea and tick collar, with its pros and cons.

What are The Best Flea and Tick Collars in 2020?

1. Adams Flea and Tick Collar for Dogs & Puppies

The Adams Plus Flea and Tick Collar is one of the cheapest and the most popular dog flea collars. According to the product description, this collar provides protection against both fleas and ticks for up to 7 months.

However, depending on the rate of flea/tick infestation, you may need to replace the collar more often. If you have heavy flea/tick infestation, this collar might only work for one or two months.

To repel fleas and ticks, Adams Flea Collar uses active ingredients that include Tetrachlorvinphos (14.55%) and (S) -Methoprene (1.22%). The problem is that Tetrachlorvinphos can cause allergic reactions in some dogs and children.

So be sure to observe your dog for any signs of an allergic reaction like lethargy, vomiting, diarrhea, and trouble breathing. If any of those signs occur, stop using the collar immediately. And keep your children away from playing with the collar.

Customer Reviews:

Some dog owners reported that they need to use the collar along with Adams Flea and Tick Home Spray to get the best result.

But still, the combined price is lower compared to the other dog flea collars out there.

Customers also said that the collar emits a very unpleasant odor. This strong odor likely comes from the synthetic chemical ingredients that it uses.

Moreover, some customers found that the collar is too flimsy and is broken easily.


  • Low price.
  • Seven-month protection.
  • Water-resistant.
  • Adjustable size.


  • Mixed results.
  • Strong artificial chemicals.
  • Strong unpleasant odor.

My Thought On Adams Flea and Tick Collar

I would not recommend this collar because of all the negative points that I had been listed. Plus, the use of Tetrachlorvinphos in the collar does concern me.

Other products from Adams Flea and Ticks include:

2. Bayer Animal Health Seresto Flea and Tick Collar for Dogs

The Bayer Animal Health Seresto Flea and Tick Collar is my top choice for the best dog flea and tick collar. It is a vet-recommended flea collar that provides 8-months protection from fleas, ticks, and lice. This collar is designed for dogs and puppies 7 weeks or older, and available in two different sizes: for small dogs under 18 pounds, and for dogs over 18 pounds.

The Seresto flea collar kills fleas and ticks on contact, which means no biting required. It works by continuously releasing a controlled amount of its active ingredients — flumethrin and imidacloprid — into your dog’s system.

According to the manufacturer, the Seresto collar kills flea within two hours and ticks within six hours of application. Furthermore, the collar is advertised to be able to wipe out all the flea infestation with twenty-four hours, and tick infestation within forthy-eight hours of use.

The collar is odorless, non-greasy, and easy to apply.


  • The collar kills fleas and ticks fast.
  • 8-month fleas and ticks prevention.
  • It kills fleas and ticks without biting.
  • Non-greasy and odorless.
  • Water-resistant.


  • Expensive.
  • Similar counterfeit products found in the market.

What are the side effects of the Seresto flea collar?

Seresto flea collar is composed of Imidacloprid and Flumethrin, two neurotoxins that target fleas and ticks. Referring to the laboratory studies being, Flumethrin is non-toxic to mammals and does not show any adverse side effects.

One the other hand, Imidacloprid can be slightly toxic and should only be used on the outside of your dog’s skin.

The Bayer Company itself has admitted that its collar may cause some side effects, including itchy skin, irritation, redness, fur loss, swelling, and intense scratching. Some dogs even experienced red eyes within the first few days after wearing the collar.

However, those side effects seem to be the case with almost all flea and tick collars made of chemical ingredients.

If you’re worried about your dog’s health being, it’s better and safer to choose natural flea collars.

In the first few days, you may want to start putting the collar on your dogs for a short period each day and see your dog’s reaction. If your dog shows any signs of an allergic reaction, discontinue the collar immediately.

How to Put on Seresto Flea Collar?

Putting on Seresto Flea Collar is quite simple, just put the collar around your dog’s neck and insert the loose end into the two loops. Read the instruction manual thoroughly before putting the collar on your dog.

How to Adjust a Seresto Flea Collar?

If the collar is too loose, you can trim off the excess length, leaving about 2 cm of the loose end beyond the second loop. The collar should not be too tight or too loose.

How Tight Does the Seresto Flea Collar Have To Be?

To know how tight the Seresto collar should be, you can use a rule called “the two-finger rule.” In this rule, you slide your pointer and middle fingers in between the Seresto collar and your dog’s neck.

The collar fits perfectly if you are able to sleep your fingers easily. If you can’t get your fingers in the collar is too tight, and if you can fit more than three fingers under the collar, then the collar is too loose.

3. Mozart Flea and Tick Collar

The Mozart Flea and Tick Collar is an excellent option if you’re looking for a more natural option, as in the case of dogs with an allergic reaction or sensitivity to chemical substances.

The natural ingredients used are citronella oil, cinnamon oil, lemongrass oil, peppermint oil, and clove oil. This blend of essential oils works great to repel fleas and ticks but not to kill them. Therefore, you need to make sure first that your dog is flea and tick-free before using this collar.

Mozart collar is 25 inches long and can be trimmed to fit your dog’s neck. It is waterproof and has the best scent of all the flea collars reviewed here.


  • 6-months fleas and ticks prevention.
  • Protection against 100 types of insects.
  • Natural ingredients.
  • Light and herbal scents.
  • Money-back guarantee.


  • This collar does not kill fleas and ticks, only sterilizes them.

4. Rolf Club 3D Flea Collar for Dogs

The Rolf Club 3D Flea Collar is a fast-acting flea collar that kills flea 24-48 hours after application. It provides six months of protection against fleas, ticks, larvae, and mosquitoes.

The collar is not entirely natural since it uses an insecticide called fipronil, which is proven to be effective against insects or a swarm of pests. You may want to look for another flea collar on the list if your dog has an allergic reaction to insecticide.

This collar is odorless, non-greasy, easy to use, and water-resistant. You can choose three different sizes depending on the weight of your dog; for small dogs up to 22 lbs, for medium dogs up to 65 lbs, and for big dogs over 65 lbs.


  • Protects for up to 6 months.
  • Kills fleas within 24-48 hours.
  • Easy to use, non-greasy, odorless.
  • Water-resistant.
  • Available in three different sizes.


  • Leaves white powdery residue on dog fur.

5. Arava Flea and Tick Botanical Collar

Arava Flea and Tick Botanical Collar is another natural flea collar just like Mozart Flea and Tick Collar. The collar comprises 11 different essential oils including geranium, peppermint, clove, and other natural ingredients, which have smells that fleas hate most.

The essential oils are released into your dog’s skin via a patented slow-release process to provide protection that lasts up to 6 months. Another thing to note is that you can use this collar for dogs at all life states.


  • Only uses natural ingredients.
  • Protection against ticks and fleas for up to 6 months.
  • Suitable for dogs of all life stages.
  • Minimum negative side effects.
  • Waterproof and rainproof.


  • Some dogs might not like the smell.
  • Some said the collar only worked for less than 6 months.

Buying Guide and Other FAQs

Who Should Use a Dog Flea Collar?

Dog flea and tick collars are an ideal choice for dog owners who prefer low-maintenance flea treatment methods as opposed to using tablets or spot-on style treatment, or for dogs who spend most of their time outdoors.

How Do Dog Flea Collars Work?

A dog flea collar is a regular collar with flea and tick repellents, which can be chemical or natural ingredients, added to it.

The collar releases and spreads the repellent into the dog’s system continuously over some time (5-8 months). The repellents then kill or prevent fleas from getting on your dog.

Since the chemical flea collar uses an insecticide, it is much more effective in killing fleas than the natural collar. But at the same time, the chemical flea collar is also more harmful to your pooch.

If your dog has an allergic reaction or is sensitive to insecticide, a natural flea collar is a better choice. The natural flea collar uses ingredients, such as Citronella oil, that smell bad to fleas. The collar does not kill fleas but only repel them, so you need to make sure that your dog is flea-free before putting on the collar.

How Effective Are Dog Flea Collars?

There are various reasons that can contribute to the effectiveness of the flea collar, like whether the collar uses natural or chemical ingredients and the stages of flea’s lifecycle.

During heavy flea infestation, flea collar alone won’t work. You need to combine the flea collar with other forms of flea control.

Use a household flea treatment products, wash or replace your dog bedding, and vacuum floors, furniture, and carpets often to get rid of flea eggs in your home. If the flea eggs are not removed, the flea infestation will not cease.

As for ticks, you should remove a visible tick manually or let your vet do it then use the flea and tick collar to help streamline the process.

Benefits of Using Flea and Tick Collars

Flea and tick collars offer three benefits compared with other flea and tick treatment methods.

The first benefit is that flea collars are incredibly low-maintenance and simple to use. It’s the set and forgets method; just put the collar on your dog and forget about it for three to eight months.

And the second, flea collars method is less expensive than spot-on treatment.

Things to Consider Before Buying Flea and Tick Collar

Here’s what to consider before buying a dog flea and tick collar:

1. Ingredients

The most important thing to look for is the ingredients that make up the collar. Are they chemical or natural?

Basically, chemical dog flea collar is more effective in killing fleas and ticks than their natural counterparts. However, the chemical collar also comes with some side effects that could potentially be harmful to your dog and children.

Here’re some chemical ingredients that are used in flea and tick collar:

  • Deltamethrin is categorized as one of the safest insecticides for humans. It’s considered safe to humans, but it’s highly toxic to fish.
  • Pyriproxyfen sterilizes females fleas and stops larvae from developing.
  • Amitraz is an effective anti-parasitic drug and is often used to treat mange too.
  • Propoxur kills fleas and ticks within 24 hours of application. But it’s highly poisonous to humans and might cause cancer in animals, though there is only limited evidence to support this.
  • Tetrachlorvinphos is an effective pest killer, but it also can be harmful both for humans and their pets.

2. Tick Protection

Make sure the flea collar that you are going to buy offers ticks protection as well.

3. Size and Adjustability.

Some flea collars offer adjustable one size fits all collar, and other collars have three different sizes for different sizes of dogs. Regardless of which collar you choose, make sure to measure the circumference of your dog’s neck first before buying.

If the collar offers three different sizes, and you don’t know which one to buy, you can buy the largest size and trim the excess length to fit your dog.

4. Protection Period.

Chemical collars usually offer a longer protection period than natural collars. If your dog doesn’t have any allergic issues, I would recommend getting the chemical collars.

5. Water Resistance.

All the collars in this review are water-resistant. This means you don’t need to worry if your dog is swimming, playing in the water, or out in the rain as the collar can stand up to soaking.

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  1. I did a very thorough research looking for the Most Effect P very! Yet Extremely Safe! Flea and Tick product for my 75lb baby boy!
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    It works! Does not irritate sensitive skin. Collars are big enough and stretch very nice.ONE SIZE FITS ALL They are also extremely soft. I’m very happy and I told my family and friends,and even new friends we meet at the park or the Vet. In fact my Vet is even on board . Now I’m telling you. Keep your babies safe from those nasty sand fleas or gross ticks. will even Repel those pesty Mosquitos..YES DOGS DO GET CHEWED UP BY MOSQUITOS if not protected….This product deserves 10 stars…
    If you Love your babies ,you want only the best… Adam’s is the only brand for us. Its water proof ,lasts up to 12 months.Kills flea eggs before hatching begins,ticks,mosquitos,waterproof,last up to 12 months.. Stretch collar to Activate!!
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