The 5 Best Toys for German Shepherds in 2022 (Review and Buyer’s Guide)

German Shepherds are dogs that have a high level of energy. If not appropriately channeled, their energy can turn into frustration and end up becoming a destructive behavior — scratching furniture, chewing shoes, gnawing their paws, etc.

One of the most effective ways to channel their energy is by letting them play with their favorite toys.

best german shepherd toys: reviews and buying guide

Our Top Picks for The Best Toys for German Shepherds

Preview Product Features Price
Squishy Face Studio Flirt Pole V2
  • Bungee-style cord to prevent whiplash
  • Non-slip grip handle
  • Wrist strap for added safety
  • Nice color combinations
Affordable Agility Agility in The Bag
  • Sturdy
  • Easy to put together
  • Portable
  • Includes a nice carrying bag
Benebone Dog Chew Toy
  • 100% real bacon
  • Long lasting
  • Easily digested
KONG Wobbler
  • Durable
  • Easy to fill
  • Dishwater safe
Goughnuts Indestructible Dog Pull Toy
  • Extremely durable
  • FDA food-grade rubber
  • Lifetime guarantee

Best Toy for German Shepherds Reviews

Best German Shepherd Toy Overall

1. Squishy Face Studio Flirt Pole V2 with Lure

Squishy Face Studio is the best flirt pole for German Shepherds. This is my dogs’ favorite toy, they love it because they can chew and tug it to their heart’s content.

Basically, a flirt pole is a pole with a rope attached on one end with your dog’s favorite toy tied to it.

There are a number of benefits that your dog can get from playing with a flirt pole. Aside from getting a good exercise, this toy can also teach coordination, impulse control, and a proper release.

You don’t need a lot of space for your dog to play with it. You can either play it in your living room or your backyard.


  • Sturdy and lightweight pole
  • Comfortable handle grip
  • Complete agility equipment
  • Wrist strap for extra safety
  • A replacement guaranteed


  • The bungee cord can sling back and hit you, so be careful if you have small children playing it with the puppy

Best for Agility Training

2. Affordable Agility Agility in The Bag

If you’re ready to start agility training with your German Shepherd, the Affordable Agility Toy is the best buy. This complete set is the best deal I’ve seen out there for actual agility competition level equipment.

The kit includes five types of agility obstacles: bar jump, weave poles, tire jump, PVC pause box, and tunnel with closed chute.

That are enough obstacles to build an entire agility course in your backyard.

This product is easy to set up. Many people found it took no more than 20-25 minutes to set everything together.


  • Good quality
  • Easy to set up
  • Complete agility equipment
  • Include a large, carrying case for mobility
  • Refund guarantee


  • Pricey

Best Chew Toy for GSD

3. Benebone Wishbone Dog Chew Toy

The Benebone is my choice for the best chew toy for German Shepherd puppies. They come in three different flavors that will make your dog salivate: real beacon, real chicken, and peanut butter; and made of real food ingredients.

Many dog owners found this toy was quite durable. One review at Amazon even said that this toy could survive the destructive power of his 15-month old Czech-line working-line German Shepherd, which is probably the most destructive dog out of all German Shepherd breeds.

The curved style also makes it easy for your pup to grasp and chew it. Not just for fun, this toy is also great to strengthen your dog’s gums and teeth.


  • Strong and durable toy
  • Three different real flavors
  • Three different sizes
  • Made of real food ingredients
  • Money-back guarantee


  • Not edible, always supervise your German shepherd puppy closely when they’re chewing this toy

Best Treat Dispensing Toy for GSD

4. KONG Wobbler Treat Dispensing Dog Toy

KONG is probably the most popular brand name when it comes to durable dog toys and this KONG Treat Toy is my top pick for the best puzzle toy for German Shepherds.

This toy is perfect for dogs who have never been playing with a treat-dispensing toy before since it is easier to knock the treats out.

Some people might prefer an IQ ball for their puppies, but I would prefer to get this toy because, unlike the IQ ball, it won’t constantly be stuck under or behind the furniture since the toy has a weight at the bottom of it.

This means your pup can play alone without you having to keep checking them every minute. Just make sure you don’t fall into the habit of giving to many treats as you may end up with a very fat German shepherd!


  • Strong and durable
  • BPA free
  • Dishwater-safe
  • It won’t get stuck under or behind furniture
  • It helps to slow down their eating


  • Sometimes it dispenses too much food, too quickly

Best Tug Toy for GSD

5. Goughnuts Dog Pull Toy for Tug of War

If you’re looking for something to play the tug of war with your dog, the Goughnuts Tug Toy is the best tug dog toy for German Shepherds.

This toy is made from a tough rubber material, and this tug dog toy had been tested and approved by many dog parents from Pitbulls to German Shepherds owners.

Many people found this toy lasted more than a year against their fierce chewers.


  • Tough and durable
  • Big enough for large dogs
  • Attractive design
  • Available in five different colors
  • Free replacement guaranteed


  • Some people found a strong rubber smell when the first time the toy came. Just wash with dish soap and smear it with a little peanut butter

Different Types of German Shepherd Dog Toys

These are different types of German Shepherd toys, each with its own purpose:

1. Chew Toys

These toys are best for German Shepherd puppies. When puppies begin teething, they will need something to chew to alleviate the painful and uncomfortable sensation around their gum.

Chewing on toys is also beneficial to clean and help their teeth growing sharp and robust.

2. Tug Toys

Debates are surrounding the tug of war game. Many German Shepherds parents still believe that playing tug of war games can make their dogs more aggressive.

According to the study, there is no correlation at all between the tug of war and dominance and aggression.

In fact, playing the tug of war can provide many benefits for your dog:

  • This game can keep them exercised mentally and physically.
  • This game is a great way to build a bond between the two of you.
  • This game can be used as positive reinforcement. Many German Shepherd dogs find playing tug is more enjoyable and rewarding than dog treats. When your dog is doing something right in their training session, you can reward them with a quick game of tug.
  • This game can be used to redirect your dog from destructive chewing behavior.
  • This game can be helpful to build your dog’s confidence level.

3. Puzzle Toys

Puzzle toys provide great mental stimulation for your dog. These toys challenge your dog to think and use their sense of smell to solve the puzzle and gain a reward in the forms of their favorite treats.

Some toys require your dog to pull out a small drawer or flip over bone-shaped cover.

Each play can last between 30 minutes to 2 hours, which is another excellent way to alleviate your dog’s boredom and prevent anxiety. You can let your dog play on their own while you’re doing your chores.

If you have German Shepherd with digestive or weight issues, you can use these puzzle toys as well to force them to eat slowly.

4. Training Toys

Training toys such as agility toys or obstacle courses are my favorite toys for training my German Shepherd dogs. They are a great way to keep your dog stay sharp and in shape.

German Shepherds are natural guard dogs. And these training toys can help satisfy their basic instincts to chase and run.

There are a number of exercises that training toys provide such as jumping, climbing, and running. All of them are beneficial, which makes your dog’s activity and training routine interesting.

5. Plush Toys

For most dogs, the plush toy can be a great cuddle buddy when they want to curl up or sleep at night but not for German Shepherds!

These toys won’t last a minute under the powerful jaws of strong chewers. So I wouldn’t recommend this type of toy for GSDs.

What To Look For When Picking a Toy for German Shepherd?

In my experience, it is true that some dog toys are more durable than others, but there is no single toy that is really indestructible.

Whether you like it or not, you need to set aside a budget for buying toys regularly for your German Shepherd. The first clue to finding the right toys for German shepherds is to look for the specific purpose that they provide.

As I have mentioned above, there are five dog toys available on the market.

For example, let’s say you have a puppy, the right toys for them are the chew or puzzle toys geared toward puppies. Don’t play tug of war with your German shepherd puppy because their teeth and jaw are still growing.

If you have eight to nine months old German Shepherd, then it’s the right time to start playing tug of war with them. The game will help them exercising and develop good behavior.

If you have German Shepherd between the ages of four and five months, then it’s about the time to introduce them with agility training or other dog sports that you like.

At ages one and two, your dog can start competing in the local agility event. Make sure to talk with your vet first before you begin training your dog.


1. KONG Extreme Goodie Bone is another great Kong Toys for German Shepherds. It can also be used as a puzzle toy since you can stuff small treats inside to make the play more challenging for your dog.

2. IQ treat balls are probably the most popular type of puzzle toys in the US. This Ourpets IQ Treat Ball helps to keep your dog pup busy and works out some of that excess energy.

This toy is the slowest treat-dispensing toy out of other puzzle toys that I’ve ever tried. It’s a good thing if your dog has become pretty good with other dispensing toys such as KONG wobbler or buster cube.

There is a different difficulty level that you can set from the lowest to the highest.

3. LECHONG Dog Rope Toys are another great toy for medium and large dogs. These rope toys are safe for your dog to chew since it’s made from natural cotton fiber. It, however, doesn’t last very long if your dog is an extremely aggressive chewer.

4. The Lord Anson Agility Set is more budget-friendly than the Affordable Agility Set. Though with Lord Anson, you’ll only get cones and rods, which is perfect if you’re just looking to train your dog to jump, weave, or cross over.

The toys are made from good quality plastic with adjustable height that you can set in four variations.

5. The Hyper Pet Frisbee is another great addition if you’re looking to playing fetch and catch with your dog. This fetch toy is soft for your dog’s teeth and mouth, and yet durable. Many dog owners found this frisbee lasted for months, even when they were playing every day with their dogs. It’s lightweight and comes in four different colors to choose from.

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