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Best Harness for German Shepherd

Best Harness for German Shepherd

Do you have a problem with training your German Shepherd to walk without pulling? Then harness can be your ideal solution since it can stop your dog from pulling during walks. The harness also can become a great addition if your dog has collapsing trachea problem.

Put it in simple words, collapsing trachea is a condition where your dog can’t handle a pressure in his neck. In this post, we are going to review the best harness for German Shepherd on the market today.

The Pros and Cons of Using Harness for German Shepherd Dogs

The Pros of Using Harness for German Shepherd:

  • Harness discourage pulling.It offers better control over your dog.
  • Ideal for dogs with medical condition problems such as collapsing trachea.
  • No more coughing or gagging.
  • Helps to stop dog jumping.

The Cons of Using Harness for German Shepherd:

  • It might take time for your dog to get used wearing a harness.
  • A harness can be time-consuming to put on your dog.
  • A harness can cause rubbing and chafing

After learning about pros and cons of using a harness, now you might have a question: “Should I get a harness or not?”. Well, ideally speaking, you should have both a harness and a collar.

A harness is useful not only to help deal with dog jumping problem but also to help control your dog’s movement. Let’s say you want to take a hike with your dog, in this situation, it’s a lot better to use the harness than a dog collar.

Two Types of Dog Harnesses

All types of harnesses available on the market today falls into two categories: back clip harness and front clip harness. This is important for you to know what is the difference between each type of harness before we continue reviewing two of my favorite harnesses.

Back Clip Harness

Back Clip harness is a regular harness that you often see used by small breed dogs such as poodles. This harness comes with three different materials: leather, fabric, and harness. And characterized by a ring that the leash clips onto is located on the back.

This harness is useful for a small dog with a delicate throat that prone to injury caused by the collar. However, this is harness is not recommended for dogs that pull a lot. The reason is because back clip harness can actually encourage a dog to pull even more.

Why? When the dog pulls, the harness puts a pressure on the front of the dog. This pressure can cause what we call an opposition reflex. Opposition reflex is a natural reaction where your dog will instinctively push and pull against certain pressure. As a result, when the dog feels the pressure on the front of his body, he will respond by pulling against it.

Front Clip Harness

Also known as no-pull dog harness. This front clip harness is characterized by a ring that the leash clips onto is located on the dog’s chest. This harness is more suitable for larger dogs with an urge to pull such as German Shepherd. Why? Because this harness doesn’t put a pressure on the front of the dog. When the dog pulls, the pressure is distributed evenly across the body.

Now, you have learned about two different types of harnesses. If you are looking for German Shepherd harness, your best bet is to look for front clip harness. Since nearly all German Shepherd dogs are a puller.

The Best Harness for German Shepherd

1. Freedom No-Pull Dog Harness

freedom no pull dog harness

freedom no pull dog harness

I remember the first time I heard about Freedom no-pull dog harness back then at 2004. There were several brands back then dominated the market. “What is the difference between Freedom no-pull dog harness and the others?”, I asked. Initially, I was skeptical about Freedom no-pull dog harness, but when I bought it for my GSD, I changed my mind quickly.

Without a doubt, Freedom No-Pull Dog Harness is one of the best harnesses that has been around for quite a while. This harness comes with the following advantages:

  • an excellent control
  • prevents your dog from slipping out of the collar.
  • easy to put on
  • easy to fit
  • features solid stainless steel hardware
  • the velvet chest ┬áhas a padding to prevent chafing
  • made from high-quality material and durable
  • easily washable
  • it comes in many different colors and sizes

Overall, I would recommend Freedom No-Pull Harness for your German Shepherd.

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2. Chai’s Choice Best Front Range Dog Harness

Chai's Choice Best Front Range Dog Harness

Chai’s Choice Best Front Range Dog Harness

Chai’s choice dog harness is owned and developed by US Navy veteran. As you can expect from the background of the creator, Chai’s choice is built and developed focusing on two factors: safety and durability. These two factors are the main strengths of Chai’s choice harness. Some of the advantages of this harness are:

  • there is a reflective material to help you walk at night.
  • the harness is very tough and durable.
  • the ergonomic design makes it easy to put on and take off the harness.
  • preventing possible neck, spine and windpipe injuries.
  • a sturdy handle to secure your dog during holiday travel.
  • most effective for medium and large dogs.

With so many improvements applied in this harness, in the near future, I might choose it as my no 1 favorite dog harness.

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