Best Chew Toys for Pitbull Puppies – Buying Guide and Review

Best chew toys for Pitbull Puppies

Every puppy on the planet loves to chew anything and everything when they get an opportunity to do so – but no breed of dog loves to chew quite as aggressively or as wholeheartedly as Pitbulls do. With powerful jaws, even just a few weeks after being born, and ridiculously strong muscles throughout their neck and chest Pitbull puppies are able to put quite a bit of force behind their playtime. You want to make sure that you are getting your hands on the best chew toys for Pitbull puppies, toys that have been specifically designed for these dogs to enjoy.

Best Chew Toys for Pitbull Puppies – A Quick List

 Toys NameQuality
1KONG Puppy Ball with HoleA+
2Nylabone Dura Chew WishboneA+
3Indestructible Dog Ball by Monster K9 Dog ToysB+
4KONG Puppy Durable Rubber Chew and Treat ToyA
5Dog Tug Toys by AirsspuB

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That usually ends up being a bit of a taller task than most people figure right out of the gate.

First of all, most toys for puppies are soft, plush, and made of fabric. Those are EXACTLY the kinds of toys that Pitbull puppies are going to tear into tiny little pieces almost immediately.

Secondly, most toys for puppies are incredibly small and pose a real health risk for puppies that are able to tear apart the toy into smaller chunks.

Finally, the overwhelming majority of toys for puppies out there just aren’t designed to withstand the day to day abuse and rigors that Pitbull puppies are going to put toys almost every waking moment of every single day.

By arming yourself with the inside information we highlight below, however, you’ll have no trouble whatsoever getting your hands best chew toys for pitbull puppies!

Let’s dive right in.

Search for Toys Designed for “Power Chewers”

As we highlighted above, every puppy (and most dogs, for that matter) love chewing on toys when they get a chance – but love chewing quite as much as Pitbulls do, especially when they are puppies.

This instinct is hardwired into their brain, likely from their wolf ancestors that chewed on bones to get as much nourishment as possible for dogs were domesticated.

Pitbulls, however, take things to entirely new levels when it comes time to chew on a toy.

With ultra-strong jaw muscle, plenty of energy, and the kind of force that only this breed of dog can generate when they really get going, it would be impossible to classify Pitbull puppies as anything other than power chewers.

Power chewers aren’t just going to nip and bite when they are playing with a toy, but are instead going to set that toy against their back teeth and start grinding away while ripping and pulling at the same time.

Pitbull puppies really get their able body into the swing of things. They are so strong and so powerful (even when they are pretty young), and once they get going they can turn some of the strongest toys into dust in no time at all.

This is why you have to be certain that you are purchasing toys specifically designed for power chewers.

You want a toy that’s going to maintain its shape, you want a toy that isn’t going to fracture, and you want a toy that isn’t going to splinter apart and pose a health risk for your animal moving forward.

Avoid cloth toys

This should go without saying, but as a general rule, you want to stay away from toys that your dog can effortlessly turn into shreds – and that means almost all of the cloth that is available for puppies today.

There are some textile fabrics out there that feature Kevlar and similar materials, ripstop materials, that will provide a lot of strength and durability to pitbull friendly toys. These are an okay toy to give your puppies, but if you’re just talking about those flimsy cotton or jersey toys you can pick up at the pet store your best looking in a different direction.

Focus On The Size You’re Giving your Pitbull Puppies

The other thing you really want to focus when searching for the best chew toys for Pitbull puppies is the size of the actual toys you are letting your dog play with.

Even Pitbull puppies are going to have pretty wide, and that’s going to allow them to apply a lot more leverage and a lot more torque on the toys that they are playing with. You want to be sure that you aren’t giving your dog a toy that is too small to safely play with, but you also want to be sure that you’re not giving your dog a toy that’s going to fracture or damage they are still developing smile.

Tennis balls are about the perfect size for pitbull puppies, so use that as a reference guide when you are shopping the best chew toys for these kinds of dogs. Anything around that size should do well for Pitbull puppies up to about eight months of age or so, and then you want to start looking into slightly larger and more durable puppy toys for your Pitbull to play with!

Best Chew Toys for Pitbull Puppies

1. KONG Puppy Ball w/Hole for Dogs

KONG Puppy Ball is our recommendation for the best chew toys for Pitbull Puppies. The ball is made of a high quality, durable, rubber material that can withstand your puppy’s strong chew. Not only strong and durable, this ball is also extremely bouncy, making playtime even more fun perfect for teaching fetch and chew!

You don’t need to worry about your puppy’s teeth as the ball is made with Patented Denta-Ridges which help to clean the teeth and soft puppy rubber formula to soothe your puppy’s gum.

There is a hole in the middle of the ball which you can fill with plenty of treats such as KONG Stuff’N Easy Treat paste, KONG snacks, and KONG Ziggies puppy. Beyond KONG treats, there are plenty of other non-KONG treats that you can use as well.

It is recommended for puppies up to 9 months old and available in blue and pink color.


2. Nylabone Dura Chew Wishbone

There are so many brands in the market claim to be for extreme chewers, and to our disappointment, there are not many toys that can last for 24 hours against our Pitbull puppies. Nylabone is one of those rare brands that can truly meet our expectation.

Nylabone Dura Chew Wishbone is even better for it is ten times stronger than regular Nylabone. It may be slightly bigger for Pitbull puppies age 4-5 months old but we like to get bigger bones since it lasts much longer and it’s easy to supervise their chewing. We don’t want our puppies getting a choke on little pieces.

This toy is designed with bristles that raised when your dog chew it which helps to clean teeth and control plaque and tartar. Your puppies can chomp the same one for months. It is also easy to wash.


3. Indestructible Dog Ball by Monster K9 Dog Toys

Indestructible Dog Ball by Monster K9 Dog Toys is made from the toughest natural rubber that has been tested to last on the most aggressive chewers such as German Shepherds, Pitbulls, and Mastiffs. The manufacturer even offers a lifetime money back guarantee, The manufacturer even offers a lifetime money back guarantee, if your puppy somehow manages to tear it apart you can ask for your money back no question asked.

It’s 100% safe and non-toxic since the ball is made from natural rubber, not the chemical one. We tested it on our friend’s Pitbull puppy that is notorious for destroying any dog toy within 5 minutes to an hour and this toy had lasted for almost a month. If your puppy is a really strong chewer, you may see some nothing more than indents or tiny poke holes from their teeth in the first few hours.

The toy is about the size of a tennis ball and it is great to play fetch.


4. KONG Puppy Durable Rubber Chew and Treat Toy

KONG Puppy Durable Rubber Chew and Treat Toy is one of the best selling chew dog toys for puppies today. It teaches your Pitbull puppies the correct chewing behavior. Not only great for teaching your puppies, this toy also stimulates your pup’s brain and body.

Just like the other KONG’s products this toy also has a feature to stuff treats inside for stuffing treats to keep your puppy busy. You can stuff anything that you want such as peanut butter, kibble, cheddar cheese, shredded chicken, and more.

It’s made with KONG’s exclusive teething rubber formula designed to meet the needs of your puppy’s baby teeth. Recommended by Vets, trainers, and behavior experts worldwide.


5. Dog Tug Toys – Tug Rope with Handes by Airsspu

If you like to play tug of war game with your puppy, just like us, you will love Dog Tug Toys from Airsspu. We have tested many dog toys such as this one but nothing last for more than few days, this toy however last around a month before they get too frayed.

This toy is made 100% from natural cotton fibers which are safe and non-toxic material. The dog rope also helps to keep your puppy’s teeth clean and free from plaque and tartar.

You can also insert treats and snacks into the ball which helps to train your pup’s reaction and agility.

Wrapping It Up

One thing that you must remember before going into a quest of finding the best chew toys for Pitbull puppies is the toy must be strong enough to last against your puppy’s strong jaws and not many dog toys in the market are that strong.

In this article, we have recommended 5 chew toys which we consider the best chew toys for Pitbull puppies in 2018. We hope you will find the best one from our recommendation list according to your personal taste and purpose.